Year 2 Tasks

We have received some information from the government that has some really lovely ideas in regard to teaching younger children at home.  Please take a look at the link here


Welcome to Year 2's Daily Tasks!

Each day I will post something new for you to try out. It might be a game, website, something quiet, something active - lots of different things! Remember to have fun and if you have any questions or would like to share your fab learning then drop me an email.

Mrs Mee smiley


Half Term 

We hope you have a lovely half-term and stay safe at home :)

We have put together a range of activities you could do throughout the week.  Please click HERE to access our half-term page. Let us know what you got up to. Enjoy!

I am really enjoying seeing all the different pieces of work you are sending in - great job Year 2! yes


More home learning - keep it coming :) 



Some 'Kind Hands Posters' are already in.. keep them coming :) 


Friday 22nd May 2020

Happy Friday everybody! laugh Here are today's tasks for you to complete. Remember to send me those photos of your kindness cups and posters!


Today is all about performance poetry. Practise reading the poem out loud with your verse added on – can you add actions / different voices – you can always send a video if you would like to. Watch the video below for some ideas for performing poetry. 


For Maths today I would like you to log onto Maths Whizz or Numbots / TT Rockstars and see how many progressions you can get - let's see if we can get GOLD again! 



Spelling test day! Don't forget to keep score - are you getting more right each week? 


Its Friday Yoga time and today's yoga challenge is set in the world of Pokemon! Enjoy, or choose your own if you'd prefer. 


It's French Friday! I have sent your adults the log in details for the activities below so just click the picture below and log in! Once you are logged in, follw these instructions:

1. Click on the French lessons.

2. Click Unit 1: Moi

3. Have a go at 3 of the activities - 'Bonjour' / 'Au-revoir' / Bonjour! Salut! 


As you know, it has been Mental Health Awareness Week and that means being aware of how we feel. So I have a little task for you to start today all about your feelings. 

We are going to build a feelings flower over the next few weeks. Today I would like you to design your flower. Make sure you make 6 petals and make it big enough to write your ideas down. I would like you to write the following words – 1 on each petal (leave some room underneath each word) 

The last petal is for you to choose a feeling from the work we did about the feeling monsters. 

Remember you can use any materials that you would like to create your flower as long as you can write on it. Enjoy yes


Thursday 21st May 2020

I have another Mental Health Awareness Week activity for you today laugh

Today is all about designing a Kindness Cup - what would you put in your cup? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. Don't forget to send me your fab pictures please! 



Today is about turning into a poet! Listen to or read the poem again and think about its rhythm - join in if you can - now add your onw verse - can you keep in time? Can you use any rhyming words? What does the sound collector take from your house? 


Click below to watch today's maths lesson (lesson 4) all about problem solving using the 5 times table. Watch the video then answer the questions below. 



Today's spelling activity is to complete the AL / IL wordsearch. Either print it out or write the words in your yellow book when you find them. 


Today is all about 'On the Farm' with the fitness coach. Click on the link below to join in. Have fun. 


I hope you are enjoying our Science topic all about animals. Today there are 2 things for you to look at both on BBC Bitseize. The first one is all about what animals eat, and the second one is all about food chains. 

Video 1: What animals eat. Watch the video then complete the activities. 

Video 2: Food chains: Watch the video and complete the online activities. Then create your own example of a food chain - you could do this in your yellow book, on the computer or as a collage or drawing. 


If you're still hungry for more animal activities - log into Espresso and have a go at the animals section in Key Stage 1. Enjoy smiley


Wednesday 21st May 2020


The Sound Collector.Draw and write a list of the items the sound collector has taken – use adjectives to describe the items.

Extra Challenge: Draw up a list of the rhyming words used in the poem. 



Today's lesson is all about problem solving using the 2 times table. Watch the video then have a go at the worksheets. If you want an extra challenge log onto TT Rockstars (Numbots log in) and have a go at a 2 x table challenge on there. 


Spellings / Handwriting: 

Have a go at the Skywriter game on ICT games below and then copy out this week's spellings in your best cursive handwriting - can you start to join your letters together? 


Today is all about disney dancing - click on the link below and follow the disney themed dances. 


This week I would like you to find out all about an artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Read all about him HERE and then create a poster all about him and his work. Don't forget to send me pictures of your fab posters. 



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Well done Year 2 - we got GOLD Maths Whizz! Keep working hard on your Maths Whizz - brilliant. yes

Today's tasks are here - I hope you enjoyed our new poem yesterday - you can always listen again if you want to - just scroll down to Monday's activities.


Answer the questions below all about the poem - you can listen again or read it here. Write them in your yellow book. Try questions 1-8 first then answer 9-12 if you fancy an extra challenge. 



Let's continue with multiplication this week - today is all ab out arrays! Watch the White Rose video and then answer the questions below in your book. 



Words that make the /l/ sound but are spelt with ‘al’ / ‘il’ – write them out putting the ‘il / al’ in a different colour or pattern.


Today is our PE day and we are continuing to look at athletics - jumping again! Click HERE to take you to the lesson that you can follow. Make sure there is enough room to do the tasks safely! 


Today's lesson is all about coding and computer bugs! Click on the pictures below to watch the videos and activities, then follow Mrs Wright's instructions for an activity on J2e.  Have fun :) 





Monday 18th May 2020

To kick start Mental Health Awareness Week your Bobby Bonus activity today is to create a 'Hand of Kindness' poster. Draw around your hand and then draw something that makes you happy in the middle or yourself, or a pattern and then on each finger and your thumb, write something kind you could do for yourself or others. I cannot wait to see them so please send me a photo when you are done. Here is mine :) 



This week is poetry week and we are doing one of my favourite poems - The Sound Collector by Roger Mc Gough. 

Listen to the poet reading his poem then think about the followjng things:

Draw a pictire of the sound collector and write your ideas to the questions above down all around him. 


This week's White Rose lessons are all about muliplication. Watch the video of the first lesson and then answer the questions below oin your yellow book. 



This week is the last week of our alternate /l/ spellings. This week is all about /l/ spelt with either IL or AL. Take a look at the teaching presentation HERE then have a practise. 


Get ready to GO NOODLE! Make sure you try a new one this week. 


We continue on our journey around the world looking at differnet climates, this time we are heading to France in Europe. Take a look at the BBC Bitesize video all about France and complete the online activities, then write a postcard for me telling me all about the weather, climate type and any other interesting facts. 


Friday 15th May 2020


Today is your last challenge in our Elves and Shoemakers work and it is a little bit of fun all about riddles. Read the example then have a go at making your own riddle up and send it in to me to see if I can guess what it is!

Watch the video to find out more about riddles the look at the examples below and create your own. I would love to see some of them. smiley



Log onto Maths Whizz or Numbots and complete some of your challenges on there. 



Test yourself Friday! Remember to keep score and see if you are improving each week. 


End your week with a little Cosmic Yoga - can you try out a new story today? 




In PSHE we are thinking about our feelings and next week’s art is all about nature, so I would like you to take in the beauty of the world around us – take a look outside, what can you see? How does it make you feel? What could you use to make a piece of art? If it is nice weather and safe to do so, take a walk with an adult and look around at nature. Jot some of your ideas down in your yellow book.

Then head over to our wellbeing page and look at ways to connect with your garden from both inside and outside.

Thursday 14th May 2020


Yesterday you wrote your own stories about the elves and their adventures. Today I would like you to re-read your story and check it and improve it - if you've got a purple pen or crayon use it, if not just use a differnet colour from your original writing. Remember to check your punctuation, spellings, handwriting and even if you can choose an even better adjectrive or verb! 



Take a look at lesson 4 today all about number bons to 100 - watch the video then try out the activity. 



Take a look at this week's spellings and write them out in all your rainbow colours. 


Have a go at some of these warm up activities from the picture below. 


This week watch the video all about animal life cycles then complete the activity and quiz – let me know your score on the quiz! 

If you fancy an extra challenge head over to Espresso and use your pupil log in to complete the activities and games all about Animals in KS1.


Wednesday 13th May 2020


Today is day 1 of story writing - take a look at the story plan below then start to write your own story.


Yesterday we were adding 2 digit numbers, today we are subtracting them. Watch the white rose video (click on the picture) then have a go at the worksheets below. 



Today we are going to do some Zumba - click on the picture below to 'Move it Move it!'


Mrs Wright has another RE activity for you - we would love to see any of your photographs of your RE work :) 

For our last RE activity, you told me which of your books is really special to you and why.  Today we are going to learn about the book which is really special to Muslims, it is called the Koran.

Watch the video below and then in your yellow books either write down what the 5 children say the Koran teaches them how to do or you could draw 5 pictures to represent what the children say.



This week I would like you to listen to a piece of music called ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi. I would like you to listen to see if you can hear when the music changes – which season do you think is which? Draw out a musical map showing what weather you think each piece of music is showing and how it changes. Imagine you are drawing a road with the weather changing along the way as the music does. I would really love to see some of your musical maps, so send them in!! 


Tuesday 12th May 2020


Today we are going to be writing letters! Read the letter from the elves then have a go at writing your own postcard letter - don't forget to send me some pictures of them. 



Continue with our white rose learning for this week - watch the video about adding 2-digit numbers then complete the worksheet in your yellow book. 



Recap yesterday’s lesson presentation then have some fun with your spellings today – can you create a new game to help you remember the rule and practise spelling them correctly?  


It is PE day today!

Watch the video again about athletics. Then take a look at some of the basics of athletics – what can you already do? What would you like to get better at? Remember to join in with the J symbol.


Take a look at the video about programing and algorithms then Mrs Wright has set you a task to complete :) 

Look at the algorithm below and try to guess what picture the pen will make when you press play.  Next, click on j2data on the right and enter the algorithm to see if you were correct.  Finally, write your own algorithm on j2data to make a rectangle.   



Picture News:

Take a look at the picture news below and talk about it with someone at home - jot your ideas down and send them in to me. 



Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Year2  and welcome to a new week ahead. I hoep you enoyed your family celebrations for VE Day - I loved seeing all your photos. 

Today's tasks are: 


We are continuing with the elves and the shoes amker this week and today they would like you to design and label some new hats, suits and shoes. Make sure you use adjectives to describe your new items. 


Let's take a look at what our White Rose Maths Learning is all about this week - We are adding and subtracting! Take a look at the video then have a go at the worksheet below. 




This week's spellings are continuing to look at the /l/ sound but this time we are spelling the words 'el'. Take a look at the teaching slides HERE. 


Try your hand at the Joe Wicks workout this morning at 9am or watch it again later on in the day. 



We are going to start travelling around the world. Watch the video clip to find out all about the UK then next time we will look at the different continents. After watching the video write down 5 facts in particular noting down what type of climate it has. 










Friday 8th May VE DAY - Check out some of the activities on our VE Day page

Friday 8th May 2020

HAPPY VE DAY - 75th Anniversary 

Today is all about celebrating 75 years since the end of the war. Take a look at our VE Day page on the website for loads of ideas and activities for you to do. Below are a few more suggestions - I'd love to see what you get up to. 


Find out about what VE Day is all about using information on our website, then write a VE Day poem. 



Check out the weekly challenge on white rose or log into Maths Whizz for some more progressions. 



I loved seeing some of your playdough animals. This week why don't you have a go at making a VE Day sculpture or picture using salt dough. Click on the picture and it will give you a simple saltdough recipe to follow. Remeber to use your moulding and shaping skills. 


See if you can have a go at a tea dance or the Lindy hop!


