Dyslexia Friendly

Dyslexia is a fairly common, yet specific learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling.  It does not affect intelligence.  


An estimated 1 in 10 people in the UK have some degree of dyslexia.


There are many advantages to dyslexia too; good spatial knowledge, improved pattern recognition, sharper peripheral vision, highly creative and an ability to think outside the box.


Did you know?  1 in 3 business entrepeneurs in America have dyslexia.


Here are some highly successful and famous people who have dyslexia: 

Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise - Actors

Steve Jobs - Creator of Apple Computers

Cath Kidston - Fashion designer

Pablo Picasso - Painter

Richard Branson - Virgin owner and entrepeneur 

Walt Disney - Creator of Disney

Dr Carol Greider - Noble Prize Winner 2009

Albert Einstein - Inventor, theorist and all round genius

Thomas Edison - Inventor (of the lightbulb amongst others)

Winston Churchill - British Prime Minister

George Washing, J F Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson - U.S. Presidents

(the list could go on and on).


Crackley Bank is a dyslexia-friendly school which means we have an excellent understanding of how to help people with dyslexia and all of our support systems are used across the school to help all children learn effectively. 


We're also here to support parents with dyslexia who can request newsletters and information in a different format. 


For further support, please speak to your class teacher or school SENCO, Mrs Taylor.

Additional support can be found online (please follow the links):