Parent Workshops

Below is a list of workshops we will be holding during the SPRING term.

Don’t forget for each workshop you attend you will earn 3 Crackley pounds 
and at the same time develop your skills and have fun with your children.


Keep your Child Safe On-Line - Monday 29th January 2018

Our children are in a world where being ‘on-line’ is normality, whether this is playing on their computers (Playstations, laptops, tablets, i-pads), taking photographs on snap chat or even wacthing their favourite youtuber.  

We would like to invite you to an information shaing session on Monday 29th January at 9.15am.   This session will provide you with some ideas and resources that could support you in keeping your child safe on line.  

A letter has been sent out with a slip to bring back in to let us know you can attend. We really would urge you to come along, as we do need to be working together to ensure our children remain safe.  Your child does have regular lessons based around the ‘E-Safety’ theme within school, but we realise that much of their time on line will be at home. 

Due to the nature of the content we will not be inviting children to this workshop, but there will opportunities to join your child in other work shops later in the term.  Remember to look on our website for more information about keeping safe on line – look under ‘Safeguarding’, or follow this link:

We hope you can join us! Any questions please ask at the Main Office or speak to Mrs Norcup.