Reception Tasks

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Half Term 

We hope you have a lovely half-term and stay safe at home :)

We have put together a range of activities you could do throughout the week.  Please click HERE to access our half-term page. Let us know what you got up to. Enjoy!

Maths Whizzers last week were: 

Gold – Edward 

Silver – Sophia 

Bronze – Layla

Thank you for these photos from one of our friends.. super phonics! :-) 



Hello Reception and welcome to a new week

Lovely work Ruby :-). I really like your mental health poster! 

Look at this fabulous work from one of our friends - puppets and robots! Fab!! 

Sophia's teriffic sentences and also the doll is an idea that Sophia has had from a cartoon:  Miraculous.Well done Sophia :-) 



Friday 22nd May Some of you have already filled this in - thank you!  Could you tell us how you are doing at home on this link:   CLICK HERE

Well this week we have done lots of practising of our phase 3 sounds, today I am going to remind you of the ones we have been learning for the last two weeks.  

So the sounds we have done so far are:  ay, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue

Today I would like you to go onto Phonics Play.  You can play any Phase 5 game. Remember the username: march20 home



If you would like to do any more work you could write sentences using the sounds above.


So this week we have been measuring length, height, weight and capacity.  You can also measure somthing else... time!  I don't mean being able to tell the time, but you can measue the amount of time it takes to do something: I have put some suggestions below (from twinkl). Have a try of one or two and let me know what you find out. :-) 

Music and Expressive Arts and Design

We have had a few birthdays so far in lock down... It was Oliva's on Wednesday!  This activity from Oak Academy shows you how you can make your very own instrument as a gift to someone - I dont think it has to be because it is someone's birthday!  It could be to show kindness to somone in your house.  I would love to see your insturments!  I wonder how mnay different ones you could get? 




Today I would like you to choose which activity you would like to do. I am going to list a few - all to do with our story this week 'Aliens love Underpants'. Let me know which one you did and how you got on :)

You could...

* Act out the story to your family. You could use some of the things around your house to help you act out the story. Don't forget to use some of the story language you heard in the video on Monday. You could use the washing line to act out too :) 

*Write the entire story in your yellow book. Use your phonics knowledge to sound out the words you don't know and see how far you can get into the story :) 

* Build your own spaceship out of things you have in your house - be as creative as you like! Then see if you can retell the story using the spaceship. 

*Draw pictures of the different parts of the story in the right order. Start with pictures from the beginning e.g. The aliens coming down from Space to Earth to find underpants. Then you could draw the aliens in the backgarden dancing around the washing line! 

*Write a sentence about your favourite part of the story. 

Thursday 21st May   Some of you have already filled this in - thank you!  Could you tell us how you are doing at home on this link:   CLICK HERE

Take a moment!
Today is Mental Health Awareness Day - this is when we think about being kind to oursleves!  

Life is a little bit different at the moment, this is ok though! I have put some ideas below that you may like to try if you are feeling worried or even a little over excited!  I have also put a link to some nice relaxing music.  Maybe other members of the family can join in.  Rememeber that there are lots of lovely ideas to help you on our well being page too. 


This website gives more ideas on staying happy    This year there theme is kindness!  We did a lot of #kind when we were at school.  I wonder if we could all do one kind thing for our family or our neighbours (Rememeber to socially distance!).  Maybe you could make a poster to remind others to show kindness (I know we are all really kind!) Send your posters to me and I will upload them to the website for all to see. :-) 


​Look at the pictures below - can you write the words in your yellow book?  Remember "ow; brown cow" "er; better letter" Write the words in your yellow books and maybe even write a sentece or two with those sounds in. 




So far you have measured size: length (long and short) and height (tall and short).  You can also measure capacity.  If you are making a drink or in some recipes, they often ask you to put in liquid (water or milk). You use a jug for this and it will often ask you to put in millilitres.  Again, in Reception we do not need to measure in standard units, so I wonder if today you could explore with containers of water (best outside if you can! Or in the bath because this can get messy!). Talk about full/ empty/ half full.  May be you could experiment with how many small tubs could fill the large container.  I wonder which one will hold the most?  You could send me photographs, you could even record your findings in your yellow book. 


How did you get on with writing your sentences of the story? Don't forget to send it to me! I hope you used your finger spaces and full stops in your writing. 

Today I would like you to have a go at designing your own alien. What will it look like? Will it have 4 eyes, or 6 hands, or 12 ears?! It's up to you. Once you have drawn your alien I would like you to write some sentences to tell me about your alien and what it looks like. 


Wednesday 20th May 


On Monday you showed your grown ups how fantatsic you were at your sounds, today I would like you to show them how well you know your tricky words!  You know the ones from phase 2 already and some of you know the ones in phase 3 and phase 4.  

If there are a few you do not know yet, maybe you could play some games with them?  

I wonder if you could pick 2 or 3 of them and write them in a sentence in your yellow books? 


Yesterday you looked at how long something was, today I would like to see how tall something is... 
You don't have to tick the items, but you can see that the boy is taller than the girl.  Each of the pictures is standing up.  Who is taller than you in your house?  Are you taller than anyone? (Maybe a toy?) 
Choose some things in your house to make comparisions.  

You can measure how tall something is by measuring in standard measurments like meters.  However in Reception we dont need to do that, we can measure with non- standard measures. Have a look at the actvity below:

I would love to see photos of your activity, you could even record it in your books.  Make sure you measure with your pencil accurately.  Make sure that you measure all the things with the same pencil (or what ever object you are using). 

Physical Development

Can you play 'copy me' with someone at home?  I have put some ideas below of things you could do - but you could also try: star jumps, hops, jogging on the spot... let's get active :-) 



Right today we are going to have a go at write a couple of sentences from the beginning of the story. Can you remember how we used the story map for 'The Big Red Bath' to help us remember? Use the story map below to write the sentences from 'Aliens love Underpants'. You can do this in your yellow book :)


Tuesday 19th May

Some of you have already filled this in - thank you!  Could you tell us how you are doing at home on this link:   

Fabulous puppet making!  :-). Looking forward to seeing this when it is complete!  Happy learning 😊

Well done to Ruby for her learning at home too... lots of number work here :-) 


I thought you could look at sounds you should know well.  ai, oa, igh, ar.
In your yellow books, have a look to see if you can find the picture with the sound in and then you could find other things in your house with the same sound and write a sentence with one of those words in. 




Did you find many heavy things in your house yesterday?  
Today I would like you to look at length.  In the pictures below there is a longer picture and a shorter picture. Which one do you think is which?  (You dont have to give it a tick - but you could tell someone in your house to see if you are right!). Instead I would like you to find objects in your house to compare.  You could take photographs and send them to me and we could compare them on here.  YOu could draw them in your books saying which is the longest, which is the shortest.  You could even use lots of objects and put them in order from shortest to the longest.  Let me know what you try out. 

If you would like something else to try you could do this below:  

Again, send me a photo of your findings :-) 

Understanding the World: Technology

In these strange tiees people seem to be using technology more and more, especially videoing family members.  Technology is all around our home.  HAve a look at the ideas below and see if you can talk to your family about technology and how it works in your home.  May be your parents could send me an email about what you say and I can put it into your learning journey :-) 


Did you enjoy the story yesterday of Alien's love Underpants? Click the picture below to listen to the story in a different way today.

I'd like you to think about all the different types of underpants in the story. They were all described in different ways. Can you design your own pair of underpants? Draw them in your yellow book and then see if you can write a sentence to describe them. Look below to see what I did for mine! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!  There is some work below from Alfie and Morgan who have been accessing Busy Things.  Remember you can go on there any time - I have put the link above next to Maths Whizz. 


Monday 18th May.

Hello Reception, would you mind filling in the following survey please just to let us know how you are getting on? CLICK HERE Thank you Mrs Norcup and Miss Paling


We are going to look back to some of the letter sounds we practised in school.  We know the sounds in phase 2 easy peasy!  Lots of us also know the ones in phase 3.  I wonder if you could read them to your grown up?  If you know the sounds then I think you will be able to read the words underneath!  See how you get on - maybe your grown up could read some of them to you and you could write them down in your yellow book.  

I would love to see your sentences too :-). Remember we have only just starting to learn phase 5, so you won't know all of these yet! 


Last week you learned about 3D shapes, this week I would like you to think about measurements. Some of the words you may use are long/short, tall/short, longer, longest, tallest, shortest.  shorter, heavy/light/lighter/heavier.  See you if you can experiment with measures in weight today.  You may be able to find something in your kitchen that weighs things too... What reasons do we measure things?  Tell me about your thoughts ideas and   


Expressive Arts and Design.

Normally on a Monday afternoon we learn a new art skill.  Today I wonder if you could use tools and resources at home to make your very own puppet?  You could use empty toilet rolls, card from ceral boxes or even an old sock!  I would love to see your creations. Send me a photo please and I will uplaod it to show your friends. 


This week we are going to look at this story. Have a listen to this story - Aliens love Underpants. 

What was your favourite part of the story? 

Choose one of the activities below to complete today. You can do as many as you like throughout the week :) 



Friday 15th May

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week completing all of the activities. Don't forget to email me and let me know what you got up to this week :) 


1. Phonics

Let's recap all our sounds first :) Click the picture below to go onto Phonics play. Log in and then click on this game. Choose 'Phase 3 and 5a' to access the correct sounds. 

Time to learn a new sound! Today we are learning the 'ue' sound! Watch the video below to see!

Let's play Buried Treasure now. Click the picture below to access the game. Click on Phase 5 -  and then choose the new sound - ue. 

Now see if you can read these sentences :) 

2. Maths 

You found out about lots of shapes this week! I have set you an assignment on Can you label all the 2D shapes? Click on the name of the shape to hear it. Don't forget to go on Early years - Mrs Norcup Reception to see your assignment!

3. Understanding the World 

Do you know what a habitat is? It is where animals like to live. Click on the link below to complete a lesson all about different habitats :) 

4. Literacy 

Go and find one of your favourite books. What is the story? Think about who is in the story and what happens. Can you write this story down in your yellow book? Use your phonics to sound out words, and don't forget to look at what happens at the beginning middle and end so you get it in the right order :) 

Here are some reminders for your writing! I look forward to reading your stories!


Thursday 14th May 

Thank you Angel!  I love your ideas on being a good friend and what you would do on a train! (You listened to my story!  I hope you enjoyed it!). What a great idea to use an abacus to work out your number sentences. :-)


  (This is the story that Angel watched) 

1. Literacy

Click the picture below to play this game. You will be practising reading your tricky words! When you see the page below, click number 3 for the correct words. 


2. Expressive Arts and Design 

Can you design your own superhero outfit? If you were going to be a superhero - what would your powers be? Draw yourself in your superhero outfit in your yellow book, and then write what your powers would be. 

3. Phonics

Let's recap our sounds first! Read this sounds out to yourself

Well done if you remembered our new sounds! 

Now click the picture below to learn some new tricky words. Click on the following words - Mr, Mrs, looked, could.


Now, try writing those tricky words down in your yellow book!

Mr        Mrs       looked      could    

Now try and read these sentences with our new tricky words in!

4. PSHE 

You might be feeling a bit lonely at home, or feeling like you really miss your friends. It's fine to feel this way, and we know its hard not being able to see your friends as much. Click the picture below to watch a video about how to feel better. 

5. Maths 

Can you spend some time on Maths Whizz? How many progressions can you make?

Wednesday 13th May

Thank you Sara for your lovely numbers - fabulous formation and super working out too 

Sentences and a fabulous pattern from Sophia!  Sophia - I love your pattern - bird, unicorn, bird unicorn.  Great detail! You have shown that you can make a repeated pattern out of anything! 


I have had some lovely photos from one of our friends - those pizzas look delicious!! 



1. P.E.

Let's start today with some exercise! Join in with the dance fitness yoga video! 


2. Phonics

Let's get back to our Phonics lesson. Did you enjoy learning about the oy sound yesterday? Today we will be learning another new sound! Let's recap on the sounds we know first. 

Shout these sounds out loud! 

qu    ai    ee    igh    oa    oo   ch    sh    ng    or    ar    ur    er   

oi     ow    ear    air    ure      ea    ay    ie    ou    oy 

How many could you shout out? 

Next, let's take a look at our new sound! It's the ir sound today - whirl and twirl! 