Don't forget to send me your VE Day activity photos and tell me all about it. smiley


Thursday 7th May 2020


Watch the videos on BBC Daily Lessons all about nouns, adjectives and verbs - watch each short clip then cpomplete the Elves and the Shoemakers activities in your yellow books. 




Carry on with our White Rose lessons this week - Lesson 3 is all about related facts and how to use them. Watch the video then complete the activity sheet - use your yellow book if you need to. 


Test yourself today and see how many spellings you can get correct using the 'le' spelling rule. 


Take in a little cosmic yoga today and enjoy one of your favourite stories. 


I hope you enjoyed recapping all the different types of animals last week? This week's Science is all about what animals - pets and wild animals - need to survive. Watch the video, do the activity and play the game. Then make a flyer to tell me what they need to survive. You can use words, pictures or even do it on the computer. I look forward to seeing them. 


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Happy Wednesday :) 


We shall continue with our Elves and the Shoemaker story - recap the story if you need from yesterday. We have some more comprehension questions to answer. Use the text and questions together. 


Answer these questions in your yellow book too. 



Today is Whizz it Wednesday! We did brilliantly last week Year 2 getting Gold! Let's see if we can get some more progressions and win it again this week! 



Have another go at one of Joe Wicks' workouts today on you tube. 


Look at this week's spellings again - can you make the tricky bit stand out in a pattern or colour?


Try the next lesson about rhythm and pulse.  Watch the video here, then log onto Busy things and play with the musical monsters too.


History Flashback! 

Take a listen to this posdcast all about the Great Space Race. 



Morning all. Take a look at today's learning delights! 

Tuesday 5th May 2020


We are carrying on with our story The Elves and the Shoemaker. Recap the story by listening to yesterday's story again and then take a look at today's activity. 



Take a look at today's White Rose lesson all about comparing numbers and balancing number sentences. 


Take another look at this week's spellings - can you write them out in different patterns to practise them? 


Tuesday is PE day and we are going to continue looking at athletic skills - today is a standing long jump. Take a look at the skills sheet below and see if you can safely practise jumping. 


Staying safe online. I know a lot of you will be on your tablets, phones and computers a lot more, but it’s really important that we stay safe whilst we are doing so. Look at the activities on our Safeguarding Page on the website - Online safety for Yeras 1 and 2 and watch the video you can see below. Then create a poster to show how we can stay safe online. I look forward to seeing your fab posters! 




Good morning Year 2 - I hope you had a lovely weekend! I am looking forward to seeing lots of your fabulous work this week and don't forget to keep practising our Fight Song with the actions. 

Monday 4th May 2020


This week's English work is all about the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.' Take a listen to the clip below or read the story, then have a go at the questions in your yellow book. 



Click on the pictures to take you to the White Rose on-line lesson all about fact families and number bonds, then have a go at the Hit the Button game for number bonds too. Enjoy :) 




This week our new spelling rule is all about wording ending in 'le' 

Take a look at the lesson HERE.



Go to Go Noodle to get your week started - can you try out a new one? We love Superheroes and The Maxarena! 



We are continuing to look at weather this week, please send me some of your weather diaries from last week! 

This week however we are going to learn a little more about hot and cold countries. Take a look at the lesson slides HERE and then create a poster about each differnet climate you have read about. Then, send me a photo so I can put it on our page! 

Have a great day smiley




Friday 1st May 2020


Today is our BIG READ day. Choose one of your comprehension booklets from your work pack and see how much you can complete independently. Give yourself no more than 45 minutes. 


Today is challenge day! Click onto White Rose and see what their weekly challenge is. 


Today is test yourself day. See how many of this week's spellings you can spell without looking. 


Enjoy some cosmic yoga today and practise the different yoga poses. You can always choose a story to follow afterwards. 


There are lots of feelings you might be having right now and that's ok! But it's important to talk about them with your family or even me when I give you a call - you know I like to chat! 

