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Our story of the week is...

Jasper's Beanstalk

Written by Nick Butterworth

Here is our story of the week. Have a look at the front cover - what do you think will happen in the story? While you are watching the video your grown-up could pause it and ask 'what do you think will happen next?'. I hope you enjoy it!



Dough Disco

Dough Disco is when we put on our favourite song and dance along to the music while holding play dough in our hands. Use some of the moves in your paper pack or look at the ones below. Dough Disco helps the muscles in our hands to develop which will help us to write letters and words! Our song to use this week is... 








Take a look at the picture below. What a beautiful garden! Can you find all of the things in the circles?



Jasper thinks that there might be a giant at the top of the beanstalk! What do you think could be up there? Draw a picture of what you think it might be.


Can you make your own junk model beanstalk? Use an empty toilet roll tube and paint or colour it. Ask your grown-up to make some holes in it and push some leaves through the holes.




Today is World Book Day! We''re doing lots of story sharing today so make sure you come onto Teams to listen to the stories that we're sharing together!

Have a look at CBeebies Bedtime Stories for lots of lovely stories read by different people.


The beanstalk in the story grows taller and taller and taller! Do you think it would be taller than you?

Measure some things in your house. Are you taller or shorter than them?

You could measure... a chair, a table, a tree or a wardrobe!


Click on the picture below to play the Sound Starter game. You have to click on the buttons to hear different sounds. Can you guess what the noise is?


Listen to this song about Jasper's Beanstalk. Can you sing along?

You could make up your own song about the story.





Jasper does lots of gardening in our story. Can you go outside and do some gardening? You could dig up some weeds, plant some seeds or water the plants in your garden.



Have a go at singing this song about Jasper's Beanstalk. Can you make up a dance to it? You could stretch up tall like the beanstalk!



Here is another story about a beanstalk. Have you heard this story before? 





Look at the pictures of Jasper doing something different each day.

Can you talk about what is happening in the pictures?

Can you remember the days of the week?







Click on the picture below and have a go at this game. You have to feed the monsters the right shapes! Can you have a try?


Did you make a bird feeder yesterday? Watch from the window and see if you can see any birds eating the seeds. Can you see any of these birds?




In this week's story Jasper does something different on each day of the week.

Can you move and sing along to this Days of the Week song?





Can you count the two groups of objects?

                                                                                                                                   First count these                Then count these                   Next, count them altogether. Can you write the number?                                                




Did you spot the Robin in the story Jasper's Beanstalk?

Click on the picture below for a bird feeder recipe. You could put this in the garden and feed the birds!





Little Red Riding Hood is in our Mr Wolf's Pancakes story. Do you know any other stories that she's in? Can you find the smallest Little Red Riding Hood?




We love doing Dough Disco and the most important part of it is the dough! If you've got some left over pancake ingredients you could make this play dough. I bet it smells lovely!


Can you remember what happens in our story?

Pretend to be different characters and act out the story with your family.




Here is Mr Wolf! Can you find the biggest Mr Wolf?




Can you make a frying pan and some pancakes using cardboard from your recycling bin? You could have a go at flipping the pancakes with your pan!


After you've had a go at flipping them, you could put a pancake on your head and see if you can walk without it falling off!

Maybe you could have a pancake race with your grown-up.

You'll have to watch your balance - you could put your arms out to the side to help!


Let's move our bodies to the beat! Can you join in with this pancake dance?




Look at all of these pancakes! Which plate of pancakes is the biggest?



Have a go at singing this song about pancakes. Can you have five fingers up and take one away each time? You could try to write the number too.



Have a careful look at the picture. Can you spot all of the things at the bottom of the picture?






Last Tuesday was Pancake Day! I had lots of pancakes. My favourite topping is lemon and sugar - what is yours?

Click on the picture below to try and make your very own Mr Wolf pancakes!



You could rap along to the Pancake Rap!



Or have a go at singing this rhyme...




Did you use eggs in your pancake recipe? How many did you use? Can you count how many eggs are in these boxes? Can you find which box of eggs is the smallest?






Hello Nursery! I hope you had a lovely half term break. Last week it was Pancake Day - did you do anything to celebrate? I thought we could spend this week celebrating pancake day and reading a story all about pancakes! Our story of the week Mr Wolf's Pancakes is at the top of this page. Have a listen and do today's activities!


Before Mr Wolf goes shopping he makes a list of all the things he needs. Can you make a shopping list?

Which of these is the biggest shopping list?




Once you've made your list you could make your own little shop! You can use real money and label items from your cupboards with prices.

Who will be the shopkeeper and who will be the shopper? You could take it in turns with your grown-up.



Can you count the objects? How many of these things can you see?

Lemons     Oranges     Pancakes     Bags of flour      Whisks      Pans      Milk cartons      Chocolate sauce      Eggs      Bowls




Sunday is Valentine's Day. It is a special day when we tell our friends and family that we love them. You have a card template in your paper pack. Can you make a card and send it to a friend or family member? You could use the tube of a toilet roll or kitchen roll to make heart shapes.




