Year 1 Homework

Year 1 Homework

Friday 23rd October

You have had super first half term in Year 1 and we are very proud of all you have achieved so far :)

Please find below your homework tasks as well as your first independent learning activity.

1.) Log on to Busy things where you will find an online safety activity - can your remember everything we have been discussing in computing this week?

2.) Keep practising your spellings found on our crucial knowledge page - can you write them in a superstar sentence with a capital letter and full stop?

3.) What are you reading at home? Over half term try to keep up your super reading, we would love to know what books you have read at home!

4.) Try some of these addition problems, you can write them as number sentences, you do not need to print them off :)

Enjoy your half term and stay safe - we are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd November for lots more exciting learning! 

Friday 16th October 2020

Hello Year 1! Another fabulous week learning more new sounds in phonics, writing captions in Engish and starting addition in maths.

For this week's homework you will find a 

maths task on Busy things


some phonics play games to practise the new sounds we have learned

click the Phase 5 button to play Dragon's Den, choose phase 5 then practise one of the sounds we have learned this week

oy     ea     ay

and your English task below.

Write some captions about the picture below.

RECAP: A caption is a short sentence that tells you something about a picture.

Let us know how you get on by sending us an email :)

Miss Norton and Miss Paling.


Friday 9th October 2020

A lovely week Year 1, we have been busy learning some new sounds in phonics, doing lots of tuck jumps in LEAP and enjoying the story of 'What the ladybird heard' in guided read.

For this week's homework you will find a My maths task and Maths Whizz challengespellings and a task on Busy things.

You are making good progress with your spellings. Which ones will you choose this week?

To make it more interesting why don't you practise your spellings in different ways; paint your spellings, use felt tips and rainbow write your spellings or you could even use playdough to mould the letters and make a word.

Can you make three progressions on Maths whizz?

Friday 2nd October 2020

Great week Year 1 - writing stories, using google maps in geography and learning about 'agility' in PE!

For this week's homework you will find a My maths taskspellings and a task on Busy things.

Which spellings will you recapping this week? Let us know which ones you choose. 

Try to learn 5 new ones.


Year 1 Homework

Friday 25th September 2020

WOW what a week - super writing, magical maths work and we have started our Geography learning.

For this week's homework you will find a My maths task, spellings and a task on Busy things.

Keep practicing these tricky words for your spellings  - can you spell more this week than you could last week?

As an extra spelling challenge this week have a go at spelling the numebr words we have practising in class recently


As always, let us know how you get on. :)

Miss Norton and Miss Paling

Friday 18th September 2020

Another super week for Year 1 :) You are learning lots of things, so let's do a bit more practise at home!


For this week's homework you will find a My Maths task, spellings and phonics. 


1. Click the link below to access your My Maths account (you should have a log in that has come home with you). See if you can complete the task!


2. Spellings!

Can you practise spelling some of the tricky words we have learnt about this week?

3. Phonics

Can you log onto Phonics Play and play the following game? (Username: march20 password: home)

Make sure you choose the 'Phase 4' section to practise. 



Friday 11th September 2020

What a super start to Year 1 -  lots of learning, smiles and laughter!

For this week's homework you will find spellings to practise, counting and a task using your Busy things log in.


How many can you read? Now pick 5 of them to practise spelling.

Look, cover then write!


Pick one of the counting sheets below to complete

Now let's see how many progressions you can get on Maths Whizz.

Now it is time to log on to busy things and complete the task on there. If you have lost your class log in, please contact your teacher to let them know. 


Let us know how you get on :) 

Miss Norton and Miss Paling