Reception Tasks

Welcome to our activity page.  Feel free to send photographs of the work you have been doing at home to my email address. (We could even post them on here to inspire and congratulate each other) 

Have fun, and show your grown ups at home how clever you are.  

Each day I will put on new things you could try at home.  Let me know how you get on.  Mrs Norcup :-) 


WB 23.3.20  

Well done to all the children who went onto Maths Whizz last week.  The top three for progressions this week are: 

Esmae Gold :-) 

Wilfey Silver :-) 

Alfie Bronze :-) 

Thursday 2nd April 


Good morning Reception!  How are you getting on with your bonnets?  Have you written the Big Bad Wolf a letter yet?  (Rememeber to send them to me on my school email address :-) )

Well done to Sophia - she has had some fantatsic ideas about the wolf... she thought that "Mr Wolf can start by saying SORRY to the Three Little pigs, be friends with them, play with them at the park. The Three Little pigs can share some food with the Big Bad Wolf ( sharing is caring). And to make it up to them Mr Wolf can go at the shop and buy all the things that they need to build a new house again."  Fantatsic ideas Sophia :-)   

Here is Angel's work

Thank you for sending this - what a fabulous picture and you are trying hard with your writing too :-)


1.  Today I would like you to show off your fantastic writing to your family!  I have put a letter sound sheet in your pack and I will also put a word mat for The Three Little Pigs below.  In your yellow exercise books see if you can begin the story of The Three Little Pigs.  

You could either: 

   smiley   Write a sentence with your grown up - adding words and sounds you know

smiley  Write a sentence by yourself 

smiley  Write the story by yourself.  You may need to rest between the beginning, middle and ending.  


2.  Can you add to your progressions? 


3.  Using items from around your house, lego, bricks or sticks from your garden can you make your own houses for the Three Little Pigs? 




4.  Can you set up a obstacle course in your garden/ living room that encourages you to get up and moving?  Can you jump over a cushion?  Can you hop from the back door to something on the floor?  Can you kick a ball to a family member or stop it with your foot? 


Wednesday 1st April 

An update on our caterpillars....  They are no longer caterpillars! 


Good morning Reception - you will not believe the email I got: 

1. What do you think?  Could we write a reply to Mr Wolf? We will need to remind him how to be #kind!  Send me an email with your ideas and I will let you know what he says.  


2.  Take a look at the picture below.  Can you find all the things shown in the green circles? 


Answer these questions with a grown up: 

Which house took the longest to build? 

How did the Big Bad Wolf destroy the straw and stick house? 

How do the pigs beat the Big Bad Wolf in the end? 

(Parents:  You can find more activities on Twinkl - enter the password UKTWINKLHELPS  along with your email)


3. Have you made a start on your Easter Bonnet?  You could use cardboard, ceral boxes, pens, paper, pompoms or wool... anything that you can find from around your house,  I have put some images below to give you some ideas.  




4. I have linked our favourite:  Banana Banana Meatball!  :-) 


Story Time

Tuesday 31st March


I hope you enjoyed learning about the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. (As well as Miss Paling's too!)  I wonder if you can tell a grown up what happened in the story!

1. Can you complete any of the Home Learning Challenges below?

2.  Watch the video below, it talks about The Three Little Pigs too! 


3. Who is going to be on top this week in Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make?


4.  Can you act out the story of the Three Little Pigs?  What did each of the characters say?  Do you think the wolf crept to each house?  How did the pigs travel from one house to the other?  Maybe you could make your own masks! Or as Miss Paling read a differnt story - you could pretend to be the owls from the story. :-)  Rememeber to let me know how you get on! 



Monday 30th March

Welcome to a new week on our page! 

Thank you to those people who have emailed what you have been up to, it was lovely to see you all having fun.  I cannot wait to see your fantastic Easter bonnets if you choose to make one (I am going to get going on it I think! - I have my cornflakes box at the ready!)  As you can see below I have uploaded another video.  The caterpillars have changed again! I will keep you posted. :-) 


1. We have had some photos from Alfie, he has been busy finding his own minibeasts in the garden.  He has found a worm, woodlouse and a super slimy slug!  Can you find any minibeasts in your garden? I think I would wear gloves when picking them up too Alfie!  Which minibeast is the longest? 