Let's practise reading some words with the new 'ir' sound in! Click the picture below and log into Phonics Play. Make sure you choose Phase 5 and pick the 'ir' sound. 

Now, let's see if you can read the sentences below. 


3. Understanding the World 

Why don't you do some baking today? You could practise your measuring skills, and you could look at the changes that happen when you bake things. You could write down what you found out in your Yellow Book. Here are some ideas for recipes you could do to see changes through baking! 










4. Maths 

Today we are going to learn about different kinds of shapes. Remember there are 2D shapes which are flat shapes like a circle. Then there are 3D shapes which are solid shapes like a cube! Click the picture below and log in using your Espresso log in (discovery education) to view the shape videos!

Tuesday 12th May 

Good Morning! Hope you had a good Monday.   Keep sending me your photos - they are really making us smile :-) 

Sophia was busy yesterday - how did you get on? 



1. Music

I have saved a music game for you to play on your busythings account. Log into and click on 'Early Years' and then find our new Reception area - Mrs Norcup Reception! If you click favourites on the right you should see the game I have saved for you. Can you tell what the sounds are? 

2. Phonics

Right let's recap all our sounds first. Click the picture below to recap 'All' sounds. Log in with username: march20 and password: home. 

Today we are going to learn a new sound - oy! Toy for a boy :) Watch the video below to see what the oy sound looks like. 

Practise reading some 'oy' words with Obb and Bob. Click the picture below and login using the same login as above. Make sure you choose Phase 5 words then click the 'oy' sound. 

Now let's see if you can read a sentence with your new sound in! Read the sentences below to a grown up. You could even write them in your yellow book and then answer the questions with yes or no :) 

Can you annoy a boy?

Will a royal enjoy eating an oyster?

Will it be annoying if a boy destroys a toy?


3. Online Safety 

You might be using an I-pad, a phone or a computer at the moment to play games and do your work. You need to make sure you stay safe online just like you do in life. Look at the picture below. What should the three little pigs do? Write down in your Yellow book what they could do. 


4. Maths 

Let's have a look at some patterns today. How do we make a repeating pattern? You need to make sure the same pattern happens again and again. Have a look at some of the patterns below to see if you could make some with your blocks. If you don't have any blocks you could make your own pattern with things around the house! Maybe different fruits? Or you could just draw one in your book! Take a photo of your pattern. 

5.  Writing
What is your favourite story?  Could you write it for me?  We know about 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', 'The Thre Little Pigs'. 'The Gruffalo', 'The Big Red Bath', Lots from Julia Donaldson... which one can you remember?  πŸ“βœοΈ

Happy Monday Reception 
Monday 11th May

I hope you had a lovely VE Day, Thank you for sending some photos.   

One of our friends had his 5th birthday yesterday, Chloe had hers on Friday!  Happy Birthday to you both! 



I hope you have had a lovley weekend and are back refreshed!  This week I am going to try to bring activities for the yellow books back... Let's see what we can get up to :-) 

Maths Whizz super stars from last week  

Gold – Sophia

Silver – Edward

Bronze – Tristan



Last week we were learning new sounds - we learned ayeaie, ou and the tricky words ohtheir and people

I would like you to recap these today.  You can do these on the games in PHASE 5 on phonics play using march20/ home.  I have put some pictures below for some ideas, see if you can write a sentence about a few of them by using the sounds and words above if you can. Write them in your YELLOW book and send me a photo of what you have done. (If you are unsure of what the sounds are - look back to last week to see the videos :-) ).   I may write:  My dad has a tie.  The people went to play in the park. 

If you are finding these actvities a little too tricky have a look back at phase 3 and 4.  These youtube videos are also really useful: Letters and Sounds Videos (Look for Reception) 



Miss Paling made you a video last week with addition and subtraction ideas on.  I wonder if you could answer the following in your yellow books?  How will you work them out? Will you use objects to help you?  Will you count on or back from the biggest number or will you try a number line?  How will you make sure you have the correct answer? 


7+ 2 =                                                   10 -6 =

6 + 4 =                                                  8 - 4 =

7+5 =                                                    10 - 8 = 

8+5 =                                                     14 - 3 =

5+3 =                                                     20 - 6 =

If you complete these, may be your grown up could challenge you with some extra ones? 


We would love to know what you did on VE Day, how did you remember and celebrate?  In your yellow books write a sentence or two to tell us what you did.  Or you could write about something you have done at home over the weekend.  My sentence would be:  

On Friday we all remembered  what happned in the war at eleven in the morning and stayed quiet for two minutes.  In the afternoon we had tea and cake in the garden.  On Saturday I mowed the grass and had a walk in the afternoon.  On Sunday Laila and Joe helped me to make lunch.  


Get Creative 

Today I would like you to get creative.  You could use paint, pencils, lego, items collected form your garden, or items collected from your house.  

I would then like you to see if you can create your favourite thing. It could be a picture of your favourite character from a story... it could be a structure from lego of your favourite super hero (like Hulk).  You may want to use leaves, stones and twigs to make a design of your family.  It is upto you - send me your pictures and I will turn them into a video art gallery.  :-) 

Week Beginning:  4th May 2020 

Maths Whizzers from last week are: 

Gold – Layla 
Silver – Sophia 
Bronze – Morgan 

Welcome to a new week Reception class.  We hope you had a lovely weekend!  Over the next week we are going to give you different activities that you can complete using a computer/ phone and by going on line, we also will give you activities that you can complete in your yellow exercise books/ with your toys or even outside. 

Please keep sending in your photographs to Mrs Norcup's email address and she will put them in your journeys.  (We love to see what learning and fun you have been having at home)

Each day you may like to take part in one of the following activities.  These are going to stay at the top of the page so you know where to find them. 



A lovely tribute by one of our friends ❀️


Friday 8th May 

Happy Victory in Europe Day:  VE Day 8th May - I thought we would start the day with some songs: 

Why not join in with some of the celebrations at home: 

You could have a minutes silence at 11am 
You could have tea and cake in your garden during the afternoon
You could listen in to Winston Churchill's address to the nation from 1945 at 2:45pm
At 3pm people will make a 'toast' to all that helped us.  

This article gives you more information about how you can celebrate at home. 

