Our construction work is going smoothly so far, although the weather has not been very kind to our roofers!

Thank you for your patience when having to go a slightly different or longer way into school in the mornings, hopefully all our changes are now in place and the start and end of the school day will stay as they currently are. If you have any queries regarding the construction work please let me know.

On Tuesday I spoke to the children in assembly about our building work and how they need to behave to ensure they stay safe. They have been amazingly sensible and kept to all the rules (and they are getting better at making sure the balls don’t go under the fence!!)

Today we have had an evacuation drill to make sure everyone knows their safe exit in theevent of an evacuation as some of the exits have changed. This went very well and we were all out of the building very quickly. I have congratulated the children on their excellent behaviour.