Activities for Under 3's

Hello and welcome to our page and our school. 

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We thought you would like to have some things to do at home just like your big brothers and sisters to keep you busy.  

Click the video each week to learn a new Nursery Rhyme that will presented by one of our Crackley Bank Team.  

There will also be some ideas that you can try at home with your family to encourage your speaking and listening skills and your independence too - an important skill to have when you are ready for school. 

      This week's Nursery Rhyme....

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! 



Sing along to the song!


You could try some of these actions...



How do you feel today? Can you make these faces in the mirror?





What makes you happy?

Dancing makes me happy. Have a go at following these dance moves and see if it makes you feel happy too.





I'm a Little Teapot! 

Now it is your turn... What are you going to do now you have listened to Mrs Hall? 

May be you could try some of the following things.  Remember that you can send us some photos of what you get upto.  We hope you are enjoying the videos.  Let us know if you are at

Sing along with the song

Have your own tea party with your toys!

Try a real cup of tea and a cake with your grown up

Measure with water - can you make half a cup? Can you make a full cup?

Why not make your own cakes! :-) 

Remember to use your manners and say please and thank you.



1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive! 

Watch Mrs Hall and try out some of the actvities below.  We would love to see your creations, please send them to us at (This email address is checked each week). If you would like to speak to someone directly, then please contact Mrs Norcup our Early Years leader on 01782 567700



Why not try these activities: 

Sing along to the song 

Make your own fishing rod and fish! (Just like Mrs hall did in the video)


Use recycled materials to make your very own fish! - Do you have any sweet wrappers?


Click here to read along to the rainbow fish story 

Count 5 steps, 5 claps, 5 jumps, 5 toys!

Taste some fish for your tea!


Click here to listen to some under water music and dolphins under the sea.  How does it make you feel?


Why not check out last week's Nursery Ryme too.... 

This week's nursery rhyme is 'Row, row, row your boat!'

Take a look at our Nursery teacher Mrs Hall.   Listen carefully and sing along when you know it.  There is also an activity you could try at home with your grown-ups or brothers and sisters. 

We think that it is really important to put ipads, phones and tablets down and use our fingers, our speaking skills and encourage our ability to share.  With your grown-ups I wonder if your could try any of these things at home?  

Grown ups, encourage your child to use their senses (you may not need to use taste every time!!) 

If your child is struggling to communicate their ideas you could tell them what they can see, what they can hear and what they can feel. So if you were making the silver boats below you might say "I am making a big boat, It feels very smooth, can you feel how smooth the side is?  I can hear the crinkling of the foil wrapping."  

If they say a word incorrectly, just repeat it back correctly.

If you give your child hears lots of langauge they too will use increasing language as they grow. :-)


We would love to see your activities at home.  Please send them to
We won't always look at this email everyday but we will at least once per week.  

If there is something you would like to ask you are very welcome to contact school and ask for Mrs Norcup our Early Years Leader. 


Further Information for parents 

This is a very informative document if you were wondering what your child should be doing at their age.  It is a little lengthy - just scroll to the age group you need. 

Routines and Behaviour


Parenthood tips and trick

Are you in need of some handy tips to survive parenthood? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Behaviour; Seven techniques for helping kids keep calm  from the CBeebies website



After some practical tips for potty training - click the picture for more information


Emotional Wellbeing, how to talk to your child about emotions. 


Hints and Tips for helping children to read.


A little information to tell you why Nursery Rhymes are a vital part of the Early Years development. 

Presented by the BBC, take a look at what other Nursery Rhymes you could sing at home. to really encourage children's words and vocabulary