Let us know what you find out - We would love to see your photographs.  

There is further information about VE Day below, you may want to write about it in your yellow book. (I have put the phonics planning on for today - but you could always come back to it next week if you are busy celebrating) You can also use our VE Day page for more ideas and activities


Happy VE day. It's the 75th anniversary of VE day. Let's find out more about what this is :) 




Hello Reception, would you mind filling in the following survey please just to let us know how you are getting on? CLICK HERE Thank you Mrs Norcup and Miss Paling 😁


The last day of phonics this week!  What a great effort you have made to learn brand news sounds!  I am very proud of you!  So what is today?  


Today I would like you to practise your tricky words.  


How many can you remember?  See if you can write them in your yellow book. 

Today's sound is 'ea'. Have a look at the video below so you can see how it is pronounced. 


Click on the game and see how many words you can read with the ea sound in! 

You have read so many sentences this week!  I am so impressed!  How will you get on with these ones:


Who will be be the top three this week?


We hope you have a great day celebrating! Can you design your own flag to celebrate VE day? Or maybe a medal? Send us a photo of all the things you did to celebrate :) 

Have. a lovely weekend everyone :-). See you next week 😁

Thursday 7th May 

Hello Reception, would you mind filling in the following survey please just to let us know how you are getting on? CLICK HERE Thank you Mrs Norcup and Miss Paling 😁 (Thank you to Sophia and Edward for sending yours back :-))


  First of all - how many sounds can you remember? 

 Click on the picture to go to Epic Phonics for the alphabet song 🎀

Our new sound today is 'ie'.  The alphablocks are here to help you today! 

Practise by playing the game below: 


Can you read the sentences below?  Remember the tricky words you learned yesterday and our sound 'ie'. and 'ou'. Blend carefully - these may catch you out otherwise! 

How are you getting on?  Can you write down some of the words that you fed to Bob in your yellow book?  Maybe you could also write a sentence with one of those words? 


Maths: Miss Paling has made you another maths video :-). Today she has been reminding you about addition and subtraction.  How do you add?  Do you count all the objects or do you count on from the biggest number?  Have a look at the video and then many be you could create your own number sentences in your books like: 4+3=.  or 10-7=


Understanding the World 

This month it is the holy Ramadan month for Muslims all over the world. Can you find out some more information about what Ramadan is? Click the picture below and log in using the username and password that was sent on a text. Watch the videos and find out more about Ramadan :) 



Click on the picture below to access our Singing Superstars page on the website. See if you can learn the song from the video on there :)   

Wednesday 6th May 

Hello Reception, would you mind filling in the following survey please just to let us know how you are getting on? CLICK HERE Thank you Mrs Norcup and Miss Paling 😁


If your child is finding this work too tricky please look at the activities on phase 3 or phase 4 on phonics play.  Please let me kow how you are getting on. 

I hope you are enjoying these phonic challneges and rememeber to improve we need to practise everyday just like the πŸ¦‹! (Never give up!) 

Today we are going to practise some tricky words. I have put the tricky word videos we like to watch in school.  Have a look and see if you can rememeber them 😁


If you know those words easily, I wonder if you could learn some new ones?  Have a look on phonics play to 'train your brain' to read 'oh' 'their' and 'people'.  

 Remember to use march20 home to log in 

Can you remember the sounds we have been leanring?  That is right ay and ou.  
See if you can read the words - how long will it take you? β± 











Now practise your tricky words and sounds below: 


Can you do some number sentences up to 10? How many different ways can you make 10? Click the picture below to play 'Save the Whale' and help the whale escape!

British Values 

This Friday is VE day.  How are you going to be celebrating?  Have a look on our VE Day Page for more ideas. :-) Laila and I are going to make some bunting for our window.  





Tuesday 5th May 

Hello Reception, would you mind filling in the following survey please just to let us know how you are getting on? CLICK HERE Thank you Mrs Norcup and Miss Paling 😁

Good morning everyone, we hope you enjoyed yesterday!  Did you try anything new?  What did you enjoy doing the most? Let's see what today will bring...


We know how much you all love to learn new sounds so we have another one today...


First:  Practise the sounds you already know! Have you improved- do you know more than yesterday?



Today we are learning a new sound: ou. Mrs Thorne tells you the sound here: 


So now could you practise the sounds on a game? Have a try on phonics play.  Remember march 20. home.


Next can you read the sentences on below?


How did you find that?  Too tricky or just right?  You can always go onto phonics play and choose Phase 3/4/5 to practise sounds you find tricky.

Can you write βœοΈ a sentence in your books with the ou sound in?  May be using the word shout or out? 



Did you find out much information about Queen Elizabeth II? Did you know it was her birthday on the 21st April? She is now the grand old age of 94! Isn't that amazing? Read the fact sheet below and then in your yellow books can you write about what you would do if you were Queen or King for a day! 














Last week Miss Paling taught you all about doubling number sentences. Remember double means the same number on both sides of the number sentence like 4 + 4 = 8. :) 

Can you solve these doubling problems? You may need a grown up to help you. You can write the answers in your yellow book :) 


Listen to the story of the rainbow fish below. Then answer the question below in your yellow book :) 

Monday 4th May 

(May the forth be with you!) 

Phonics. - I thought I would try something new with phonics this week.  This is the sequence we would teach at school and normally would complete a 20 minute session.  Please let me know if you are finding it too much - it is all through phonics play and are working on Phase 5, week 1.  You can go back to Phase 3/4 if you feel this is too tricky for your child. You will need to enter march20: password home to access the activities.  I have then put a picture on for the game you are looking for; look for phase 5 :-) 

Today I would like you to practise your sounds on phonics play.  How many can you get right in 2 minutes?  If there are some you find tricky put the sounds on paper and play a game like bingo or hide and seek the sound to see if you can remember it. 



Today we are going to learn a new sound:  "ay". 

Click on 'Phonics Play' and add in the username: march20 password: home and play 

   then click:   

Read the following sentences.  (You may need a little help with the ticky words: all and want

Can you write your own sentence in your yellow book with a word with the  sound in?  Maybe using the word play/ clay/ day?


Why not have a look at White Rose Maths, it is all about shapes today and finding patters - can you make a pattern in your book or with your toys? 



