Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 class page.

Spring Term 

Welcome back to an exciting term of learning in Year 1.  Please find lots of information to help you in the Spring term below, includding our Newsletter, Learning Overview and Home Learning Activity.  If you need any futher information please do not hesitate to ask. 



Try Something Different Week 


We learned how to play snakes and ladders. The children learned how to show winning and losing gracefully. Miss Norton, Mrs Green and Miss Taylor did not play fairly and the children were great at telling us how to take turns and make sure everyone has a fair turn and enjoy the game! When the children started playing the game they showed lovely sharing!


We learned how to play Charades and Go Fish. The children really enjoyed putting their ‘acting hats’ on and acting out the words for their friends. They loved looking out for numbers in Go Fish, and felt so proud when they got a full set!


Bonjour! Today we learned how to sing Head Shoulder Knees and Toes in French!! It was tricky but it was great fun!  By the end of the day the song was stuck in our “Tete”!


We tasted exotic fruit! We tasted mango, kiwi and dates, and talked about the texture, smell and taste. We had some super language coming out, and many children discovered a new fruit they loved!


We did some guided meditation in our classroom with the lights off, and practised being mindful. We imagined our own island and used our senses to think of all the lovely things on the island. Some children were very good at this!


Autumn Term 

Our learning focus this term is ‘Up, Up and Away’. We will be looking at different types of birds and their habitats, looking at what they eat and how they stay safe, and how we can help them as the weather gets colder. We will be going on bird watching walks, and will make our very own bird feeders to put around the school grounds!

We will also be busy at work with our reading, maths and writing. We will be reading Owl Babies and The Best Nest, as well as lots of other fiction and non-fiction books about birds. You will learn how to write instructions to explain to others how to care for a bird, and you will even get to write your own bird story based on our class books

We will also be looking at the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy, and will have a go at creating our own bird artwork using different techniques and materials. 

For further information, have a look at our latest Newsletter. Here is also a glace at what activities we will be doing.


Our Home learning Activity for the Autumn Term 

Birds are such interesting creatures, and there is so much you can do to explore and learn about them further. You could…

Write a list of things that birds use to make a nest

  • Make your very own nest.
  • Design a bird feeder – you could even make it if you like!
  • Count how many birds fly past your window one day and draw a picture of what you see.
  • Choose your favourite bird and write a fact-file about it.
  • Find out about different birds and whereabouts in the world they live.
  • Draw a bird of your choice and label its features such as beak, wings, etc.
  • Choose two different birds and compare them. Make a poster to show us what you have learned.

Don’t forget we will be learning about all of these areas over the term so if you don’t know much about them now you will do soon.

Your home learning activity is due back Monday 2nd December 2019.



Class information:

P.E.  will be every Wednesday.  Please ensure the correct P.E. kit is in school. Children should wear black/blue plain shorts, with a plain, team coloured top and a pair of trainers or pumps.  All jewellery must be removed before coming to school, children are not permitted to participate whilst wearing earrings.


Water bottles.  We encourage all children to drink water throughout the day. Please supply a water bottle which can be kept in the classroom for easy access and returned home at the end of each day.  Children are able to refill their bottles in school with fresh, cool water.


Class Dojo. To help develop our learning skills we use a program in class called, Class Dojo.  Each child has their own Dojo (which they can alter) and points are awarded throughout the day with a weekly winner.  You can even check your child’s progress online throughout the day or by downloading a free app. A code has been sent home so that you can sign in to see your child’s points.


Maths Whizz.  -

Follow the link to help develop your child's confidence and skills in mathematics.  Plus it's lots of fun too!


Reading books should be brought to school each day as your child will have the opportunity to read to others and swap read books for new ones. 


Homework – Please support us with this as it helps the children to practise their learning from the week. Homework is due in on a Wednesday. If your child needs support please let me know.



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