Physical Education

The school’s intent for PE is to provide a wide range of physical activity for all children to enable them to develop their health, fitness, personal and social skills whilst also promoting self-confidence, cooperation, team work and self-esteem.  

Throughout our PE provision all children will explore, repeat and remember simple skills and actions with increasing control and coordination. They will learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas.

As their skills progress they will explore how to choose and apply skills and actions in sequence and in combination; vary the way they perform skills by using simple tactics and movement phrases; apply rules and conventions for different activities.

All children will participate in sporting activities that enable to develop their own individual skills, as well as working as a team. All children have the opportunity to participate in competitive sporting events during the school sports day and some children will have the opportunity to represent the school in wider sporting events. We have therefore chosen to focus on the three sports that we mainly compete in but we do endeavour to ensure that children of a range of sporting abilities are able to represent the school and participate in wider activities.

A range of traditional sporting opportunities are taught to ensure that children who wish to develop a sport outside school are able to find clubs and coaching in the local community. We also provide opportunities for children to take part in less traditional sports such as bubble football, archery and multi-skills. We support children with a specific interest and talent in a particular sport by funding out of school coaching to develop their skills e.g. trampolining, rock climbing, swimming.During our well-being week all children will have the opportunity to take part in Outdoor Adventurous Activities on an individual basis and as part of a team.

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