We are very proud of many children this week.  A special well done to all those children who have achieved certificates.  The certificates have been set for a wide range of achievements including super work in Reading, Maths and Writing as well as learning new routines and safety measures.  We are super impressed with the amount of children learning at home.  Who will get the certificates for each year group next week?  Remember to send in your work to your class teachers or the teacher who is setting your learning online.  If your name is here - ask your parent to check your email to see what your certificate is for :-)

Friday 10th July


James, Daiton, Amelia



Kiera, Logan, Samuel, Esmae, Angel, Harley, Layla-Beau and Tristan. Alexandros, Yakub

Year 1


Tommy O, Lexi, Isabel, Cohen-Jae, Benjamin, Ethan, Whitney


Year 2

Reece, Bradley, Lucas, Mia


Year 3

Harry, Anthony, Leland, Betty, Kaiden, Kaden-Jack, Sophia


Year 4

James - Anthony, Joshua, Layla, Eliza, Benjamin, Samuel 





Year 5 


Jack, Mason, Athul, Kyle, Leon and Bobby

Year 6 

Sophia, Leah, Taylor, Zack, Aaron, Kaitlyn, Ben, Chloe