The 2.6 Challenge


 The 2.6 Fundraising Challenge!

For our Charity event this half-term we would love to see what you can do for the 2.6 challenge! You can find a letter about this HERE. 

Click this link below to find exciting challenges you might be able to do at home with the whole family :) 

If you would like to donate after completing your challenge click below. Remember you do not need to donate, your priority is yourself and your families. 



See who you can spot completing the 2.6 challenge!

 Mrs Mee and her two lovely boys Eddie and Seb all did the 2.6 challenge today. Eddie did 2 skips, Seb did 6 skips and Mrs Mee did 26 skips! Well done Mrs Mee! 

Mrs Dalgarno has been showing us her yoga techniques! She held the 'tree pose' for 2.6 minutes! Very active Mrs Dalgarno!  



Miss Paling has completed 26 laps of her garden!  Way to go Miss Paling!


Mrs Oakes went on a 2.6 mile walk! What a lovely photo she took :)

Mrs Jackson went for a 2.6 mile run in the sunshine! Well done Mrs Jackson :)


The boys ran around the garden 26 times - with the dogs Bella and Bruno! :)

Mrs Green ran up and down the stairs 26 times! She was quite tired after!

Mrs Wright did 26 minutes of an aerobics workout! 

Mummy walked the dog and the girls rode on the bikes :-)


Fantastic 26 kicks!! 



Fantastic star jumps - super competition! 

Miss Leese and her children did 26 miles biking over 6 days! How lovely :)