To help out take a look at our MOOD MONSTERS (click) and have a go at the activity on the last slide. 

Happy weekend smiley


Thursday 30th April 2020

Morning guys! Take a look at today's home learning activities. 


For today's reading activities I'd like you look at the picture below:

What can you see? What is happening? What can you infer? (Read between the lines) What do you think might happen next? 

Write your ideas down in your yellow book. 


Log onto Maths Whizz or Numbots and see how far along you can get. 

If you would like something extra to try why not try the next lesson on the White Rose webiste. 



Recap this week's spellings and try to make up a game to play with them. A treasure hunt. Bingo. Snap. Be creative. 


Today is about becoming a superhero again. This time copy batman and his super moves. 


This term we are starting to look at animals - what they are, what they eat, how they survive. 

Your first task is to recap the differnet types of animals that live in our world. They are grouped together under the headings mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and minibeasts. We call this classification. 

Watch the videos below and have a go at the different activities. Clcik the next one along until you've had a look at each type of animal group.  


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Happy Wednesday Year 2 :)  Here are today's activities. 


Have a look at the next lesson from our Reading Dogs HERE.


Complete lesson 3 - Four Operations with length. 


Check out todays activities all about animal movements - which isyour favourite? 


Watch the video about rhythm and pulse and try to join in with the songs. 


This term in RE we will be exploring a range of stories from religious texts such as the Christian bible or the Jewish Torah and thinking about the meaning these stories have for believers. Mrs Wright has a little task for you :) 

In your yellow book write a paragraph telling me all about your favourite book.  Use the questions below to help you:


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Year 2 - I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities - take a look at what we have in store today. Don't forget to have a go at our singinging challenge too. 


Have a look at this presentation by our Reading Dogs - have a go at the different activities as the presentation goes on. Click here. 


Clik on the picture below and take a look at today's WhiteRose Maths lesson all about ordering different lengths. Then have a go at the activities. 


Recap yesterday's spellings - can you practise writing them out in your yellow book? 



Today is our PE day and last week we started looking at athletics. Today is all about jumping - take a look at the jumping poster on the linke HERE and practise how to jump and land safely. 


This term is all about making sculptures so I’d like you get creative and use some playdough to create a sculpture of an animal – try to use the following techniques: moulding, pinching, squashing, cutting, rolling to help you.

If you don’t have any playdough you can make your own using this recipe:



This term we will be beginning to look at programming. Watch this video below about programming robots.

Then have a go at this activity - Follow the link below and choose the space template.  Can you program the rocket to travel to all the planets?  Make it harder for yourself by clicking ‘Advanced.’


Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning Year 2 - I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week's tasks! 

Please keep your pictures coming and I will update our task page with all your fantastic achievements. 


This week is all about comprehension!
Watch the video below (click on the picture) and then read your favourite book and answer the following questions:
Who is the main character?
What is the problem or adventure in the story?
How does it get solved?
How do the characters feel?
Draw a picture of your favourite character and label it with adjectives to describe how they look and thought bubbles to show how they feel. 
Let's get back to WhiteRose Maths and watch the video lesson, followed by having a go at the activities in your books or on paper. 
Complete Lesson 1 today. If you finsih have a go on Maths Whizz too. 
Read through today's presentation and practise your new spellings for this week. 
Take a look at this week's spellings activities and lesson. Clcik here. 
Choose 3 of your favourite Go Noodle activities then challenge yourself to find a new one to have a go at too!
This unit is all about weather! We will be looking at weather in our country and others. So, I have a couple of activities for you to do. 
Can you keep a weather diary – use the template below to make your own and record the weather all week.
Log onto Busy Things and recap what the 7 continents are. 
Finally play the Pirate Bunnies Game - click on the weather picture 




Friday 24th April 2020

Happy Friday – I hope you have enjoyed doing some science experiments this week – what has been your favourite? Don’t forget to send me a picture!


