Year 5


During literacy, we will be writing: recounts, biographies and thriller stories, all of which will be linked to our topic. The children will continue to develop their cursive handwriting. In fast spellings we will be revisiting all of the Year 5/6 spelling list. (You can find these on the website below.)* 

In maths, we will continue to focus on solving problems involving: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We are also going to be solving problems involving: decimals, fractions and percentages.  In fast maths this term, we will be practising our times tables to 12 X 12 and finding the related division facts.


Our learning focus topic this term is ‘Tremendous Technology’, as part of the topic we will be finding out about the history of computing. We will be researching the lives of people who have had a major influence on the way we use technology today. We will be learning about E-Safety, including: how to keep ourselves and others safe when using the internet. Finally, we will be creating a short ‘Stop-motion’ video to give advice about using the internet to share information.

We have been to the Trip to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry – Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

We had a fantastic visit to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry!


The children discovered many things about the industrial revolution, including: how steam engines work and the history of power. We travelled back in time to ‘Cottonopolis’ and discovered what life was like for Victorian mill workers (including some as young as the children in Year 5). In the Manchester Revolution Show, we listened to the story of where science met industry and the modern world began, from steam power and the cotton industry, to computing and cutting-edge scientific research.

Finally, we visited ‘Experiment’, here we were able to stare into the mirror of infinity, create a tornado, and watch our own skeleton ride a bicycle. It was a super way to see science in action.

As always the children’s behaviour was fantastic throughout the entire visit.

Year 5’s final swimming lesson will take place on Wednesday 10th May 2017, after this date the children will need to wear their uniform on a Wednesday and bring their PE kit with them.

There will be another PE lesson during the week so it would be useful if the children could bring their kits on a Monday and leave them in school until Friday.


• PE Kit – children need to wear black/blue plain shorts, with a plain team coloured top, (no football shirts) and a pair of trainers or pumps. As some of our PE sessions will be outside the children also need: tracksuit bottoms or leggings, again black/blue or grey and a jumper.

• PE and swimming - All jewellery must be removed before coming to school, if earrings have not been taken out they must be covered with micropore tape or plasters (supplied from home).

• Water bottles – Please make sure that children have water for inside the classroom and that water bottles are named.

• Reading books need to be in school EVERY day as the children will be using them each morning. Please continue to support us by reading at home – if you do can you please jot it in their reading diary.

• Tuck is available to buy from school ranging in price from 20p-50p.

• Homework: This is handed out on a Friday and is expected back the following Wednesday. This includes spellings, which will be tested the week after they were given out.



Year 5 Art Gallery

This is a selection of the art work designed and created by Year 5 in the style of Pablo Picasso.

















Chesterton Community Sports College – Taster Day

Following our afternoon visits in the autumn term, we were invited to attend a taster day at Chesterton Community Sports College. The children had a fantastic time and experienced some exciting lessons. In Humanities, we travelled back in time to find out if the stories about ‘Black Beard’ were true – he certainly was a man to be feared! In Food Technology, we discussed why our five-a-day is important and we created a delicious fruit salad. In Science, we investigated force and even made our own boats.

All the children are looking forward to their next visit, which will take place when they move up to Year 6.


Wolverhampton Art Gallery 


We had a fantastic visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery! The children were able to observe art in many different forms including: Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein, Contemporary Art and a selection of Victorian portraits. There was even a room dedicated to ice-cream and glitter!

Whilst walking around the gallery, the children chose the art that particularly interested them, discussed why they liked the particular style and made sketches of the different pieces. They will then use these as inspiration when creating their own designs in the style of our chosen artists back at school.

The children’s behaviour was outstanding throughout the entire visit. We had a fantastic day and we are sure the children will be talking about it for a long time to come.

Quotes from the children:

“I loved the trip because we saw some real pop art and we have been learning about pop art in class.”

 “I’ve never been to an art gallery before. The pictures were really cool and we got to draw different parts of them. It was really fun!”



During literacy, we will be going on our ‘Big Writing Adventures’, we will be creating some super stories and poems linked to the topics covered in the units. The children are all working hard to develop their cursive style, they are ensuring that they re-read their work to check they have included the correct punctuation too. In fast spellings we are learning the next 26 spellings in the Year 5/6 spelling list. (You can find these on the website below.)* 

In maths, we will be focusing on solving problems involving time and shape; as well as continuing to develop our skills when using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In fast maths this term, we are practising our times tables to 12 X 12, we are all aiming to get 100/100 in the test at the end of term.

We have also started to find out about Parliament and how laws are made, this has been really interesting. We have even begun to create our own laws!


Our learning focus topic this term is ‘Care, Belief, Pride, Success’, as part of the topic we will be thinking about our aspirations and how we can achieve our goals. We will be researching the lives of people who inspire us, finding out how they succeeded in their chosen career. We will also be researching the life of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso used many different styles for his artwork, we will be focusing on his ‘Cubism’ style of abstract art. In Cubism, artists began to look at subjects in new ways in an effort to show three dimensions on a flat canvas. We will be designing and creating ‘Cubism’ pieces of art to display in our Year 5 Gallery.




Useful Websites:

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