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Welcome to our Online Safety page for Parents!

It is so important to keep your child safe when they are accessing the internet. At home, sometimes children will use the internet with unsupervised access and without the filters that we have at school. This could potentially lead them to access all kinds of things that they didn't intend to. 

Here are some tips and useful links to help you to keep your children safe online:


We know as a parent it is hard to keep up with all the advances in technology. If you click the picture below you can access a website which has lots of information about how to keep your child safe online. 








Share Aware

In Year 6 we've been learning about how to stay safe online and how to be "Share Aware." Our lesson today has looked a how quickly images can be shared - we've used pictures of a green dress to demonstrate this in school but we have talked about how this applies to their mobile devices at home. The children were amazed at how many times a small picture of the green dress could be viewed once a paper copy of it had been shared with just a few of the other children.

Please find a Parents' Guide published by the NSPCC HERE to help you to guide and support your child at home.



If your child is getting a new phone or tablet for Xmas, you may wish to consider some monitoring software to keep a parental eye on what they're doing. There are plenty available to download, some are free some you have to pay a small subscription. An article explaining some of the more popular monitoring apps can be seen HERE ( .

For advice and instructions on setting up the most popular devices (parental controls, internet filters etc.) see the Internet Matters website HERE (

If you are buying a new game for your child, make sure you are happy with it first. Just because "everybody else has got it" doesn't mean it's appropriate for your child. Check on the Common Sense Media website first - click HERE (




SNAPCHAT - Be aware that if your snapchat has been updated, then there is a possibility that others can see where you are.  The app now has a map facility where it can pin point exactly where you are.  Stay safe - change your settings to 'ghost' so others can not see you.  You can also change your settings so only certain people can see you.

Click on the following link for more information regarding snapchat - but please be aware that this has not been updated recently - and as tehnology is ever changing we need to research continually about the apps our children are using.


Crackley Bank Primary School takes the online safety of its children seriously and builds into everyday lessons the need to stay safe online, at all times. Below are useful guides for parents on different social networking. 


I have added the CEOP button above and also on the home page to help children to stay safe  and feel safe online.