Explore the opportunities for a safer on line experience! 

Appreciating it is summer period and this craze is building momentum, the link below highlights some of the dangers associated with it!

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​Here at Crackley Bank Primary School, E-safety education is  extremely important. In an age where children are being given access to more advanced technology and the internet at younger ages we feel the need for information on how to stay safe whist using them is key.

Alongside constant discussion about E-Safety whilst the children are using the computers in their ICT sessions we also dedicate a lesson at the beginning of each half term to deliver an E-Safety lesson. During these sessions the children learn about many aspects of E-Safety including the use of e-mail, mobile phones, social networking sites, digital literacy and much more.

We also try to engage our parents in how to safely use new and emerging technologies and the internet in order to keep their children safe.


Did you know...

Around 247 billion e-mails are sent every day.

There are 1 billion websites on the internet, with more being made each day!

You should not have a Facebook account until you are 13. 
 60 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute.


Below is a list of useful Websites.

Click on the links to take you to some very helpful E-Safety websites.

Keeping your child safe.


Get Safe Online         

EU Kids Online 


Anti Bullying