Back to Max... I loved your writing from last week!  Some of you had some super ideas for a new story for Max too! 🐢 Today we are going to think about some of the interesting vocabulary in the story.  The more words we know the better our writing will become! 



Are there any other words in the story that you were not sure of?  Let me know what they were.

Get Creative!

There are some FANTATSIC ideas on this site!  The ideas come from a variety of parents and teachers about things you can do in you home/ garden and provide a lot of fun.  Try one and let us know which one you did... :-)



Week beginning 27th April 
We didn't have a very good week with Maths Whizz last week - We didn't get Gold, Silver or Bronze. (Not to worry - there is always this week!)

Gold – Alfie 

Silver – Angel 

Bronze – Sophia



Look who has turned 5!  Happy Birthday :-) 🎁 🍰 πŸŽ‚ 


Look who has had new glasses!  

We have had some work form the doubling activities too: 

Sophia designed her favourite meal on busythings today! Well done Sophia :) 


In your yellow books or on spare paper can you begin to make your own story like Max's?  You could use the picture below to help you think of specific things.  Remember to send me your ideas through email, you could even do a video! :-) 


2. Have a look at the posters below,  We would like you to think of the games you play at home.  Do you play games just on a computer or do you play other kinds of games too?  Games on screen and off screen help us in many ways.  They teach us things - like on Maths Whizz, but they are also there to give us a little break.  They can make us happy and give us some 'time out'.  We just have to be careful to limit the amount of time we stay 'online' or at a screen.  So have a look at the question on the poster with the car game and discuss it with your familly.  




3. We have got another phonics lesson for you to take part in today! Enjoy watching it :). 

sh ch th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow er oi ear air ure

Choose three of the sounds above and see if you can write 3 words for each in your book. 

You could also practise your tricky words - there is a copy of this in your work pack.  Maybe you could write a few sentences with some of these words in?  

(he, she, we, me, be, you, they, are, her, my, all, was.  Some of you may know these ones:  said, have, like, so, do, some, come, were, there, were, there, little, one, when, out, what) 


4. Can you do any problem solving in Maths today? Take some pictures of the challenges you did so we can see! :) 



Miss Paling has made a video for you.  :-)  Have a look at doubling and halving...  





In your yellow books could you complete the following activities: 



 Which of these sounds can you remember?  

sh ch th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow er oi ear air ure.

This video will remind you of the way to say them.  I bet you will surprise your parents! 




  Have a try at the three different games to practise the phonemes you may find tricky.  (LOG IN with march20 home)


If you would like further ideas about phonics or your child is struggling with certain sounds, then this website is really useful 



 If you could choose your favourite meal, what would it be? Mine would be a Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings! Could you write about and draw your favourite meal on Log in using your username and password, and click on 'Early Years'. You should see your assignment waiting for you!



We love to get all of these lovely photos of your work!  Look how proud this young man looks! 😊



Sophia has listened very carefully to the story about Max the dog.  Sophia you must have been concentrating very hard!  Well done young lady! 😊




Max is back with his adventures you can listen again here:

 click here for the work pack






You could answer these questions in your yellow book or discuss them with your adult. 


2. There are lots of people helping us at the moment. Click the picture below to find out more about People who help us. 


3. Complete all of the challenges below for your P.E lesson today :) 


4. How are you feeling today? It's ok to feel sad, scared, happy, excited...whatever you feel that's ok! We feel differently every day. Have a watch of this video below to watch how the puppets are feeling.

The following video is the start of a series of videos for phonics.  This is for the sound 'ai'. We have already done this in school but you may find the video useful as it gives a whole lesson.  You will probably need some paper or your yellow book. Let us know if you like them. 




Look at these videos of home learning from yesterday.  Lovely learning girls, especially the playdough Art work. Thank you for sending! 



1. Let's get active! Now we all know Miss Paling and Mrs Norcup are both big Disney fans! What is your favourite movie? We also love a dance - so these two combined make a great first activity today! Disney Dance Challenge! 

2.  Log onto Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make today?


3.  Meet Max 

You can listen to Max's story here - or you can click on his picture.  When you have finished reading you could think of the questions with your grown ups :-) You can also click here for the work pack and also the story in text form.  I will be putting elements from here over the next week. 


4. This term we are learning all about The Queen - Elizabeth II. Log into your Espresso account and watch some of the videos all about The Queen and her family.  Maybe you could write a sentence or draw a picture in your yellow book about what you have found out :) 


Well what a fantastic amount of work we have recieved this week!  We love to see how much work you are doing - and also how much fun you are having!  Please keep them coming!  I have a few things to show you, rememeber to keep sending your fabulous photos of your work and your activities. 

Super reading form one of our friends! 

We have also had some other fabulous pictures: 


 One of our friends has been busy making a rainbow castle 🌈  🏰 


Edward has been busy with his work pack and has been practising his letters and writing too. 


Super number formation πŸ‘Œ


Worms and snail collecting in this young ladies garden. Numbers and super concentration from another of our friends :-) 


Hello Reception! I hope you enjoyed all your activities last week. I saw some fantastic work so keep it up! 

1. Can you go on a minibeast hunt? What kinds of minibeasts will you find? Make a list in your yellow work book of all the ones you see. What do they look like? Write a sentence about one :) 

2.  Log on to Phonics Play (username: march20 password: home) Click on the link below to find the game I would like you to play - you can choose phase 3 or phase 4 if you want a challenge!

3. Click on the picture below to access the White Rose Maths activities for the whole week. This week it's all about Pirates! Make sure to choose Summer Term Week Two :) 

4. Can you use the recipe below to make some salt dough? What will you make from your dough? You could make a dinosaur, a princess, a house...the list is endless! Take a photo of what you made and send it to me :) 

5. Click on the button to remind yourself about germs and how we can clean our hands to make sure they are really clean 


Welcome to our activity page.  Feel free to send photographs of the work you have been doing at home to my email address. (We could even post them on here to inspire and congratulate each other) 

Fantastic News again - Last week we won GOLD In Maths Whizz agaisnt the whole school!! Thank you for trying so hard :-)  

Gold – Layla 

Silver – Angel 

Bronze – Sophia 

Week beginning 20th April

Don't forget to check on your Busythings account - there may be assignment's waiting for you! Look at Sophia's lovely work on here all about People who help us :) 



Great work :-). We can not wait to see what your seeds turn into! 

Has anyone completed my sentence? 

Wow wow wow!  Fantatsic Sophia, I think you have done brilliantly!  Look at those full stops in the right place too :-) Fab!!



Happy Friday everyone! I can't wait to read all your stories about 'The Big Red Bath'. 


1. Watch this episode of the Numberblocks? What numbers are in this episode? After watching can you write ALL your numbers from 1 to 20 in your workbook? :) Who can write numbers above 20?  I wonder if you can do one more and one less too?  Your adult could challenge you with larger numbers... 

We would love to get GOLD again on Maths Whizz again this week.  A special well done to Sophia, Ruby, Layla, Morgan, Kiera, Edward, Wilfey, Esmae, Lexi, Angel and Caleb who have already been on this week.  I wonder who will be Gold, Silver and Bronze this week? 


2. As promised I have done the next part of 'The Big Red Bath: 


Continue your story in your work books using the plan.  Rememeber to do little letter:  b, c, d. not B C D :-) 


3. I'd thought I would leave this on for another day, see how many you can do! Just like our friend below, take some pictures so we can all see :)


4. There are lots of People who help us. I've assigned you a little sheet to complete on Log in and click on 'My Assignments'. Can you tell me how doctors can help us? What do they do? Don't forget to save your work after you are finished so I can see what you have done :) 


5. We have been learning about different animals and their habitats. Can you tell me where the following animals might live? Write them in your workbook :) 







Well done to Sophia for your work yesterday :-) 




Fabulous work from Layla-Beau, thank you Layla for following the ideas.  Beautiful flowers, even the dandelions - do you know you every part of a dandelion is edible? - (I wouldn't advise you to eat it though!)



I hope you are enjoying all the activities we are doing this week :) Don't forget to send any pictures or work to my email so I can see all your fabulous work!

1. Log onto using your username and password. Can you click onto the 'Early Years' section. On the right hand side you will see a 'Favourites' button. I have put a Maths game on here for you to complete :) 

2.  Can you play 'Flashcards speed trial' on Phonics play. What will be your fastest score?


3. Watch the video below (I have been brave again..). It shows you how we write sentences using 'Talk for Writing'. See if you can finish my work...


I will give you more of the plan tomorrow for you to continue your writing, or you can make your own plan and complete some more today.  Remember to send me your work so I can see what you have been doing. 


4.  Choose a couple of the items below to complete in your garden while the sun continues to shine.   


5. Have a look on our Science page - there are some fantastic ideas and some exciting experiments you can try at home.  You can follow this link:  If you do any Science based activities this week let me know and we can pop them on the Science pages. (Have a look at those too on 'Science Week'. you may seem some familiar faces :-) 


Have a look at some work we have had.  Super shout out to Angel, I love your picture of the big red bath.  Well done Angel!  I have also added some pictures of another one of our friends who has lost a tooth!  I have printed these pictures off and put them in your learning journeys guys.  Keep your work coming and I will still update your leanring journeys with all your fabulous work.  :-) 






1. I am really missing our Phonics sessions together. Today we are going to have a look at the 'ai' sound - Remember SNAIL IN THE RAIN! Can you write all the 'ai' words in the video in your workbook? Click the link below to watch the video. You can find all these videos on our Espresso account on :) 


2. Now we know it's quite a different time for you at the moment, and you might be feeling a bit sad, or a bit worried. I would like you to take a minute to think about some things that make you really HAPPY! I know that playing with my dog in the garden makes me really happy :) What makes you happy? You can do this in your workbook. 


3. Can you complete our Maths Activity Mat? You can copy the questions into your work book and fill in the answer!



4. It's Science week! Have you been enjoying our Science activities? Don't forget to check out our 'Science Week' page on our website for ideas about experiments you can do at home. 

Click the link below to access your 'Espresso' account ( Log in with your username and password given. Click on 'Foundation' and then 'Understanding the World'. Can you find 'Espresso Zoo' to learn about all the different animals and their habitats. Click on videos to access the page below. 


1. Can you play Buried Treasure on Phonics Play? How many coins will you be able to read?


2.  Click on the picture below to do some White Rose Maths. Click on Summer 1 - Week 1 to watch videos all about Supertato! Can you complete any of the activities? 

3.  Science Week focus

I have been noticing lots of changes outside in my garden.  Have you noticed anything changing? When we left school there were no leaves on the trees!  Now look what has happenened: 



I am going to keep watching my trees (which are plum, apple and pear) .  Can you take a photograph of plants and trees in your garden or whan you are out on your daily walk?  Talk about what you have found with your grown ups.  May be you could write a sentence about your findings in your yellow work book.  We would love to see what you have found. 


4. Complete a cosmic kids session or if it is sunny and you are able to go out in the garden and make your own obstacle course - you could jump over somthing, go round an object and hop to the end.  Let us know what your obstacle course includes. :-) 


Welcome back to Summer Term - but not as we know it! We will continue to add new activities for you to do every day. Please keep sending your fantastic work and photos to me so I can put your work on the website! It makes me smile to see your faces too - so keep them coming! 



This week (in school) we would normally be learning about 'The Big Red Bath'. Can you remember me reading this to you last week on our 'Tell me a Story' page? Watch the video below!

Right so, here are today's activities! 

1. Can you draw a picture of The Big Red Bath in your book? What characters can you draw in the bath? 


2. Log into Espresso. ( Click onto 'Foundation' and then 'Literacy'. You should see a 'Phonics' Section. You can choose any videos, games or activities in the Phase 3 and Phase 4 Section. 


3. Log into Maths Whizz. How many progressions can you make today? :)



4. Make a list of all the things you can find that either float or sink? What do you notice about the items that sink? 






Easter Week Two

I hope you have had a super first week.  I let the butterflies go yesterday and have a video to show you below.  However - there was a mistake in the video- I called our butterflies 'Monarch' butterflies, but they are in fact 'Painted Ladies'  They are a very similar colour but Monarch butterflies are much bigger! As you can see on the picture.  See - even adults make mistakes!  I would love to see some pictures of our butterflies if you would like to do some paintings or drawings of them. 



Maths Whizz Results for last week (6.4.20)

We are first in the school this week!  Well done to the children who went on - even though it is Easter :-) 

Gold – Sophia

Silver – Edward

Bronze – Ruby 

(Special mention to Wilfey and Layla too who were nearly at the top!) 


Can you make a rainbow?  You could use the toys in your house, maybe a rainbow out of your cars?  A rainbow in your window?  A rainbow out of paint?  Use your imagination to make your rainbow and send it to me.  Have a look on our rainbow page for more ideas:


Hi Reception I do hope you enjyed your week last week.  Did you try anything that you may do again this week?  It was lovely to catch up with you all on the telephone - I will be ringing again this week too :-)   

As always we have the following links to follow to keep your brain learning and your body moving.

I have popped the following links on as I know you all enjoy them! You could do complete maths whizz and phonics play each day, or every other day to keep you brain busy and learning (Rememeber in phonics we practise daliy so we can be even better readers.)



We have added different activites for you to try this week>  Let us know how you have got on :-) 















WB: 30.3.20 

Maths Whizz Results 

Reception were in Second place last week out of the whole school!  Well done everyone (especially as we came in last place the week before!  You have all been busy!) 

Gold – Edward 

Silver – Layla-Beau 

Bronze – Ruby 


Can you make a rainbow?  You could use the toys in your house, maybe a rainbow out of your cars?  A rainbow in your window?  A rainbow out of paint?  Use your imagination to make your rainbow and send it to me.  Have a look on our rainbow page for more ideas:


Happy Easter Everyone!

Hi Reception, this week is a little different, we have added activites here for the whole week.  You can do as many as you would like to and I would really love for you to keep me updated with emails and photos showing me all the fun things you are doing!   As Ms.Stevenson said in her letter here, you can choose not to complete them, but they do provide you with ideas for fun and laughter.   I think I am going to try a few of them with my family :-) 

I have popped the following links on as I know you all enjoy them! You could complete Maths Whizz and Phonics Play play each day, or every other day to keep your brain busy and learning (Rememeber in phonics we practise daliy so we can be even better readers.)  I have also put links to GoNoodle, Discovery Education (Click on Foundation) and Busy things (Click the Early Years Section)  Rememeber to keep active and moving - enjoy your gardens in the sunny weather. 

This young lady has been very busy :-)   She has made lots of different things - and has even tried out the foil boat.  Can you get more than 15 pennies?  Fabulous work! :-) 



We love these pictures - a rainbow gingerbread and a special superhero for Ruby :-)  






Try these activites for a lttle bit of fun. Can you complete them all?  Let us know which ones you have done and what you have found out (How many things did you get to float in your bath?  Which movie did you watch?)  

















The most important thing for your family to do is remain safe and happy.  If you have any questions or queries please email me.  You can also find futher support to help your well being here on our Wellbeing page  It has lots of different links that will be able to provide ideas and advice if you need it. 

We also have links on our website to show both parents and children how to remain safe on the internet.  You can find the parent link here and the children's link here. (It is under Safeguarding)


Have a lovely week, I will be phoning you all again later in the week.  Speak to you soon, Mrs Norcup, Miss Paling and Miss Baranyai.  Have fun! :-) 


WB 23.3.20  

Well done to all the children who went onto Maths Whizz last week.  The top three for progressions this week are: 

Esmae Gold :-) 

Wilfey Silver :-) 

Alfie Bronze :-) 


Friday 3rd April 

It has been lovely speaking to you all!  Remember you can email me if you have any questions or if you have any work you would like to show me.  Look what our friends have been upto...


Fantastic letter to Mr Wolf!  Well done Layla :-) 


Busy in the garden :-) 

Logan has been busy with loom bands :-) 

Morgan and Sam have been sending and letters and pictures to each other!  Love this picture Morgan :-) 

We have also had our first story of The Three LIttle Pigs :-) 

Once upon a time there was three pigs.  Once upon a time there was three pigs.  Pig made a stick, hay house and brick. 


So back today... 

What do you know about Easter? 


You can click onto the above link and it will give you lots of information about Easter.  Your parents will need to log in with an email address and put in the passord UKTWINKLHELPS.  You can also access it here


You will find a Easter Maths Activity sheets in your packs.  I wonder if you could complete 1-2 of these? 


Can you design your very own Easter Egg?  (You can use pens, or things you have around your house like sticks, stones, lego - what will you use?


Use Espresso    to complete a phonics game.


Watch this video at home to see how Lee and Kim stay safe online! 

Wow! We learnt lots of ways to keep safe didn't we? Can you tell your grown ups something you have learnt from the video :) 

You can find more information about keeping safe online on our website here 



Get active with Jump Start Jonny!  Have fun.  May be you could find activities in your garden to keep you active! 

Have a lovely weekend!  Rememeber to tell us how you are getting on 

from Mrs Norcup, Miss Paling and Miss Baranyai :-) 



Thursday 2nd April 


Good morning Reception!  How are you getting on with your bonnets?  Have you written the Big Bad Wolf a letter yet?  (Rememeber to send them to me on my school email address :-) )

Well done to Sophia - she has had some fantatsic ideas about the wolf... she thought that "Mr Wolf can start by saying SORRY to the Three Little pigs, be friends with them, play with them at the park. The Three Little pigs can share some food with the Big Bad Wolf ( sharing is caring). And to make it up to them Mr Wolf can go at the shop and buy all the things that they need to build a new house again."  Fantatsic ideas Sophia :-)   

Here is Angel's work

Thank you for sending this - what a fabulous picture and you are trying hard with your writing too :-)


1.  Today I would like you to show off your fantastic writing to your family!  I have put a letter sound sheet in your pack and I will also put a word mat for The Three Little Pigs below.  In your yellow exercise books see if you can begin the story of The Three Little Pigs.  

You could either: 

   smiley   Write a sentence with your grown up - adding words and sounds you know

smiley  Write a sentence by yourself 

smiley  Write the story by yourself.  You may need to rest between the beginning, middle and ending.  


2.  Can you add to your progressions? 


3.  Using items from around your house, lego, bricks or sticks from your garden can you make your own houses for the Three Little Pigs? 




4.  Can you set up a obstacle course in your garden/ living room that encourages you to get up and moving?  Can you jump over a cushion?  Can you hop from the back door to something on the floor?  Can you kick a ball to a family member or stop it with your foot? 


Wednesday 1st April 

An update on our caterpillars....  They are no longer caterpillars! 


Good morning Reception - you will not believe the email I got: 

1. What do you think?  Could we write a reply to Mr Wolf? We will need to remind him how to be #kind!  Send me an email with your ideas and I will let you know what he says.  


2.  Take a look at the picture below.  Can you find all the things shown in the green circles? 


Answer these questions with a grown up: 

Which house took the longest to build? 

How did the Big Bad Wolf destroy the straw and stick house? 

How do the pigs beat the Big Bad Wolf in the end? 

(Parents:  You can find more activities on Twinkl - enter the password UKTWINKLHELPS  along with your email)


3. Have you made a start on your Easter Bonnet?  You could use cardboard, ceral boxes, pens, paper, pompoms or wool... anything that you can find from around your house,  I have put some images below to give you some ideas.  




4. I have linked our favourite:  Banana Banana Meatball!  :-) 


Story Time

Tuesday 31st March


I hope you enjoyed learning about the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. (As well as Miss Paling's too!)  I wonder if you can tell a grown up what happened in the story!

1. Can you complete any of the Home Learning Challenges below?

2.  Watch the video below, it talks about The Three Little Pigs too! 


3. Who is going to be on top this week in Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make?


4.  Can you act out the story of the Three Little Pigs?  What did each of the characters say?  Do you think the wolf crept to each house?  How did the pigs travel from one house to the other?  Maybe you could make your own masks! Or as Miss Paling read a differnt story - you could pretend to be the owls from the story. :-)  Rememeber to let me know how you get on! 



Monday 30th March

Welcome to a new week on our page! 

Thank you to those people who have emailed what you have been up to, it was lovely to see you all having fun.  I cannot wait to see your fantastic Easter bonnets if you choose to make one (I am going to get going on it I think! - I have my cornflakes box at the ready!)  As you can see below I have uploaded another video.  The caterpillars have changed again! I will keep you posted. :-) 


1. We have had some photos from Alfie, he has been busy finding his own minibeasts in the garden.  He has found a worm, woodlouse and a super slimy slug!  Can you find any minibeasts in your garden? I think I would wear gloves when picking them up too Alfie!  Which minibeast is the longest? 




2. Can you complete any of these home learning challenges about Plant Life Cycles? What have you learned about plants - write it in your workbook!


3.Use busy things:   Click on 'Early Years' and then look for the 'favourites' icon at the side of the page. I have put a video in there for you to watch about The Three Little Pigs. 


4. Stay on . Click on 'Favourites' icon and choose the sequencing game. Can you put the story in the correct order? 


5. Click the link below to complete a Jump Start Jonny video! Let's get active!





Woo Hoo!!!!   I think I may have mastered using a well known video viewer on the world wide web... look at our growing caterpillars now: 



Friday 27th March 

Did you send your caterpillar picture to me? I would love to see what you created! 

1. Can you log into Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make?


2. Can you make up your own dance to your favourite song? What will it look like? Can you perform it to your family? :) 


3. Can you play I spy with this sheet below? What items can you spy? Write a list in your workbook! 

4. Can you do some LEAP. Practise your ball throwing skills. Can you throw and catch a ball to yourself 10 times without dropping? Can you throw to a grown up? How many times can you throw to them without dropping?



Thursday 26th March 

1. Look out of your window. Can you draw what you can see? Write a sentence about it! 

2. Log into Espresso ( Your grown ups should have your log in and password. After you have logged in click the link below to count the easter eggs! 


3. Create a caterpillar! It could be made from rocks, sticks, leaves. You could draw it, paint it, build it - however you would like to make it! Please send Mrs Norcup a picture of your caterpillar so we can see it and put it on our website! (Please don't take any photos of children - just the caterpillar!)




Wednesday 25th March

Hello everyone! I hope you are completing your activities and you are enjoying them too! Don't forget to email me if you have any issues with anything. 

1. Can you spend 15 minutes playing Buried Treasure on Phonics Play? How many words can you sort?

2.  Can you sign into Busy Things and complete the assignment I have set you? It will be under 'Early Years' when you sign in. Label the 2D shapes! 

3. Can you use your workbook to write about what has happened to The Hungry Caterpillar in the picture below. What does he look like? Why does he look like that? 

4. Spend some time outside in the garden (hopefully it's still sunny!). What can you see outside? Are there any plants? Are there any minibeasts? Write about it in your workbook :) Don't forget you could do some excercise outside too! You could do star jumps, run around, skip or play with a ball. 


Tuesday 24th March

I have been keeping an eye on our class caterpillars! Take a look at them below.  They are growing so big!  One is really green and keeps curling up.  I wonder what he will turn into?  I wonder how ling it will take?  I have them in my kitchen... Mr Norcup keeps moving them... I don't think he likes them as much as us! :-) 

1.  We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar at school, you can watch it by clicking the link below:  

2. I have set you a task on the website - You can find more information about this in your work pack. Please let me know if you need any help.  If you click on 'Early Years' and then 'My Assignments' you will be able to find your assignment for today! Can you write about the four stages of the Life Cycle of the Caterpillar - egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. Click below to login!


3. Have you seen your messages?  I have been sedning messages to chidlren who have logged on and made progressions in Maths Whizz.  Keep being amazing... I am checking on what you are doing all the time.


4. Can you click the picture below? You can join in and do some Yoga at home to the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Your grown ups can join in too! 

Remember to send your photos and messages about what you have been trying at home and what you like the most.  Mrs Norcup 



Monday 23rd March


Jack and the Beanstalk 

Watch the video of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Could you draw characters from the story?  What are they like? Can you think of any words to describe them 

Can you write a sentence about the story (You could write the whole story if you would like to!) 



Try a game or two on your maths whizz account.  You can access it on the next button; 



Choose two or three of the following things.  You could record your answers in your book - or you could take a photo.  



This week we have looked at ways of being kind.  Think of a way that you could be kind to a member of your family.  Maybe your family could let me know what you did.  I can not wait to see what kind things you have been upto :-)