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It is a new term and we have been doing lots of learning about how animals grow and change.

We even have our very own caterpillars in Nursery. When we first got them they were teeny tiny caterpillars and now they are very big! Each child suggested a name for the caterpillars, then we picked the names out of a hat to decide what our caterpillars would be called.



Elsa (Suggested by Gracey-May)

Thunder (Suggested by Daisy-Lea)

Peppa (Suggested by Layla)

Butterfly (Suggested by Niamh)

Marshall (Suggested by Theo)


What do you think might happen to them next?



We have been to have a little look in our school pond. We stood still next to the water and saw some newts! Mr Bentley got us a net and we had a go at catching some, then we put them back into the water. Next, we sat on the benches and listened to a story. 



We have also had fun with our fantastic new playground markings!




Here are some of the things we got up to in last half term.






Have you done the Magic Monday Challenge this week? Here are some photos from past challenges!

Teddy matches the pairs of socks, Ava goes on a listening walk and Layla claps to the beat of her favourite song.




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Thank you for the support you have given the school during these strange times!


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