Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s Class Page!



We hope you have had a lovely Easter break.


This term is packed full of exciting activities for the children. In Maths, we will be developing our skills when using all four operations to solve problems. We will also be finding out about different types of triangles and solving problems involving co-ordinates. In Literacy, we are going to be writing myths and poems linked to our topic.


Our Learning Focus topic this term is ‘A Passport to the World’. Year 4 will be finding out about China including: the geographical features, lifestyle and traditions. We will be finding out about trade around the world, researching the products we import that are essential to our daily lives.



Year 4 Independent Learning Task

I would like you to design your own Chinese Dragon. Be as creative as you like! The dragon can either be a 3D model, a collage, painting or drawing.

 I would like you to give your dragon a name. Your dragon could have special features e.g. it could light up or even play music! 


Interesting information about Chinese Dragons to help with your design

à Most Chinese dragons' pictures have long bodies like snakes and sharp claws like hawks.

à Chinese dragons don't have wings but they can "fly" into the sky.

à Chinese dragons don't breathe fire but can summon rain.

à Chinese dragons live at the bottom of seas, rivers, lakes, or anywhere with water.

Your creation needs to be in school

by Monday 11th June 2018

Have Fun!




A few reminders for the spring term:

• PE Kit: Children need to wear black/blue plain shorts, with a plain team coloured top, (no football shirts) and a pair of trainers or pumps. As some of our PE sessions will be outside the children also need: tracksuit bottoms or leggings, again black/blue or grey and a jumper. This term PE will take place on  Wednesday and Thursday. If possible it would be helpful if the children could bring their kits on Monday and leave them in school for the week.

PE:  All jewellery must be removed before coming to school.

  • Thursday Outdoor learning: The children continue to take part in exciting lessons outdoors. Every Thursday they will need to bring either: wellingtons or outside shoes to change into and a coat (waterproof if possible).

• Water bottles: Please make sure that children have water for inside the classroom and that water bottles are named.

• Reading books: These need to be in school EVERY day, as the children will be using them each morning. Please continue to support us by reading at home – if you do can you please jot it in their reading diary.

• Tuck: This is available to buy from school ranging in price from 20p-50p.

• Homework: This is handed out on a Friday and is expected back the following Wednesday. This includes spellings, which will be tested the week after they were given out.


Thank you once again for all your support.

As always, any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to pop in.

Many Thanks

Mrs Johnson



 Useful Websites:

Year 3/4 spelling list*   (Page 16 for the spelling list.)

Useful information for all literacy topics

Literacy games

Maths games/activities



Year 4's visit to Stafford Castle on Thursday 12th October 2017


We had a fantastic visit to Stafford Castle! The children experienced what it would have been like to live in Roman and Norman times. They had the opportunity to try on armour and clothing from that period in history. We were all surprised how heavy some of the items were.


The children created some lovely brass rubbings which will be displayed in class. They also made lavender bags.


One of the sessions included a guided tour of Stafford Castle. The children travelled back in time, they each took on the role of a Roman soldier: marching around the castle grounds; following orders from the centurions in charge.


We were very lucky with the weather, it was an absolutely beautiful day and the views from the castle were superb!


The children’s behaviour was outstanding throughout the entire visit. We had an amazing day and we are sure the children will be talking about it for a long time to come.


Quotes from the children:

“I loved being in the castle, I could imagine the enemy trying to march up to the castle.”

 “I didn’t think the armour was going to be so heavy!”

“The smell of the lavender was really powerful!”


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