Count these objects saying one number for each object. Write down the last number that you say.




In Nursery we learn to 'subitise'. This means we learn to look at a number of objects without counting them and tell you how many are there. Count them to check you're right.





Can you sing this song to somebody you love?




Have a go at this yoga with Cracker the Dragon of Wonder!




Take a look at this picture. 

How many lanterns can you see?

How many dragons can you see?

How many rockets can you see?

How many bowls of noodles can you see?

How many fortune cookies can you see?

How many lucky red envelopes can you see?

How many crackers can you see?

How manhy girls can you see?

How many oranges can you see?

How many chopstick pictures can you see?








In our story The Great Race the animals have a race. Can you have a race with your grown-ups? You could run, hop, skip or jump!





Have a try at making these dragon cookies. Can you see any numbers that you know on the recipe? 




Have a go at making a Chinese Paper Drum. You could play this along to the dragon dance.






This puppet show tells the story of the first Chinese New Year, like our story of the week! Can you make your own puppets like in the story?





Watch this video of a Dragon Dance. Can you have a go at doing one yourself?



Can you sing some of these songs?





Can you make your very own dragon? Draw around your hand on coloured paper, or colour in white paper and stick them together! Put a lollypop stick on either end of the dragon to make it move!







It's Chinese New Year this week! Watch this video to see how it is celebrated.




This is what our numbers look like written in Chinese. Have a go at writing them. You could use paint, a pencil or water outside!




Did you see the beautiful decorations? Can you try to make your own decorations?






Watch this video and join in with the breathing exercises. This will help to keep your mind and your body nice and calm. 




Whose home do you think this is?



Count the ladybirds and tell your grown-up which leaf has the most ladybirds and the fewest.




I hope you enjoyed the yoga video last week. Here is another one - this one is all about the farm, just like our story! Move your body to this video.



Today is ‘World Cancer Day’. We are thinking about people who might be very poorly, and how we could help them and make them smile. We are also raising some money for the charity Leukaemia Care who helps lots of poorly people too. You can make a donation (if you are able to) on Parent Pay under the heading ‘World Cancer Day’.



Please bring something that makes you SMILE to our Teams meeting this morning – it can be anything you like!


Cancer can make some people very poorly. They might need to go to hospital to have some medicine to make them feel better. The people who help them might be doctors, nurses, dentists, carers. Can you draw a picture of the people who help us when we feel poorly?





Whose home do you think this is?





Look at the food and choose where it comes from.



In our story the ladybird whispers to the other animals. Can you play Chinese Whispers wih your family. Listen really carefully to hear what they are saying.






Go and find a quiet space in your house, turn the lights off, lie down, close your eyes and listen to the peaceful music. You could put your hand on your tummy and feel your breathing. 



Whose home do you think this is?




Can you count these objects and write the number down?



In phonics we practise changing our voices to make different nosies. Can you change your voice to make noises like the animals at the farm?






Try and do some yoga today to calm your mind.




Whose home do you think this is?





Can you use your play dough to make ladybirds like these? You could draw them or make them and count out some spots for them.




This is a What the Ladybird Heard song! The lady singing it is Julia Donaldson who is the author of the story. Can you remember what an auother does?





Here is a dance for you to try today!


Whose home do you think this is?




Here is a map of where our school is and the map from the story. Can you draw your own map? What is around your house? Can you draw a park or a shop or our school?




Click on the picture below to have a go at a ladybird game! You can count how many spots it has and find the correct number. 




Make Maths Real Day!

Today is 'Make Maths Real Day' and we are thinking about how we use maths every day. I use maths every day when I make my tea! I weigh out the ingredients and use the scales to read the numbers and make sure that I've got the right amounts. Have a try at weighing some ingredients and make some cakes using this recipe.






Here is our story. You can follow the words on the page as you listen to the lady reading them.





Which tiger is big, medium and small?






What can you see today?




It's a...






Here is our last jungle fact of the week. If you go outside can you find any insects?



Click on the picture below to have a go at this phonics game - you need to use your listening ears to hear which animal is making the noise!







Do you like the jungle picture that I have made? If you click on my picture you can make your own! You can also press 'save picture' and send it to me!



Can you talk about these animal patterns? Who do they belong to?






What's behind the binoculars today?



It's a...




Can you dress in bright colours and pretend to flap your wings?


Here is our jungle fact for the day. If you don't like spiders, look away now!!!







Have a go at making a crocodile like the one in our story!





It's important to keep our minds calm and healthy. Doing some yoga helps us to relax and will help that. Have a go at this jungle yoga!



What animal can you see through the binoculars today?





It's a...




Can you make some noises like a monkey?


Click on the picture to play a counting game. Can you give the teddy some cakes?


Have a look at today's jungle fact. Can you turn the lights off and pretend you're in the jungle? Which animal will you pretend to be?





We love singing this song at Nursery. Can you sing it at home?



Have a look through these binoculars. What can you see today?



It's a...





