Eco Council


Our Eco Council have the important job of making our school a




So what do we do?

We make sure that our school is litter free by running a weekly timetable for litter pickers.


We look after the school grounds through a gardening club which grows flowers and vegetables.


We also collect paper recycling each day from each classroom and we put our waste fruit into our compost bins.


As well as carrying out the above weekly tasks, Eco Council have been very busy taking part in lots of special events this half term: 


We went on a litter pick around Chesterton and filled over 5 black bags making the local area safer for wildlife and tidier for local residents.  We then wrote letters to the local council asking for a bin to be installed on the pavement where we found the most litter.​  


- Our work with the local council continued through our involvement in the Community Patchwork Meadow Project for which he had to sow wildflower seeds in recycling boxes to create habitats for insects and promote the benefits of recycling. 


- Four lucky Eco Council representatives were randomly chosen to attend the Eco Schools Community Forum at Silverdale Country Park.  They took part in a range of exciting activities to teach them about the environment, including: making bird feeders, looking at an empty bee hive, exploring a woodland and going on a tour round the lake led by the head ranger. 


- Finally, at the end of this half term Eco Council had a meeting in which the children came up with lots of great ideas to put into action next term.  We will keep you posted!


Well done Eco Team. We are very proud of you all and the great work you have done this half term! 


We have been awarded the green flag and are an official Eco School!


Of course at Crackley Bank, we have a song for everything!  We love singing our Eco Song:


We like to plant and recycle old things,

We’ll give anything a try.

In our spare time we empty food bins,

And do our service with a smile.


If you’ve got clothes, we’ll have them too, tins and bottle yeh they’ll do.

We’ll do anything to save the earth.

We put plants outside our school, saving the earth yeh that’s cool.

You can help us too.


We need to turn off our lights at home, and make sure we’re not doing it alone.

Turn off the taps and keep the heat inside.

And if we dig, dig, dig, I’m sure we’ll be fine.



We put our heads together, and think about what we’re fighting for.

This earth is ours forever, if we give up then it’s ours no more.


We’ve got to save our planet, recycle old junk.

We’ve got to save our planet, recycle old junk.

We’ve got to save our planet, recycle old junk.

That’s what we do we’re eco warriors.