Welcome to the Summer Term in Nursery

Our theme this term is 'Tremendous Technology' and we are going to be looking at Transport.  The children have already shown an interest in helicopters and planes above us and they love to use the small world sets, such as the diggers and cars.  We are going to build on this as we learn how transport works and explore books and stories about transport to inspire our learning. 


As always, if there is something that your child is interested in please let Nursery staff know, as we do change planning to suit a child's needs and interests to ensure that children are continuing to be engaged in their learning.


As we head closer to the 'summer months' can you please provide your child with caps/hats and sun lotion so we can make use of our outdoor space. (However they may very well need rain coats - for our lovely British weather too!



Spring Term

We have had such a busy few weeks!  From Mother's Day cards to Easter cards, planting seeds to growing beans - we really have learnt a lot! 

We investigated which 'oviparous' had arrived in our school and learnt that animals which hatch from eggs are not just chickens - but birds, snakes and even fish! 

We have really flourished in phonics, and the children are so eager to share their knowledge of sounds.  We have counted, found shapes and have loved the cafe - where we have used 'money' to pay for our items. 

We are looking forward to next half term where we will be learning about 'Tremendous Technology' - We are going to look at different types of transport in the first half term, so check back to see what learning we get up to next. 


Thank you for your continued support, have a super Easter break!


Spring Term Second Half

It's all about the toast this morning! 



Today we were out in the garden, in the glorious sunshine! Children were working together, taking turns and exploring with the equipment.  Look at the concentration when two boys made the ball travel really far!

We kept trying like 'Mike the Knight' to travel across the ramps.... some of us had to be very brave! 





This week is all about Jack and the Beanstalk!  We have found some magic beans today...... watch this space to see what may happen!



World Book Day

The children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their books this morning with their friends. They have made their own books, read in all sorts of places and listened to each other.  A super morning, this afternoon we are going to make a castle for all those dragons and princess stories we have seen





We hope you have had a super half term.  Thank you so much for your fabulous bear creations.  They are on display in our room, and I will be updating the site with photographs of your amazing bears very soon - so check back to look at them.  Thank you so much for the time and effort you have all put into them.  They are just fantastic!

Today we have looked at 'GROWING'.  The children have talked about what they already know about things that grow.  Oliver said : "When I grow up I am going to be a big man like my dad!  You have to eat healthy food to get big, like broccoli, carrots veg and cheese!"  Zachary said "I am big now I am on my tiptoes!", Lilly said that "Growing is getting big" and "Flowers grow" and Harvey said that "kids grow", "boys and girls get bigger".  We are going to be looking at a variety of things that grow, including animals, people and plants.  We want to investigate how things grow and we may have the opportunity to see some real life chicks growing too!  We can not wait. 

If your child talks about growing at home or if they have any particular questions about growing that they would like to learn about in school then please pop in and let us know.


As you have seen we have had some extra resources for our outdoor area.  The crates and pallets are there to allow children to choose their provision and put it back independently.  Please encourage your child to put items back if they have them off the shelves in the morning, and please do not allow them to sit on them as they are not strong enough for people.  Thank you.


The children have had a great time in the garden today - and yes it was a little muddy.... even with the wellingtons!  (We are sorry if they came home a little dirtier than when they came) We can assure you that fantastic learning was taking place.  We were searching for spiders under the leaves after two boys were singing 'Insy Winsy Spider'.   We made our very own water spout, looked at spiders in books and have even held a spider or two in our hand!  Well done Ryan and Zach (Mrs Norcup too! Eeek!!)



Welcome to our page, where you will get to know all about the exciting things we get up to in our class.  The adults who help us every day in school are Miss Candy, Mrs Cliffe, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Norcup.  At lunch time Miss Fielding and Mrs Dalgarno come to help us too.  We have to show them how we can use our knife and fork all by ourselves and how we can use our manners too. 


We have fun both inside and outside our classroom – we paint, draw, build and imagine – to name just a few things and this page is going to show you a little of what we do.  We know that learning is very important, we concentrate like Mike the Knight, try new things like Mr Maker and are always proud of what we do like our friends Topsy and Tim. 


So, take a look around, and if you know there is something we really like to do at home, please let the teachers know as they will plan new and exciting things around our interests so that we continue to be inspired to learn.


This Term:

As the days are getting increasingly colder – we are going to be looking at Winter.  We will be spending a great deal of time outdoors to we will need to have warm clothing, including a thick coat, hat and gloves. (We have lots of wellies at school which we put on independently – Mrs Norcup’s favourite word!)  


We are also going to be looking at Bears – that’s teddy bears, polar bears and especially bears in stories, like ‘Little Bear’, ‘The Bear Hunt’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.  This is because we want to really enjoy reading and understand about stories and the characters in books.  This will help us on our journey to become successful readers and writers.


By finding out about hibernation, nocturnal animals and learning about ice and changes in materials it will also encourage our vocabulary and understanding of the world around us.  We are going to have a very busy half term – so keep popping back to see our photographs and work.  Who knows what we will see and find out!

Things to do at home:

I will get a reading diary and library book to bring home with me every day.  I can change this as often as I would like, and you can help me to do this.  Or the grown-ups in school will help me.  Please write in my diary every time I read even if it is a book from home.

I will also bring home a school reading book.  At first, this will have no words in, as I just need to know how to turn the pages and talk about what I can see in the pictures.  I can make up a story or you can help me to ‘read’ what is happening. 

With a little help from an adult I could carry on learning at home using these website links: (Just phase 1, 2 – the free bits!)

Please Remember:

I will need my book bag EVERYDAY please

I will need warm outdoor clothes; coat, hat, and gloves every day too.













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