Welcome to Reception Class

Autumn Term 

Welcome to our Reception class page.  Here you will find games you can play at home, stories we are reading in class and also information and activities we have been up to.  Click on the newsletters below to see important things to remember and to see what we will be learning over the next term.  We are so excited to get going!  :-) Keep checking back to see what we have been getting up to. 


What are we up to this week? 


CLICK HERE to Check out our Home Learning Page in 'Homework' for more of what we are doing this week. 



This week we are going to be reading and listening to the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. Just in time for Christmas activities (People like to make and eat ginger bread houses at Christmas don't they!)

Here is a story of the Gingerbread Man for you to listen to. 



Last week we had such a fun time with Joe Wicks each morning.  He said that if we keep active we will stay happy - we certainly laugh a lot in our room! :-) 

We also took time to reflect about Rememberance Day.  We painted our own poppies, made our own messages to the soldiers and also took time to reflect at 11am. 


We know it is a little early, however before we begin to act, we want to know the story of 'The Nativity'.  This week we will be learning about The Nativity Story.  The picture below gives you a link to a very simple version of the story.  

We have been working so hard in class fitting both learning and filming in.  We have had so much fun and the children have loved dressing up - we cant wait to share their acting with you! 







We are really looking forward to learning about tools that help us to be creative this week.  Last week one of our friends made a hat from a long piece of paper and glue, another boy made a book with six pieces of paper and pritt stick.  We are hoping that by looking at different tools, like glue, glue spreaders, staplers and hole punches that we will be able to make our own choices when making cards and decorations later in the term.  Watch this space! 




"Squiggle Whilst you wiggle" (Flipper Flappers time)  and "Dough Disco"
You may have heard the children talk about their 'flipper flappers' and 'dough disco'.  Every day we put the music on and get moving, we exercise our whole bodies and at the same time as having a lot of fun, we also encourage letter formation and fine motor skills to ensure that once we are ready to write, we will do so with better control of pens and pencils.  

We use differnet songs for each movement that I am sure the children will share with you, so if they come home singing along to the Jackson 5, Tina Turner and PJ and Duncan (Ant and Dec!!) then you will know where they have heard it!  

We have already seen a difference in fine motor skills and the children love to write letters and some are now writing letters in their names too.  :-)  


The first half term done!  (How quickly time flies when you are having fun!)

You have had a super first half term!  I have really enjoyed watching you work as a team and you have shown real determination to learn new things.  We have learned so much already!  

In phonics we have been learning these sounds:  s, a, t, p, i, n, m, o, g, d, c, k and we have also been putting them together to read words (this is something we are still practising!) It would be great if you could practise this at home too.  Phonics play have lovely games for this (Follow Phase 2)– or you can get paper and a pen and make your own letter cards.  Could you read sat, pat, pin, man, mop? 

We have also read some fabulous stories – our favourite being Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We know this really well now!  Thank you for reading at home and bringing your book to school every day.  If you do read at home please ask your grown-ups to tell us how you are doing in your diary.   We have been sent some lovely story books from Bookstart you have taken on of these home 😊 I am sure you will love to hear it at bedtime – we laughed at the pictures in class. It is quite a funny story with lots of rhyming in it! 

In maths we have learned how to sort and compare, have looked at patterns and have talked about numbers and their value.   We have also been busy being artists, have learned about harvest and have been to the jungle every day! We know it is very important to keep active and have loved all of the activities that will help us to be confident writers.  Squiggle whilst you wiggle (Flipper flappers) and Dough Disco have been a real hit!  We have had such a busy first term and we are really proud of you! 


Have a lovely half term.  Next term we are going to be learning lots about Julia Donaldson and her fabulous stories! To get ready for this I have left you the task below :-) 


Look what we needed our wellingtons for... 

We have started to notice changes outside our window... so today we went for a walk around our school grounds.  We had such fun being outside in the fresh air!  We looked at the changing leaves, felt the rain on our hoods and found lots of different leaves and even some minibeasts! 



Look how enormous the tree was compared to us!  


Lana thought that this was a fairy trap!!  I wonder if she is right. Who would want to catch a 🧚‍♀️ ?


When we got back to class we painted using autumn colours.  We have some fabulous paintings of trees, the colourful leaves and also a pterodactyl!






Please remember 

Your coat 

Your book bag 

Your water bottle, with fresh water each day please

We have PE on a Thursday.  You can come to school in your PE kit

You can email me if you have any questions :-) 


Stories we have read in school: 

The Three Bears 

Can't you Sleep Little Bear? 

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy 

Things you can try at home to continue your leanring: 

  I will set assignments for you to go on to :-) 




You can play gamess and look at parent information about phonics - this is a website we use in school. 


We will be using the number blocks in our mathematical learning.  The children will be familiar with the characters. You can play games, watch videos and even sing along using this site. 



The CBeebies site doesnt just show you your favourite shows, it also offers learning thorugh games, songs and print outs. 


Click the pictures below for different maths games you can play at home



Here are some videos and games to practise your phonics: