Parent Information

We have gathered together a wide range of resources that can support you over the coming weeks.  We thought it would be useful to have them all in the one place.  If you are using any at home please let us know and we will add them to the list.  Or if you find one is better than another again let us know and we can amend the list - or put on your thoughts about them.  

Please keep checking back - we will update this page regually when we find useful things to support you. 


David Walliams 

Every day David Walliams will be providing a free audio story on his website. Please click the link below to see what story he will be reading each day! 

Physical Activities 

Click for interactive videos to join in with your family.  Joe Wicks the 'Body Coach' has daily morning activities that people have been enjoying.  It is fun for all ages in this time where we will have to stay inside for the majority of the time it is imprtant to remain busy and active. 

 Stay active everyone to keep our brain and body healthy. 



You can sign up to this website for weekly food and activity logs plus daily excercise videos to keep your child active.


Sign in (for free) or click on families!  It is fun and keeps us moving. 


Subscriptions that we use in school: 

Please see information below for learning at home with your child. 



Not sure what the sounds are?  Do you need a little help with what they look and sound like?  Click here to here each sound and here to see specific sounds. 

The following links are to different websites that offer games to play   Your free log in is as follows; Username: March20  Password: home


Our Maths Whizz is a whizz at engaging our chidlren with maps.  A set of lessons for chidlren to follow.  They are updating regually so if your year group isnt there, it will be soon.

The following links give more information about maths and what it entails: 

KS1 maths

KS2 Maths


Nursery and Reception Ideas

The curriculum in the Early Years has a play based approach.  We have provided sheets for you to complete with your child,  however there are many things you could do with the toys they already have.  For example counting cars, getting knifes and forks read for tea time, finding patterns.  The following links may give you further ideas.

Home Learning using YouTubeKids

If you would like your child to access educational videos online using YouTube, you can sign up to YouTubeKids as a parent. It will make sure that the videos your child is accessing are safe. Click the picture below to sign up as a parent! 


BBC Learning

This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.


The Kids Should See This:  

Wide range of cool educational videos (A bit of an alternative to You tube) 


Crash Course Kids  Some great videos aout a wide range of subjects. 


Cbeebies Radio Listening activities for the younger ones.


Geography Games  Geography gaming!


DK Find Out  Activities and quizzes


Nature Detectives  - Be a nature detective: