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Fancy a bed time story with a difference - or even a story at breakfast?  Keep popping back and you will see some familiar faces reading their favourites.  If you have a particular one that you would like to hear let us know and we will see what we can do.  You will see videos from eternal sources as well as our brilliant staff.  Enjoy and let us know what you think :-) 


Tom's Midnight Garden - Chapter 27


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 26

Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 25


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 24 part 2


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 24 part 1


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 23


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 22



Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 21 (part 2)


Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 21 (part 1)

Chapter Two of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. You may have to create an account ... but it is free :-).  Read by Noma Dumezweni who acts on stage as Hermione :-) 

Tom's Midnight Garden, Chapter 20 with Mrs Wright.

Tom's Midnight Garden Chapter 19 with the lovely Mrs Wright! (Thank you!) 

Chapter 18 of Tom's Midnight Garden 



The Big Blue Train read by Mrs Norcup. 

Mrs Wright is back with Chapter 17!! 

Our very own super star Mrs Wright is back with a chapter from Tom's Midnight Garden.  Remember you can scroll down to any videos that you have missed :-) 

I would love to say that Daniel Radcliffe has recorded the first Harry Potter Book just for us, but he has actually been busy for JK Rowling herself.  Click the link below to see him read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. 

A book about worries and the coronavirus.


Mrs Wright is back with Tom's Midnight Garden.  Chapter 15 is here :-) 



Mrs Mee is here with Mrs Armitage :-). Enjoy! 🚲

Surprise!  The Nursery caterpillars have finally hatched! In celebration Mrs Hall is reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Clarke 🦋


Mrs Pearson is back for a second helping of the fabulous David Walliams and Mrs Wright is also here with Chapter 14! 



Tom's Midnight Garden continues.... Chapter 13 today :-) 


Happy Friday everyone, the sun is shining - maybe you could make a den in the garden and read your books outside?  Remember that important suncream!! Mrs Wright is here tonight with Chapter 12 of Tom's Midnight Garden.




It is the lovely Mrs Pearson's turn tonight reading a David Walliams book:  'The Slightly Annoying Elephant'.  Remember you can tune in to him every day at 11am here

You are a lucky lot, two new stories for you today.  Mrs Wright  with 'Tom's Midnight Garden' and also Mrs johnson with 'Mog the Forgetful Cat'.  A special thank you to all our readers.  We think you are fantastic! 



We hope you enjoyed our 'hello' video.  It has been so nice hearing how much you all enjoy our stories.  We have two for you today.  Chapter 10 of T'om's Midnight Garden' is here along with one of Miss Paling's favourites 'Man on the Moon'






Good evening all,  we have another new reader - you really are in for a treat as you read with Mrs Smart!  We didn't think one was enough so Mrs Wright is also back with Chapter 9 of Tom's Midnight Garden.








Chapter 8 of Tom's Midnight Garden has arrived :-)  Enjoy everyone.  



A special treat today!  Ms.Stevenson has been reading her favourite story (I bet you all can guess) The Chimpanzee's of Happy Town.  We all need a bit of happy now - so enjoy!  We also have Mrs Wright with Chapter 7 of Tom's Midnight Garden.







Another request complete!  A story from Mrs Clife for one of our Nursery children. :-) 




Chapter 6 from Mrs Wright today.  Are you enjoying Tom's Midnight Garden?  We are :-)   Also Mrs Norcup has popped by with 'The Big Red Bath  (A special one for you Harley!  Thank you for the message (from Mrs Norcup) 






Mrs Wright is a true star - back again tonight wth chapter 5 of Tom's Midnight Garden:





Two super stories tonight - you really are in for a treat!  


Mrs Jackson reading 'Shark in the Dark' and Mrs Wright back for the fourth chapter of 'Tom's Midnight Garden'  I don't know about you but I am really enjoying these daily stories. A special thank you to all the readers we have had so far.  I wonder who will be next? 


Mrs Jackson with 'Shark in the Dark'


Mrs Wright with Chapter 4 of 'Tom's Midnight Garden'





I said we would be back :-)  Well done to Mrs Green for today's story.  This telling a story without children is really tricky you know!  Thank you Mrs Green, We think you are great! :-)  I can't promise a video each day - but there will be more over the coming weeks.  (You could always rewatch the others..)




We will continue to add stories over the Easter Holidays (We have many adults at school wanting to take part!)

Tonight is Mrs Mee with 'Some Dogs Do'  and our lovely Mrs Wright with the next chapter of Tom's Midnight Garden. - Have fun! 





Another set of stories!  Tonight is Mrs Gleves with The Gruffalo (fantatsic expression Mrs Gleaves!) Also our second chapter of 'Tom's Midnight Garden'.  Listen out for the question in this one! You could always send your answers to your teachers on their emails.  Enjoy :-) 







Two instalments tonight!  You lucky things :-)  Let us know what you think! 



Mrs Wright began reading 'Tom's Midnight Garden' to our Year 5 children.  You can still listen in even if you are not Year 5.  Chapter One is below. 




Tom Hardy reading 'There's a Bear on My Chair'