Year 1 Tasks

Welcome to Year 1's tasks of the day

We would like you to have a look at this page each day and complete the activities given.  Let us know how you are getting on :-)


Friday 3rd April

1. Phonics

Click on the link below to play a fun spelling game. Can you spell the high frequency words?

You could write some of the words in sentences in your yellow book :)


2. Literacy

Click on the link below to go to the 'Tell Us a Story' section of our school website, and choose a story from one of our teachers to listen to.


3. Maths

We have set a worksheet for you on the 10 Ticks website. Click on the button below and log in using the details in your pack, then go to Year 1 to find your worksheet.

4. Science

Click on the link below to watch a video about what life would be like without any electricity! Then, make a list in your yellow book of all the things we use electricity for each day.


Have a lovely weekend :-)


Thursday 2nd April

1. Phonics

Have a look at the pictures below. Can you work out what /ai/ words they are? Write them into your books. You could even draw your own picture to illustrate each word.

Can you write a sentence with an /ai/ word in?

2. Literacy

Click on the link below to practise writing the letters of the alphabet. You could continue to practise in your yellow book! You will need you 'Busy Things' login for this game - it is in your pack.



How many progressions will you get today?


4. Science

Click on the link below to watch a video about deciduous and evergreen trees. Then, in your yellow book can you write an explanation of which is which?

Remember - evergreen trees are 'forever green!'.




Wednesday 1st April

1.Phonics  (Complete these in your work books :-)) 


You will need to log in to your espresso for this one!!

Follow the link to read the story of Mr Underbed.

Follow this link to take the quiz on the story you have just read!

3. Maths

Can you make 2 progressions today?

4. Art

Can you draw us a picture of your favourite toy? 

It doesn't have to be in colour but if you can crayons or paint you can colour them in.

Can you remember our primary colours? redyellow and blue - try labelling them on your picture!

Enjoy and we shall be back tomorrow! :)



Tuesday 31st March


Read the postcard below then in your workbooks write down the words that contain the /ay/ sound.

Now can you use one of the words you have found to write your own sentence.


Look at the picture below and write some sentences to describe what you can see, what is happening and what might be about to happen.

3. Maths

Log in to 10ticks using your log in details from your pack - I have assigned you a number bond to 10 acitivity! 

4. History

Log in to your discovery account and see if you can sort the toys into old and new

(You have to log in first before the link will work)

After this why not ask your parents - what was their favourite game or toy to play with? How is it different to what you play?

Enjoy and we will be back tomorrow! :)


Monday 30th March

Good morning folks - Are you ready for today's tasks? Let's go...

1.  Phonics

Can you think of four words that have the /ai/ sound in? 

 rain, drain,  _______, ________, ________, ________.

Now let's try /ay/ - this sound usually comes at the end of words such as playsaybay

Click the image above to play Buried Treasure with words that contain the /ay/ sound!

2. Literacy

Look at the image below and write a list of everything you can see. When writing a list you need to write a new word on each line. Can you put a circle around any of the words that have today's /ay/ sound?

3. Maths

Click on the image below, it will take you to White Rose Maths. Here you can watch the video for

Lesson 2 - Measure Mass and then answer the questions in your workbooks.

4. PE 

Monday is usually our PE day so let's think back to what we have been learning. Choose one of the activities below to do at home.

If you can, go into your garden  and see if you can travel with a ball from one end to the other. Remember to tap the ball with the side of your foot! How many times can you get from one end of your garden to the other?


Can you remember the different jumps we have learned? Let's practise the star jump! How many star jumps can you do in 10 seconds? How many in 30 seconds? How many in 1 minute? You can record how many you do in your workbooks.


Enjoy your activities! :) 

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday everyone! Here are your tasks for today:

1. Phonics

Use your yellow books to have a go at some Super Speedy Spellings! Choose one of these words and write it as many times as you can in 1 minute:

- mouse

- water

- though


2. Literacy

Click on the link below to listen to The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson. Maybe afterwards you could draw the giant and write a description of him!


3. Maths

Click on the Maths Whizz link and see how many progressions you can get.


4. Science

We are learning about flowers and trees in our Science lessons. Click on the link below to log into 'Busy Things' (your login details are in your packs) and then check 'My Assignments' to find an interactive worksheet about the different parts of a tree.

Have a lovely weekend!



Thursday 26th March

1. Phonics

Help Obb and Bob to sort the real words from the nonsense words that contain /ph/. Click on the link below to get onto Phonics Play.

Username: march20

Password: home


2. Literacy

In your yellow book, write some sentences using 'and', 'but' or 'so'. How many can you write?

e.g. I like sweets but I don't like crisps.


3. Maths

Click on the Maths Whizz link, and log in with your details in your home learning pack. How many progressions will you get?


4. Music

Click on the link below to play a fun music game on 'Busy Things' (your log in details are in your home learning pack). You have to drop the balls to create different rhythms.



Have lots of fun :-)



Wednesday 25th March 


1. Can you complete the P.E. video on this YouTube link? 


2. Can you write about what is happening in this picture? Write about it in your workbooks :)

3. Can you spend time practising reading your high frequency words on this game?


4. Can you write in your workbook all your number bonds to 10? I'll start you off...10+0=10


Tuesday 24th March

1. Can you watch the video's below? Click the link to watch them. 


2. After watching, can you write a list of ways we can stay healthy in your workbooks at home?


3. Click the link below to log in to Espresso. You should have your log in and password via text :)

After logging in, please click the link below to access some phonics videos. Spend some time looking at different sounds :) Can you write any of these sounds in your workbook?


4. Can you spend 20 minutes on Maths Whizz? How many progressions will you make? 


Monday 23rd March

1.  Have a look at the link below.  Watch the video and then answer the questions.



2. Practise your phonics and reading on phonics play.  (Username: March20 Password: home)

When you have completed a few games, write a sentence in your yellow books.  Could you write a sentence with 'air' or 'ure'? 


3. We love to get active in Year 1!  Try go noodle... it even has a cool down activity you could do too.