New to Our School

Hello and Welcome to Crackley Bank.  

This video shows you a little snapshot of some of the things we get up to.  We are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space and two spacious classrooms in our Early Years department.  



Take a look at our prospectus here for even more information about us. 


What do I wear?

You can buy some uniform, such as jumpers and PE kit from our office.  Jumpers and cardigans with our school badge can be purchased from Smart Uniform. Please click HERE to access the website to purchase our Jumpers and Cardigans from. You can purchase the standard skirts, trousers and shirts from most local supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco or Morrisons. 

Our uniform is:

School tie (available from the school office)

White shirt or blouse

White polo shirts (Easter to October half-term only)

Royal Blue jumper or cardigan (available from the school office)

Grey skirt or trousers

Black shoes

Blue summer dresses


Pupils need a change of clothing for P.E. This should include:

T-shirt (in their team colour or a white polo T-shirt.)


Pumps or trainers

Track suits (for winter outdoor P.E)


We are really looking forward to getting to know you better.  To do this we would like you to do two things please: 

1: Click on the correct picture below to fill in the questions about what your child is able to do on their own - for example can they put on their own shoes?  When you submit the results it will then go directly to your class teacher. 

New to our NURSERY Questions 


New to our RECEPTION Questions



2:  EMAIL US.  We would like to begin your child's learning journey that will continue with them through Nursery and Reception.  

You could help us with this by sending an email to us with your child's photograph.  You could also send us a photo of any recent work they have done (such as a picture they have drawn or their name)   You may consider sending a photo of the special people or things your child likes.  Please add any important details to the email that you fell you need to - such as  'My child has had speech and language difficulties'.. You may like to tell us of family dynamics or something that they are really good at or what they struggle with.  We will then collate the information and this will support us in our planning.  If you need support please let us know and we can arrange a telephone call. 



Getting ready for transition in to school at home might be a new challenge for you. Especially in times such as these.  ‚Äč has lots of resources to help you have fun together at the same time as supporting their learning and sense of independence. Why not try singing nursery rhymes together, playing numeracy game Bud's Number Garden, or downloading a free All About Me worksheet with guidance on how to use it

There's also advice on how to make your home a fun learning zone, and films to help your child develop independence skills like using the toilet and getting into good sleep habits.


Things may be a little different for the children starting school with us. We are taking lots of extra precautions to make sure our school is safe, so it is important to talk to your children about this. 

You could let them watch this child-friendly video all about Coronavirus, or click the picture below that to read a story to them and talk about the important things they have to do to keep themselves safe :) 

There will be an opportunity for you to speak directly to your child's class teacher very soon,  if you feel you would like to speak to someone sooner, please email school on and a call back can be arranged as soon as possible. 

  A wide variety of information from speech and language to well being, take a look :-)