Try Something Different

I think we can say that our first 'Try Something Different Week' has been a great success!  The children (and staff) have had such a great time, sharing things that we may not normally do in school. From afternoon tea to tap dancing, the children have experienced many different things and it has been great to see their smiles and they have been really appreciative and open to new thoughts and ideas. 

These are some of the things we have been up to... 

The Dog's Trust Workshop

Years 1 - Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop this week.   Alison from The Dog’s Trust came to deliver workshops for the children in KS1 and KS2.

The children found out about responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs. They took part in a range of exciting activities including: being a detective, role play and quizzes.

The Dog’s Trust believe that by helping young people learn about the responsibilities and commitment involved in dog ownership, they can improve the welfare of dogs, both in the homes of the children we teach, as well as dogs they may meet when out and about in the community.

The Dog’s Trust website is below if you would like further information. 



Nursery have had a lovely week.  They loved their first time on a coach traveling all the way to Cannock Chase, we had such a good time and some of us had a little snooze on the way back to school! 

We had a delicious breakfast - we tried croissants, different types of breads and even tried some with a little jam.  Yum yum! 



This week has been busy, busy busy.  Not only have we been actors, actresses and singers in our Nativity play, we have also been doing lots of unusual things. On Monday we played lots of different board games, we needed to take turns, follow instructions and we also found out that we don't always win! 



On Tuesday we went to Cannock Chase to visit the woods, the trees were huge and we also got to see Santa!  On Wednesday we learned a party dance - 'Superman' to be precise! (We are definitely going to try this at the next school disco!) Here is a you tube link so you can try at home too.  


On Thursday we had a try at Miss Baranyai's yoga!  It was so lovely to take time out to be calm and relaxed.  We tried very hard to copy her moves, it required a lot of balancing! We also had a look at this website:  We took time to stop and think, which when we are usually rushing around is so important to do!  The children participated so well and were so complimentary of each other.  Finally on Friday it was Mrs Norcup's time to share something that she loves!  Listening to music!  But not on a CD, or on YouTube - but on vinyl!  Yes, we listened to music on a record player. We had modern tracks, and also a few songs from from the 70's and 80's.  We had a blast! 


Year One 


We learned how to play snakes and ladders. The children learned how to show winning and losing gracefully. Miss Norton, Mrs Green and Miss Taylor did not play fairly and the children were great at telling us how to take turns and make sure everyone has a fair turn and enjoy the game! When the children started playing the game they showed lovely sharing!


We learned how to play Charades and Go Fish. The children really enjoyed putting their ‘acting hats’ on and acting out the words for their friends. They loved looking out for numbers in Go Fish, and felt so proud when they got a full set!


Bonjour! Today we learned how to sing Head Shoulder Knees and Toes in French!! It was tricky but it was great fun!  By the end of the day the song was stuck in our “Tete”!


We tasted exotic fruit! We tasted mango, kiwi and dates, and talked about the texture, smell and taste. We had some super language coming out, and many children discovered a new fruit they loved!


We did some guided meditation in our classroom with the lights off, and practised being mindful. We imagined our own island and used our senses to think of all the lovely things on the island. Some children were very good at this!


Year Two 

Year 2 have had a fabulous week trying out different activities.

We have gone back in time to try our hand at old fashioned card games, marbles and tiddlywinks. As well as donning our dancing shoes for a bit of Irish dancing – we were all exhausted after that one!!

The children have wowed me with their Christmas Wreath making this week – take a look at some of our finished products.


Year Three


During ‘Try Something Different’ week, Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their different activities.

They got creative with cross stitch and managed to stitch their initials into a piece of Binca material and even threaded their own needles! Next they tried out some sign language which was very interesting! They could all sign ‘my name is _____’ and then sign their name using Makaton.

Year 3 said the best part of the week was the Thai food tasting session. They were able to taste Thai crackers with chilli sauce, noodles, sticky rice, Thai soup, cous cous, red Thai and green Thai curry.  Yummy!! 


They ended the week with some relaxing yoga meditation which calmed their minds and bodies.     


Year Four 

As part of our Try Something Different Week, 


Year 4 enjoyed some super experiences during ‘Try something different’ week

We had a quintessential afternoon tea of cream scones and tea from fine china crockery. Year 4 have indulged in a very sophisticated afternoon tea whereby we ate scones with jam and cream and drank tea from china cups.  We learned about etiquette and the history behind this delicious treat. 

A splendidly refined time was had by all.   We also designed a new school mascot. We tried out our construction skills using spaghetti and marsh mellows to build towers and we also spent some time meditating.

The children really enjoyed a range of varied activities and really had to think hard when developing a number of team skills and independent skills.



Year Five 

Year 5 have had a super time during our ‘Try something different’ week.

To begin the week, we travelled back in time to the days before iPads and X-boxes. The children played traditional card games including: Pontoon (21) and Crazy Eights. They worked in pairs to play ‘Cat’s Cradle’. 

The children learned how to use some signs from the sign language Makaton– we will be learning a new sign every week.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Afternoon Tea’. We found out about the history of ‘Afternoon Tea’ then we moved on to sampling a lovely cup of tea and some delicious scones and jam. 

During Thursday’s activity the children created some lovely designs using the ancient Japanese art of Origami.

In our final session, using resources for schools from St. John Ambulance Service, the children found out what to do in an emergency situation and how to call the emergency services for help.

I hope they have been sharing their new skills with you at home.




Year Six 

Year 6 have really enjoyed trying different activities every day this week. We started off by learning how to cross stitch. We are still working hard to perfect this skill and are hoping to create some lovely Christmas cross stitch patterns, ready for the festive season!

Mrs Kelly taught us some Tap dancing steps - it was great fun! We've done skipping in pairs with ropes as well as learning how to complete a Sudoku puzzle. Sonia and Alex taught us how to count to 10 in Polish, Kurdish and Hungarian - they were brilliant teachers!