The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Crackley Bank Primary School aims to provide children with a positive, successful, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate learning experience, in a safe, healthy and secure environment. 

We aim to develop children’s self-confidence and independence as well as increasing their respect for themselves and others. We seek to develop positive attitudes towards learning where children demonstrate curiosity, persistence and self-motivation. We promote children’s appreciation of their own achievements and that of others. 

We believe that play underpins the delivery of the EYFS and that children learn best through practical, hands-on experiences and interactions with their environment.  The best outcomes for children’s learning occur where most of the activity within a child’s day is a mixture of child-initiated play, actively supported by adults and focused learning, with adults guiding the learning through playful, rich and experiential activities.

Play provides children with opportunities to consolidate and extend skills and concepts learned.  We are lucky enough to have a large outdoor area which is an essential teaching and learning area, where children access daily.

We follow the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation stage which you can access here. 

The seven areas of learning, listed below are implemented by planning in a cross curricular approach, taking account of the children’s knowledge, next steps and interests.

EYFS Policy

Our Long Term Plan 

EYFS: Early Learning Goals End of Reception Expectations

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is organised into 7 areas of learning:

Prime Areas

1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development

2) Physical Development

3) Communication and Language

Specific Areas

4) Literacy

5) Mathematics

6) Understanding the World

7) Expressive Arts and Design