2. Can you complete any of these home learning challenges about Plant Life Cycles? What have you learned about plants - write it in your workbook!


3.Use busy things:   Click on 'Early Years' and then look for the 'favourites' icon at the side of the page. I have put a video in there for you to watch about The Three Little Pigs. 


4. Stay on . Click on 'Favourites' icon and choose the sequencing game. Can you put the story in the correct order? 


5. Click the link below to complete a Jump Start Jonny video! Let's get active!





Woo Hoo!!!!   I think I may have mastered using a well known video viewer on the world wide web... look at our growing caterpillars now: 



Friday 27th March 

Did you send your caterpillar picture to me? I would love to see what you created! 

1. Can you log into Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make?


2. Can you make up your own dance to your favourite song? What will it look like? Can you perform it to your family? :) 


3. Can you play I spy with this sheet below? What items can you spy? Write a list in your workbook! 

4. Can you do some LEAP. Practise your ball throwing skills. Can you throw and catch a ball to yourself 10 times without dropping? Can you throw to a grown up? How many times can you throw to them without dropping?



Thursday 26th March 

1. Look out of your window. Can you draw what you can see? Write a sentence about it! 

2. Log into Espresso ( Your grown ups should have your log in and password. After you have logged in click the link below to count the easter eggs! 


3. Create a caterpillar! It could be made from rocks, sticks, leaves. You could draw it, paint it, build it - however you would like to make it! Please send Mrs Norcup a picture of your caterpillar so we can see it and put it on our website! (Please don't take any photos of children - just the caterpillar!)




Wednesday 25th March

Hello everyone! I hope you are completing your activities and you are enjoying them too! Don't forget to email me if you have any issues with anything. 

1. Can you spend 15 minutes playing Buried Treasure on Phonics Play? How many words can you sort?

2.  Can you sign into Busy Things and complete the assignment I have set you? It will be under 'Early Years' when you sign in. Label the 2D shapes! 

3. Can you use your workbook to write about what has happened to The Hungry Caterpillar in the picture below. What does he look like? Why does he look like that? 

4. Spend some time outside in the garden (hopefully it's still sunny!). What can you see outside? Are there any plants? Are there any minibeasts? Write about it in your workbook :) Don't forget you could do some excercise outside too! You could do star jumps, run around, skip or play with a ball. 


Tuesday 24th March

I have been keeping an eye on our class caterpillars! Take a look at them below.  They are growing so big!  One is really green and keeps curling up.  I wonder what he will turn into?  I wonder how ling it will take?  I have them in my kitchen... Mr Norcup keeps moving them... I don't think he likes them as much as us! :-) 

1.  We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar at school, you can watch it by clicking the link below:  

2. I have set you a task on the website - You can find more information about this in your work pack. Please let me know if you need any help.  If you click on 'Early Years' and then 'My Assignments' you will be able to find your assignment for today! Can you write about the four stages of the Life Cycle of the Caterpillar - egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. Click below to login!


3. Have you seen your messages?  I have been sedning messages to chidlren who have logged on and made progressions in Maths Whizz.  Keep being amazing... I am checking on what you are doing all the time.


4. Can you click the picture below? You can join in and do some Yoga at home to the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Your grown ups can join in too! 

Remember to send your photos and messages about what you have been trying at home and what you like the most.  Mrs Norcup 



Monday 23rd March


Jack and the Beanstalk 

Watch the video of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Could you draw characters from the story?  What are they like? Can you think of any words to describe them 

Can you write a sentence about the story (You could write the whole story if you would like to!) 



Try a game or two on your maths whizz account.  You can access it on the next button; 



Choose two or three of the following things.  You could record your answers in your book - or you could take a photo.  



This week we have looked at ways of being kind.  Think of a way that you could be kind to a member of your family.  Maybe your family could let me know what you did.  I can not wait to see what kind things you have been upto :-)