Today is all about Maths Whizz – how many progressions can you make? Can we get GOLD again?



Check out the video lesson all about lists and different types of sentences. Try out the activities and then write some examples in your yellow book. 


This term we will be looking at Athletics in PE. Take a look at the video below and see if you can join in when you see the J symbol. Have fun. 


Can you make up a rap or song all about our wonderful and diverse world as part of our Earth Day and Science Week? Write your lyrics down in your yellow books.


Listen to Tim Peake talking about Space as a flashback to last term’s History topic and then explore some of the STEM Science activities to end our science week on. Let me know what you get up to :) 



Thursday 23rd April 2020


Click on the white rose link below to see what today's video and activity is. Have a go at Lesson 3 - Measurements. 


Have a go at the lesson below all about adjectives – we have done lots of this already so see what you can remember.


Today’s wow science activity is all about skittles (if you haven’t got any you can watch the video below!


 video :) 

Can you draw some pictures in your yellow book showing what happened?

Why do you think it made a rainbow pattern?



Back to our cosmic yoga with the Yoga Detectives!



Wednesday 22nd April 2020

HAPPY EARTH DAY - Keep those posters coming in and think about how we can look after the Earth. 

Today's tasks are :) 


Check out the next video in our White Rose week! Remember, if you can’t get on you can keep logging onto Maths Whizz or Numbots too.



Writing and asking questions – watch the clip below and go through the activities.


Follow the video link and practise saying hello – bonjour! And good-bye – au-revoir!  Can you recognise any other words we’ve used before?


Time to make those raisins dance! See if you can follow the instructions to make the rainbows dance in the water – can you draw a picture of what you saw?


Can you be a Spiderman too? Follow the video for your daily dose of activity! Enjoy :) 



Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning – welcome to today’s tasks.


Click below for today’s Maths lesson (Lesson 2) – remember to watch the video then have a go at the activities.



Listen to the story below then draw a picture of Duncan – what do you think he looks like? Why? Can you describe it using adjectives too? Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!


Can you make some rainbow colours using ingredients in your house? If you don’t have them all, don’t worry you can still answer the prediction questions :) 


Get your dancing shoes on and be a gummy bear too!


Monday 20th April 2020

Hello everyone – hope you managed to have a nice time over Easter!

Well this week is our Science Week so I will be setting you a few different Science activities. You can also take a look at our Science Week page too for fun ideas!


This week I’d like you to keep a toothbrushing chart – you can design your own and tick off when you have brushed your teeth. Remember you can email me your charts too. Below is a toothbrushing song you can use to use to make sure you brush for the right mount of time! Happy brushing.

Example Charts:



This week we will be following the White Rose videos and activity sheets. Don’t worry if you can’t print the activity sheet off just write the answers in your yellow book of the ones you can do :) 


Go onto spooky spellings and practice the next set of common exception words for Year 2. Maybe try recapping some of the Year 1 ones too – write the ones you get right into your yellow book.


Choose one of your picture prompts and write about it on the lines below – I’d love to see some if you want to email them to me :) 


Jump onto Go Noodle and choose 2 of your favourites – can you also find a new one that helps get you moving? Try finishing off with Bear Breaths! 


Can you make a rainbow?  You could use the toys in your house, maybe a rainbow out of your cars?  A rainbow in your window?  A rainbow out of paint?  Use your imagination to make your rainbow and send it to me.  Have a look on our rainbow page for more ideas:


13th April - 17th April

Please find this week's activities below - have a go at as many as you feel you can. 

Maths - Each day follow the White Rose Maths lesson and have a go at the activities in your book.

Spellings – Practise 5 different spellings each day from the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception List – use the copy, cover, write, check method. Put them into a sentence, remembering your capital letters and full stops.

Writing – Use the picture below to write a story – remember to use your adjectives, punctuation and super spellings. 

Think about what adventure the bunny might have as it gets out of the basket… where has it come from? What will it do now? Where will it go?

