Year 1 Home Learning

Remote Education Information for Parents

Spring Term 1 Crucial Knowledge 

Welcome to Year One's Home Learning Page 

Hi Year One! It's Miss Paling and Miss Norton here. We miss you lots and hope you are okay!
This page is to support you while you are at home. You can use this to access extra games, activities and links to use alongside your paper pack and your remote learning letter. 
We can't wait to see all the learning you can do at home smiley
Remember to email us if you need any help with anything and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Don't forget you can use any of these websites to complete further learning


Tuesday 2nd March 



Let's practise some more comprehension skills. Log into Busy Things. I have pinned you an extract from the book 'Here we are'. See if you can read the extract and then complete the quiz on your assignments. 


We are practising our numbers to 50. See if you can write the missing numbers. 

Crucial Knowledge 

See if you can recap some of your crucial knowledge. Let's start with Science. Can you remember the key facts?

Monday 1st March 2021

Good Morning Year 1! Welcome back to our last week before we return to school smiley

We would like you to end with a BANG and create some fantastic work this week - we know you can do it! 

Please find activities below that match your paper pack and your remote learning letter. 


This week we are looking at reading comprehensions. Once you have completed your pack, can you read the sentences below and add the information to your own picture 


We are starting to learn about Place Value to 50. See if you can have a go at these extra activities based on numbers to 50. 

Religious Education

Log into Busy Things to find an assignment based on your family. We have been learning about Families last half-term. Can you draw and label the members of your family? 

Physical Education

Let's start today with some dancing! Can you join in with the video below? 

Now let's get active and have a workout!

Friday 26th February 2021

Well done for a fantastic first week back Year 1. We have seen some lovely pieces of work so far! Please email us some pictures if you have not already smiley Don't forget it is certificate day! Who will have one this week? 


Click the link below to access some great comics for reading! Let us know which you like best!

Or you can practise some more reading comprehension below. Read the text and see if you can answer the questions!


Can you practise writing your number bonds to 20? Use these starters to help you! 


We are recapping our plants crucial knowledge this week, refer to your remote learning letter for more information.

If you need to remind yourself of some of the areas of science we have covered for plants take a look on the website below for some super refresher lessons.

We have set you an activity on busy things all about common flowers, log on to find out more.



Thursday 25th February 2021



Choose numbers to 29 smiley


This week we will be completing the computing work in your packs dated 9/2/2110/2/21 and 11/2/21

Please find below the computings featured in your remote learning letter.