Look who has been to visit us this week.  The children have welcomed Miss Paling back with a smile and were very welcoming. We were so pleased to see Miss Paling and can not wait to have her back, teaching us very soon!




This term we are going to be looking at the topic of Bears.  From stories to seeing where real bears live, we will be researching, observing and learning many new things.  Keep a look out to see how we are getting on. 


We have started to look at the bears from around the world.   In the afternoon we get into teams and we have named our groups "Sun Bears",  "Polar Bears"  and "Moon Bears".  


We have researched bears and have found they are really good at climbing trees(we were very surprised!).  They also like to eat fruit, insects and some brown bears eat salmon.  

We are making our own non-fiction book about bears.  We are trying hard to hear sounds in words and use our phonic knowledge when writing.  It is very tricky but Mrs Norcup is very proud of us for trying hard and never giving up! 



PE this half term will be on a Tuesday. 

Please bring books bags and words EVERY day. 




Reception Autumn News Letter

Reception's Independent Learning Task - Due on  Wednesday 7th November


We have continued wth our story 'The Monkey Puzzle' this week.  We LOVED using the masks outside and practised our story language with our friends.  We have also been looking at all things 'Harvest'.  We have looked at videos of a combine harvester, made our own scarecrow and also printed with real fruit.

Today we were amazed with how much food that the children brought into school.  We are so humbled by your kindness and send you a HUGE THANK YOU!



We have been reading all about 'The Monkey Puzzle'.  The children have acted out the story with masks, written about the animals and have used words like big, little, long, short and tall to desribe sizes.  Click on the picture below to hear the story:


Can your child tell you what happened?  Ask your child questions about the story:  "Why was the monkey sad?",  "Who had eight legs?"  "Why did the butterfly keep getting it wrong?". "Where is the monkey?"  Talk about where the story takes place and who the characters are.  

Your child may also be able to recognise "no" in the text as this is a word we have looked at in school.  Encourage your child to find tricky words like "no, I, and, on, to" in your books at home.

Maths:  What can your child tell you about the size of the animals?  Can you find items in your house to put in size order, smallest to biggest - shortest to longest?


Through this term in Reception, your child will be taught by Mrs Norcup, Mrs Baskeyfield, Miss Baranyai and Miss Taylor.  We have had a fantatsic start to the school year.  The children have settled in well and are eager to learn new things.  We have already started to learn tricky words.  (We have leanred I and the this week).  The children have had a book home, and should have their own words to practise at home too.  We are getting to know the characters from the Oxford reading tree stories and the book mark they have in their book bags should help you with this process at home.


We have been learning about new routines and the traffic light system.  The children have responded really well and have articulated their ideas about good behaviour in a mature way.  We can not wait to see who is gong to recieve the special certificates in Friday's assembly.  Oh and team points!  Wow we have so many for our fantastic behaviour and perserverence when trying new things.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.


A few reminders for the coming term;



Things to do at home:

We will bring home a reading diary and a school reading book in our book bags. Please ensure that we bring this in to school every day so that we can read with our teacher. We love to show our teacher how good we are at reading. We can change our reading books whenever we like! If we have read our book at home, we can change it the next day so that we get to read lots of exciting books.

We can carry on learning at home using these websites, please help us with this because there are some things we might not understand: – there are lots of games on this website that can help us to learn lots! (Just phase 2, 3 or 4 – the free bits!)


​Keep popping back to see all of the fantastic things we are learning about.  We will update very soon!