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Our story of the week is...

Rumble in the Jungle

Written by Giles Andreae

Here is our story of the week. Have a look at the front cover - what do you think will happen in the story? While you are watching the video your grown-up could pause it and ask 'what do you think will happen next?'. I hope you enjoy it!







Dough Disco

Dough Disco is when we put on our favourite song and dance along to the music while holding play dough in our hands. Use some of the moves in your paper pack or look at the ones below. Dough Disco helps the muscles in our hands to develop which will help us to write letters and words! Our song to use this week is... 








We love singing this song at Nursery. Can you sing it at home?



Have a look through these binoculars. What can you see today?



It's a...





Would you like to hang upsidedown like a bat?



Have a look at today's jungle fact. Can you make yourself reach up tall like the trees in the rainforest?



Have a try to do this jungle workout! Make sure you drink some water to keep your body cool!





This week our story takes us to the jungle! Can you make some binoculars and go on an adventure? What can you see through them?


Have a look through these binoculars. What do you see?




It's a...



What kind of pattern is there on the tiger's fur?



Have a look at this jungle fact. A fact is a piece of information. Can you remember any animals that live in the jungle?





Watch this episode of Andy's Wild Adventures. He goes to the South Pole to see the penguins!



Click on the map below and it will take you to the South Pole!

What can you see?

What is the weather like there?

Can you see any houses?

Can you see any people?

Can you see any penguins?




If you were going to the South Pole, what woud you take with you? 






Can you have a go at these challenges?




Use positional language to talk about where the penguin is. 


                                                               It is behind the boy!                                                     It is in the boat!                                                                              It is on the igloo!



Have a go at adding two groups of numbers together!


                                                                                                                                                     First count this group.                       Then count this group.        Then count how many

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           you have altogether!





I know we like to get messy at Nursery! Have a go at making your very own penguin!



Can you move your body like a penguin?



Have a go at counting these objects. Remember we say one number for each object we count. Can you write the number down on a piece of paper?




Click on this picture below it will take you to a camera cam at Edinburgh Zoo! You can see the penguins and watch what they get up to. I wonder if you can see them having their lunch? What do you think they will eat?



                                                                                                Can you play I Spy with this picture? 

                                                                                                  Can you see any of these things?

           Penguins      Umbrella      South Pole sign      Sun      Iceburg      Ducks      Seagull      Boy      Boat




Can you find all 6 ducks?

How many penguins can you find?

Why is the boy wearing a hat?

Is the penguin sad or lonely?

What did the boy do to try and help the penguin?

Why doesn't the bright sunshine melt the ice?

What makes a good friend?












This is a great song to sing along to and you can even join in with the actions!





I hope you enjoyed our story today. It's one of my favourites. Here is a nursery rhyme about penguins that you can sing. You sing it to the tune of 'I'm a Little Teapot'.



Did you think the penguin in the story was big, small or medium sized? What do you think about these ones? 





Can you count how many pictures there are? Can you write that number on some paper?

First count the penguins, then the signs etc. Don't forget to say one number for each object that we count. 





I like the bit in the story when they ZOOM into the tunnel, dark and vast. Can you make your own tunnel? You could use sofa cushions, blankets, duvets or a table. Turn the lights off, ask the grown-ups to hold a torch or a lamp up and move your hands in front of the light to make some shadow puppet animals!




You could use your tunnel to practise your gross motor skils. Try some of these movements in your tunnel!




It's Puppy Dog's birthday! He's 3 today! How old are you? Could you write this number down?

In your paper pack you have invitations to invite your family or your toys to a party just like Puppy Dog's! There is a party hat for you to wear too. You could also play party games, just like the animals in the story. Play the song below and play musical statues with your family. Can you stand really still?





In our story of the week, Spotty Cow fills up the truck! Have a look at these cows and tell your grown-up which one is the smallest, which is the biggest and which is the medium sized cow!






When we do phonics in Nursery we use our voices to make different sounds. Have a try at changing your voice to make these animal sounds. Can you make the noise loud? Can you make the noise quiet? Which is your favourite sound to make and why?








Clucky Hen is going to the party too! Count how many eggs there are to find out what number is on Clucky. Remember - when we count we say one number for each object that we count.







I love the ginger cat from our story. Could you draw one? Here are some instructions that you could follow.



In Nursery we have started to use 'positional lamguage'. These are special words that tell us where things are. Have a go at telling your grown-up where the cat is. Remember - you can't say 'it's there!', you have to use our clever words. Try 'on top of', 'underneath', 'next to', 'in', 'in front of' and 'behind'. 


Where is the cat?

It is in the basket!


Where is the cat?

  It is next to the tree! 


Where is the cat?

                      It is under the table!            



We love dancing to this song at Nursery. Can you watch it at home and copy the moves?





Here are some leopards - just like the one that Ben and Bella see in the story! Can you count how many spots they have? Can you find the correct matching number? You could have a go at writing this down. 


1  2  3  4  5   




In our story Big Blue Train there were 2 chimpanzees. Can you remember a song about 5 little monkeys? Have a go at singing it!





Have a look at this monkey picture. Do you think you could make one like this? If you don't have any paint you could draw around your hand to make it's body.







Find an old cardboard box and turn it into a train for you to go on your own adventures, just like Bella and Ben. Where will you go? What will you see? In your paper pack there are some train windows. Draw a picture of what you might see from your window on the train. You could stick these into your cardboard box train!





Have a go at singing some of these nursery rhymes about trains. You could sing these as your Magic Monday Challenge!





Can you name any of these shapes? How many sides do they have? Do they have curvy sides or straight sides?



Click on the picture below and have a go at this shape game!