Rainbows for the NHS



This page is going to be dedicated to rainbows!  We would love it if you could make pictures of rainbows with paint, paper and pens, out of toys or maybe even with lego!  How big can your rainbow be?  Let's join together as a community and show how much we care for our hereos in the NHS.  If you feel you are able you could take a look at the just giving page below which has been kindly started by one of our parents.  (A special thank you to Mrs Green for the picture above :-)



A special thank you to Amy (one of our parents) for organising this charity page.  We raised £373.04 ❤️🌈 (This is still rising.. you can still donate if you wish)



The children of Crackley Bank Primary School are going to be doing all different activities to create a rainbow, and we would love to see how far our rainbow will grow. 

At the end of every storm there is a rainbow!   

Take your photo and send it to your class teacher at Crackley Bank and we will display them on the school website. 

🌈 NHS staff are doing amazing work right now in caring for COVID-19 patients. We would like to help make sure they have the correct PPE. 

Together, let's show our respect and gratitude as they work tirelessly in the face of the virus. It's our turn to make sure we look after them, to ensure they can keep doing their vital work.  🌈 

This national campaign, endorsed by NHS England, acknowledges and supports all NHS staff that are looking after those affected by coronavirus.





                       Ms. Stevenson, Mollie and Mai :-)


Amy Y2 




                                                                               Frankie -Ray Nursery 






Harry (Nursery)




Naomi Year 5




                                                                                                                Makayla Year 6 


Katie Year 6


CJ  - Year 4 






Angel from Reception

Shannon Year 4 

Joshua Year 4