Would you like to hang upsidedown like a bat?



Have a look at today's jungle fact. Can you make yourself reach up tall like the trees in the rainforest?



Have a try to do this jungle workout! Make sure you drink some water to keep your body cool!





This week our story takes us to the jungle! Can you make some binoculars and go on an adventure? What can you see through them?


Have a look through these binoculars. What do you see?




It's a...



What kind of pattern is there on the tiger's fur?



Have a look at this jungle fact. A fact is a piece of information. Can you remember any animals that live in the jungle?





Watch this episode of Andy's Wild Adventures. He goes to the South Pole to see the penguins!



Click on the map below and it will take you to the South Pole!

What can you see?

What is the weather like there?

Can you see any houses?

Can you see any people?

Can you see any penguins?




If you were going to the South Pole, what woud you take with you? 






Can you have a go at these challenges?




Use positional language to talk about where the penguin is. 


                                                               It is behind the boy!                                                     It is in the boat!                                                                              It is on the igloo!



Have a go at adding two groups of numbers together!


                                                                                                                                                     First count this group.                       Then count this group.        Then count how many

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           you have altogether!





I know we like to get messy at Nursery! Have a go at making your very own penguin!



Can you move your body like a penguin?



Have a go at counting these objects. Remember we say one number for each object we count. Can you write the number down on a piece of paper?




Click on this picture below it will take you to a camera cam at Edinburgh Zoo! You can see the penguins and watch what they get up to. I wonder if you can see them having their lunch? What do you think they will eat?



                                                                                                Can you play I Spy with this picture? 

                                                                                                  Can you see any of these things?

           Penguins      Umbrella      South Pole sign      Sun      Iceburg      Ducks      Seagull      Boy      Boat




Can you find all 6 ducks?

How many penguins can you find?

Why is the boy wearing a hat?

Is the penguin sad or lonely?

What did the boy do to try and help the penguin?

Why doesn't the bright sunshine melt the ice?

What makes a good friend?












This is a great song to sing along to and you can even join in with the actions!





I hope you enjoyed our story today. It's one of my favourites. Here is a nursery rhyme about penguins that you can sing. You sing it to the tune of 'I'm a Little Teapot'.



Did you think the penguin in the story was big, small or medium sized? What do you think about these ones? 





Can you count how many pictures there are? Can you write that number on some paper?

First count the penguins, then the signs etc. Don't forget to say one number for each object that we count. 





I like the bit in the story when they ZOOM into the tunnel, dark and vast. Can you make your own tunnel? You could use sofa cushions, blankets, duvets or a table. Turn the lights off, ask the grown-ups to hold a torch or a lamp up and move your hands in front of the light to make some shadow puppet animals!




You could use your tunnel to practise your gross motor skils. Try some of these movements in your tunnel!




It's Puppy Dog's birthday! He's 3 today! How old are you? Could you write this number down?

In your paper pack you have invitations to invite your family or your toys to a party just like Puppy Dog's! There is a party hat for you to wear too. You could also play party games, just like the animals in the story. Play the song below and play musical statues with your family. Can you stand really still?





In our story of the week, Spotty Cow fills up the truck! Have a look at these cows and tell your grown-up which one is the smallest, which is the biggest and which is the medium sized cow!






When we do phonics in Nursery we use our voices to make different sounds. Have a try at changing your voice to make these animal sounds. Can you make the noise loud? Can you make the noise quiet? Which is your favourite sound to make and why?








Clucky Hen is going to the party too! Count how many eggs there are to find out what number is on Clucky. Remember - when we count we say one number for each object that we count.







I love the ginger cat from our story. Could you draw one? Here are some instructions that you could follow.



In Nursery we have started to use 'positional lamguage'. These are special words that tell us where things are. Have a go at telling your grown-up where the cat is. Remember - you can't say 'it's there!', you have to use our clever words. Try 'on top of', 'underneath', 'next to', 'in', 'in front of' and 'behind'. 


Where is the cat?

It is in the basket!


Where is the cat?

  It is next to the tree! 


Where is the cat?

                      It is under the table!            



We love dancing to this song at Nursery. Can you watch it at home and copy the moves?





Here are some leopards - just like the one that Ben and Bella see in the story! Can you count how many spots they have? Can you find the correct matching number? You could have a go at writing this down. 


1  2  3  4  5   




In our story Big Blue Train there were 2 chimpanzees. Can you remember a song about 5 little monkeys? Have a go at singing it!





Have a look at this monkey picture. Do you think you could make one like this? If you don't have any paint you could draw around your hand to make it's body.







Find an old cardboard box and turn it into a train for you to go on your own adventures, just like Bella and Ben. Where will you go? What will you see? In your paper pack there are some train windows. Draw a picture of what you might see from your window on the train. You could stick these into your cardboard box train!





Have a go at singing some of these nursery rhymes about trains. You could sing these as your Magic Monday Challenge!





Can you name any of these shapes? How many sides do they have? Do they have curvy sides or straight sides?



Click on the picture below and have a go at this shape game!