Welcome to our page, where you will get to know all about the exciting things we get up to in our class.  The adults who help us every day in school are Mrs Baskeyfield and Mrs Norcup.  At lunch time Miss Fielding, Mrs Callahan and Mrs Dalgarno come to help us too (To name a few).  We have to show them how we can use our knife and fork all by ourselves and how we can use our manners too. 


We have fun both inside and outside our classroom – we paint, draw, build and imagine – to name just a few things and this page is going to show you a little of what we do.  We know that learning is very important, we concentrate like Mike the Knight, try new things like Mr Maker and are always proud of what we do like our friends Topsy and Tim. 


So, take a look around, and if you know there is something we really like to do at home, please let the teachers know as they will plan new and exciting things around our interests so that we continue to be inspired to learn.




Things to do at home:

I will get a reading diary and library book to bring home with me every day after half term.  I can change this as often as I would like, and you can help me to do this.  Or the grown-ups in school will help me.  Please write in my diary every time I read even if it is a book from home.

I will also bring home a school reading book.  At first, this will have no words in, as I just need to know how to turn the pages and talk about what I can see in the pictures.  I can make up a story or you can help me to ‘read’ what is happening. 

With a little help from an adult I could carry on learning at home using these website links: (Just phase 1, 2 – the free bits!)

Please Remember:

I will need my book bag EVERYDAY please

I will need warm outdoor clothes; coat, hat, and gloves every day too.













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