Year 3

Welcome to our class page, where you will find out all about our adventures in Year 3!   We love to have fun learning.

And they've been released!


Our butterflies have emerged!

Check out who's been visiting our class recently. 


African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Bella and Millie came to visit us in school because we enjoyed our hedgehog topic so much.  We even have a hedgehog house in school and we can tell you lots of interesting facts.  

Here's how to help wild hedgehogs that might live near you. 

1. Cut a hole in your fence so hedgehogs can travel safely at night and don't need to use the roads.

2. Leave some dog food and water for them to feed on (make sure you place the food in a box with a small entry and a brick on top to stop larger wildlife from eating it).

3. Check leaf piles before you move them as a hedgehog might be sleeping there. 


This are how our caterpillars have grown.


This term we are exploring the technology of boats as part of our topic 'Tremendous Technology'.  We are learning about Vikings longboats, the infamous Titanic and Ellen McArthur to examine how the technology of boats and data tracking has evolved over time.


​Please Remember:

P.E. – Every Monday and Wednesday.

Independent Learning Activity to be completed by the 3rd July

Water bottles should be in school each day and can be topped up from the fresh water fountains.

Homework will be sent home every Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday.  There will be a homework club in school each Monday lunchtime for any one who would wish to complete their homework in school.   In Year 3 the children have created their own reward scheme; homework returned on a Monday = 5 team points, Tuesday = 3 team points, Wednesday (deadline) = 1 team point.

Reading We need to read every day as it can help us to achieve in other areas of the curriculum.  Reading books should be returned to school each day as we will read in school independently and to an adult.



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