PE – Log onto Go Noodle each day and pick 3 activities to do. Which is your favourite? We love Superheroes in our house.

PSHE – Keep a Happy Journal. Each day draw a picture or write about something that made you happy today.



6th April - 10th April 

This week is all about Easter.

Throughout the week, have a go at some of the tasks below and remember to spend some time together as a family smiley

Using the picture link, find out as much as you can about the Christian story of Easter – can you use pictures and words to write out the Easter story. Put this into your yellow book. You could do it as a story or a comic strip.

Use the same link to find out about Easter traditions, Easter activities and Easter eggs!

Think of a way to present your findings – you could make a booklet, a poster, a leaflet or a powerpoint.  

Design your own stylish Easter egg - email me a picture of your design.

Can you design and draw out your own Easter Egg hunt with clues and game cards?

Make Easter cards / crafts – see the picture for some ideas.



Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone - hope you've enjoyed this week's tasks and getting involved with lots of different things. Thanks for the Easter bonnets we have had so far. Check out our main Year 2 Home Learning page for pictures of the work you've been getting up to at home :) 

Here are today's Fab Friday Five! yes


Maths - Log onto Numbots with your new log in and start the challenges – how far can you get?

Writing - In your home learning pack, you will find lots of pictures with lines to write about them underneath – choose one of the pictures and write all about it. Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and best handwriting! See if you can include some conjunctions – and / so / but / when / if / because.

History – Today is all about Tim Peake – in your pack you will find some information, but also follow the link below to his website. Think of as many questions as you can that you would like to ask him – you can write these down on the sheet in your pack or in your yellow book. If you email me a couple I will try and get them through to him and will let you know if he answers!

Handwriting - use the video below to check you are writing your letters correctly - watch and then practise them in your yellow books. 

PE – Go Noodle. Have a go at Pop-See-Ko / Superheroes / Maxarena and then cool down with Melting.



Thursday 2nd April 

Morning :) Don’t forget you can send me any pictures of the work you are doing at home as well as all those lovely Easter Bonnets. Today's activities are...

Maths – Click on the link below and go through the White Rose Maths lesson all about thirds. Watch the lesson then see if you can write any answers down in your yellow book.

Spellings - Paly the Spooky Spellings game below and practise reading and spelling your common exception words. 

Geography – Log onto Busy Things and complete the continents and oceans activity as a recap of what we have already learnt this year. Then write out the different continents and oceans in your yellow books.

PSHE – Time to be mindful. Can you design your own mindful colouring picture? Think of your favourite animal and draw it out then create a pattern inside for you to colour in. I'd love to see some. 

PE – Free Choice!!  Choose one of your favourite activities so far and go for it!



Wednesday 1st April

Morning - welcome to your mid-week tasks. Don't forget to send me pictures of your lovely Easter bonnets!

Hope you enjoy today's music lesson! I loved playing with the monsters and helping them make different sounds! 

Music Log onto Busy Things and go onto the Music section – can you change the pitch of the monsters to create your own piece of music?


Reading - Read a story from home or one of your reading books somewhere cosy and enjoy smiley

Maths - Explore ICT Games on the Year 2 Home Learning Page and choose one of the Maths games to play.

PE - Time to get active – follow one of the cosmic yoga stories. You don’t need to subscribe – there are lots of free ones to access too.

History - Take a virtual tour around NASA – what can you find out?


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning all! Here are today's activities for you to have a go at - don't worry if you can't do them all, just have a go :)

Reading - Check in to David Walliams at 11am reading one of his favourite books and enjoy a story.

Maths - Log onto Maths Whizz and see how many progressions you can make today.

PE - Its our PE day so why not tune into Joe Wicks' PE lesson on Youtube at 9am. If you can't do it first thing you can watch again later on. Have fun! 

Phonics - Go onto phonics play – ask an adult to set up a free account – and have a go at some of the games in Phase 5 and spelling play phase 6 – how speedy can you be recognising all your sounds?

