Year 4 2016



Welcome to our page! Here you will get to find out about  all the wonderful things that we get up to in Year 4. We are a fairly small class but make up for it in personality! Miss Hammond and Mrs Taylor are here to help us with our learning and we get weekly visits from Mrs Wright too!


Standon Bowers Residential Trip 24th -26th April 2017

This term, Year 4 went on their residential trip to Standon Bowers! We had a wonderful time, even though it snowed!! We did lots of activities including: caving, bouldering, pond dipping, fire lighting and bridge building. We all tried the activities, even if they did seem a little scary at first! We worked together to build on our team work skills and we were brilliant at encouraging each other. Take a look at some of the photos from our trip!





Our Tremendous Technology topic this term will focus on E-safety. We will be completing a project called ‘Mad about Ads’ where we will work in groups to create radio or TV advertisements! It is important to understand different aspects of E-safety because we are all using so much technology in our daily lives.

Year 4 Art Gallery

This is a selection the art work designed and created by Year 4 in the style of Andy Warhol.


Wolverhampton Art Gallery – Friday 10th February 2017


We had a fantastic visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery! The children were able to observe art in many different forms including: Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein, Contemporary Art and a selection of Victorian portraits. There was even a room dedicated to ice-cream and glitter!

Whilst walking around the gallery, the children chose the art that particularly interested them, discussed why they liked the particular style and made sketches of the different pieces. They will then use these as inspiration when creating their own designs in the style of our chosen artists back at school.

The children’s behaviour was outstanding throughout the entire visit. We had a fantastic day and we are sure the children will be talking about it for a long time to come.

Quotes from the children:

“I loved the trip because we saw some real pop art and we have been learning about pop art in class.”

 “I’ve never been to an art gallery before. The pictures were really cool and we got to draw different parts of them. It was really fun!”



We have started learning the violin this year and we have lessons every week. We are very lucky to be able to learn a new instrument and we love being able to show off our talent too!

We are really working hard on our handwriting and presentation – not only in our Literacy books, but in every area of our learning! We are also trying hard to be kind and helpful members of our school community, making sure that everyone feels included.


We have all been given a log in for Maths Whizz! It is an online maths tutor and it's really fun! We use it every morning and sometimes at lunch time. Miss Hammond shows us how well we're doing every week. We have all been given a log in card to take home so it would be great if we could use it at home too!


Please Remember:

We will need our independent reading books and diaries every day as this is the first task that we have to complete at the start of the day.

Our PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we need to bring a full kit in please.

Homework is also due in on a Wednesday. We need to make sure that we complete it to the same standard that we would complete our work in school.


With permission from an adult at home, we can continue with our learning online!


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