Eco Council

Our Eco Council have the important job of making our school a



So what do we do?

We carry out Environmental Reviews every couple of years in which we answer lots of questions to find out in what areas we are already doing really well in terms of our environmental performance and in what areas we could improve.  Please see the results of our most recent Environmental Review below.

We make sure that our school is litter free by running a weekly timetable for litter pickers.

We also do a termly litter pick around Chesterton to support the local community and protect the wildlife in the area (Check out the photos on our Gallery page)

We collect paper recycling each day from each classroom and we put our waste fruit into our compost bins.


Well done Eco Team. We are very proud of you all and the great work you have been doing!

This year's Eco Council members are:

Year 1: Harley and Wilfey

Year 2: Lexi and Cohen

Year 3: Billy and Francesca

Year 4: Ellie-Mai and Ella

Year 5: Elliott and Sophie

Year 6: Emily and Kyle

Year 6 (representatives for Reception): Leon and Keeley



Environmental Review

The results of our latest Environmental Review can be seen below:


Action Plan

Based on the results of our Environmental Review we chose 5 Eco topics to focus on over the next two years:

We have been working hard as a school on various projects...




Our World:

School grounds:


Eco Code

Children across the school worked together to create an Eco Code.  Our Eco Code is the Eco Council’s mission statement.  It shows everybody what we are working really hard on in order to improve Crackley Bank’s environmental performance. 

Caring for the environment will help the world to be a better place.

Reducing the risky rubbish will protect the wildlife

Animals feel more welcome in our school grounds because we have made more habitats for them.

Children at Crackley have learnt about different countries all around the world.

Keeping our school grounds neat and tidy is what we do.

Litter in our playground, school and around Chesterton will be picked up by Eco Council

Every day we want to learn and play in our Outdoor Classroom.

You need to recycle paper, cardboard, fruit and plastic bottles.