Art – Find out about Kandinsky’s other paintings – can you create another one of his styles?


Monday 30th March

Good morning all and welcome to the week ahead - I hope you enjoyed getting onto Busy Things last week - I have a few more for you to explore this week too. Did you like your Maths Whizz stickers? Have fun with today's tasks and I look forward to seeing your Easter Bonnets laugh

Reading - Read your book to someone else at home – don’t forget the voices :) 

Handwriting - Write the days of the week in your best handwriting – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Maths – Go onto Top Marks and complete the measuring activity

Science – Log onto Busy Things using your password in your pack and complete the Parts of the Flower activity in the Year 2 ‘My Assignments’ section.

Geography – Whilst you’re on Busy Things have a go at the Continents activity in the Year 2 ‘My Assignments’ section.

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning. I hope you enjoyed using the lovely sunshine to draw your shadow toys - I'd love to see some. 

Here are today's Fab Five - stay safe and have a good weekend :) 

  1. Listen to one of the stories (Younger Fiction or Picture Books) on the world Book Day site then draw one of the characters – what do you think they look like?
  2. Go onto Go Noodle and choose 2 or 3 activities to do.
  3. Click on the picture below to practice your Number Bonds - Hit the Button :) 
  4. Use Google Earth to find your house - write down some of the things you can see around you in your yellow book. 
  5. Listen to some music – can you clap in time to the beat? Can you hear the rhythm? Log onto Busy Things and have a go at the rhythm task assigned in the Year 2 ‘My Assignments’ section.

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning! Here are today's Fab Five - hope you enjoy. 


1. Read your book and describe your favourite character from it – why do you like them? Write this in your yellow book.


2. Follow the link to Cosmic yoga channel and choose one of the sessions to follow.You don’t need to subscribe – there are lots of free ones to access too.


3. Log onto Maths Whizz and see if you can make 3 progressions. Did you get my message on Tuesday? Look out for another sticker coming your way!


4. Practise this week’s spellings from your homework pack. 

5. ART: Have a go at drawing your own shadows using your toys. Put your toy at the bottom of the paper then draw around the shadow it makes - don't forget you can always email me some of you fab work. 



Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasks - how many progressions did you get?

Here are todays Fab Five for you.

  1. Listen to ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ (Link below) and then write down all the rhyming words you heard in your yellow book.
  2. Leap time – Frog hoppers! Jump around like a frog. Do 5 frog hops then have a rest. Repeat this 5 times.
  3. Find 5 3D objects around your house – what shape name would you give them? (EG: Football = sphere) Write them down in your books.
  4. Design your own new pet – what does it look like? What can it do? What would you call it? Draw and label it.
  5. Science – Log onto Busy Things using your password in your pack and complete the Parts of the Plant activity in the Year 2 ‘My Assignments’ section.

Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Good morning, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities and are ready for some more today :) 

  1. Read 5 pages of your book – how many adjectives can you find on those pages? Write them down.

  2. Go onto Go Noodle and choose 3 different routines to keep you active! 

  3. Log onto Maths Whizz and see if you can get 3 progressions.

  4. Find out about one of the animals from our Ugly Five story – can you make a poster all about them? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? Draw a picture of them?

  5. Find out about an astronaunt then write a diary entry about their time in space - 'A Day in the Life of...'


Monday 23rd March 2020


1. Curl up and read your book then tell someone at home all about it  :) 

2. Leap and Lunge! Find a space and practice our leap activities – can you do 5 lunges on each leg?

3. Practice counting in 2s / 5s and 10s – how high can you go? Fancy a challenge? Try counting in 3s!

4. Look outside – can you see any plants? Draw a picture of them and label as many parts of it as you can.

5. Write out the alphabet in your best handwriting – capital letters and lower-case ones! Now write out your full name – remember you are very important, so your name needs a capital letter! Put this in your yellow exercise book.