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The Spring Term 

Welcome back to a busy term at Crackley Bank.  Please find our newsletter, learning overview and our Home Learning Activity below.  If you require any further information, just let a member of staff in Nursery know. 





Our Visit to Cannock Chase

We have throughly enjoyed our trip to the woods!  The trees were so tall and there was so much to see and do!  We played on the park, we had a picnic in a warm barn, found the Gruffalo and someone else really special too! (Father Christmas!)  We were so well behaved and enjoyed every moment - so much so we didn't even feel the cold! 



This half term our topic is ’We Are All Special’ . We will be looking at books such as Giraffes Can’t Dance and Elmer. We encourage you to ask your child what their favourite story is and discuss why they like it.  Remember if there is something in particular that your child is interested in please let us know and we can adapt our planning and environment to suit both their interests and next steps. 

For further information, have a look at our latest Newsletter. Here is also a glace at what activities we will be doing.

In Nursery we try to go outside every day. As it is getting colder we will spend time outside exploring the changes in the weather, so please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for winter weather (thick coat, gloves, hat, scarf). 


Our Home Learning Activity for the Autumn Term

We can not wait to begin our journey to reading!  The children have already started our fun phonic lessons and they have loved choosing books to share with families at home.  This term our home learning activity is about reading, find out more below and the letter that came home is HERE.  


In the Early Years we often use stories to inspire us.  Children will listen to a story and then when they head off into the classroom, or outside.  They may decide to paint a character from the story, make a construction to represent something in the book, roleplay, act out the story or even create a piece of music. 

For this half terms home learning activity, we would like your child to share their favourite story with us.

My favourite story is ‘Whatever Next’ I love it because I always remember my eldest Joe (who is now 13) ‘reading’ it to me when he was about 3.  He didn’t actually know what the words said, but he knew the story because we had shared it that many times. 

You can help your child to represent the story they choose by:

Acting it out

Painting a picture

Drawing the characters

Making their own book

Make a model of the story

Make a puppet

Investigating what other books the author has written

(Or you can choose your own way)


Please have your completed pieces of work to us by: Monday 4th November.  We would also like you to join us on Thursday the 7th November in school to see how we teach reading and hopefully take some ideas home too.  More information will be sent about this closer to the time. 


Things to do at home:

Please read with me every day. Reading stories to me will create a love of reading that is so important as I get older.

Soon I will begin to have a library book to bring home.  I can change this as often as I would like, and you can help me to do this.  Or the grown-ups in school will help me.  Please write in my diary every time I read even if it is a book from home.

Soon, I will also bring home a school reading book.  At first, this will have no words in, as I just need to know how to turn the pages and talk about what I can see in the pictures.  I can make up a story or you can help me to ‘read’ what is happening. 

With a little help from an adult I could carry on learning at home using these website links: (Just phase 1, 2 – the free bits!)

Please Remember:

I will need my book bag EVERYDAY please

I will need warm outdoor clothes; coat, hat, and gloves every day too.



Fun with Phonics

Last half term the Nursery children began their phonics journey, focussing on developing their listening skills - a key skill when learning to read. This term we are starting to learn some letter sounds. We will learn the shape of the letter, the sound of the letter and the letter name. Once the children can recognise some letters and remember their sounds, we will begin to segment and blend words. 

The children are very excited about phonics and love looking around the classroom for our 'letter of the day'. Ask your children to find some letters around your home or while you are out, I'm sure they will impress you!

The reading journey is not a race, each child will achieve when they are ready to, so please do not worry. 



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