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Hello Reception 


I hope you are all ok!  This is the page you can come to to see all of our learning.

Along with the activties on this page, you have the links on your letter and also your work pack. 

If you have any questions remember you can email me and I will message back or give you a call.  

The links at the top of this page will take you to directly to websites that we will be using. 

I will be calling home this week to check you are all ok, I am so looking forward to speaking to you. 

Please remember to take those important breaks when learning, just like we do at school. 


Tuesday 19th January 2021

Hello Reception! 

Thank you for sending me your learning and also logging onto our Teams meetings.  It is great to see so many of you there!  Keep telling us how you are doing and if you have any questions please just ask me.  I can ring you to give you advice and support. 

This afternoon on teams we are going to play I spy - see if you can find things in your house beginning with the letters s  a  t  p  i  n.  Keep them at hand for when we begin.  You were brilliant with your find something 'red' yesterday! 


This week on the phonic sheet in your pack I have asked you to practsie writing your letters.  Have a look at the game below today's video to see how to write the letter.  You can choose the letter you need to practise and it will help you write it the correct way. 


Take a brain break! 



You can follow White Rose Maths below and complete the helicopter game below or you can follow the Oak Academy video and then the page in your pack matches it.  Can you match the amounts? 



Look back at the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. The video below follows the book so you can see the words on the page too. 

When you listen can you spot any interesting words that you need to ask about?  How does the autor explain about the fish scales?  What do they look like? I would like you to create your own sparkly fish.  You could then think of your own words to describe your fish and your grown up could add the words you have used around your picture. 

Expressive Arts and Design 

Look again at some creatures that live under the sea... the video also shows you how to create a sea creature with some things that you have in your house.  You don't have to copy what the video says, but you can create a sea creature of your own.  Maybe you could use a cardboard box or a yogurt pot?  I would love to see what you create! Let me know :-) 



Monday 18th January 

Good morning Reception

It was so lovely to see so many of you on Friday afternoon!  Remember to log on to our meeting this morning at 10:15am and again at 1:30pmI have sent the link to your emails. The picture below takes you to the place where you can download Teams to your device.  You will need the link in your email to enter the meeting though. 


This morning could you bring your dough please and we will do our sounds and then our Dough Disco together :-) (Don't worry if you havent got your dough - you can just use your hands)

Remember each day to write your name and to practise your sounds.  When you read with a grown up please ask them to fill in your reading diary. 


You have two options for maths this week. You can continue with the White Rose Maths videos or you can check out the links in your weekly letter which will direct you to the Oak Academy pages. (I will also add the links each day) 

This week we are going to be looking at the numbers 6,7,8.  It is important that we know everything there is to know about each number - so the value of it not just how we write it. 

You can practise counting on the game below.  Click the picture to take you to the game. 


This week we are going to look back at what we have learned so far.  You can check out your sounds on your daily sheet (remember to tick the ones you know) 

I have added today's phonic video to make sure we are really good at blending (which is when we put letters together to read words).  


If there are some sounds you find a little tricky you can check out the pictures below and it will take you to the bbc site and you can choose different videos for the different sounds.  If there is a sound you do not yet know please let me know and I will try and help you.  We could even use our Teams video each day to remind us all. :-) 


Try out this game - can you read the words and then match them to the picture? 


This week we are reading 'The Rainbow Fish'. You can listen to the story below.  Listen to the video and then see if you can tell someone at home what the story was about.  Who was in the cave?  How did the Rainbow FIsh make friends? 


I have prepared another task for you in your pack.  It is a reading actvity.  You will need help with this.  I would really like you to have a go at reading some of the three letter words by yourself, but as there are so many words on the page your grown up can read the other words and the questions if it helps you.    

The Big Dig

Pam and Fin dug in the mud. 

1. Who is digging with Pam? 




Understanding the World 

What creatures live under the sea? Take a look on the lesson below.  You could draw a picture of the things you think live in the sea, or you could tell a grown up.   The video gives you instructions on how to make your own sensory bottle.  I would love to see these if you make any! :-)


Friday 15th January

Did you get your email yesterday??  We are going to meet on video later today.  We can not wait to see you all.  Please check your junk folder.  I will see you at 1:30pm-2:00pm on Microsoft Teams :-)

Again, thank you for sending your learning to me.  If you havent yet sent, its not too late. :-)  

Today it's the last day of the week - which means certificate day! I can't wait to see who has had one this week (Join us online later to find out who has one!) 



Today we are practising all the things we have learnt this week! Can you remember all the sounds?

Today you are practising your tricky words too! Can you log into phonics play (username: jan21 password: home) and join in with Tricky Word Trucks? Remember to choose Phase 2 tricky words smiley


Today we are going to be learning about measuring! Have you ever done any measuring at home when you are baking? Maybe when you make a cake? You can have a go at this activity today - if you don't have all the ingredients don't worry you can make a simple salt dough by adding one cup of flour, one cup of salt and a few table spoons of water. Click here to access the video from White Rose to match the activity. 

Let me know, send me a video or email me! 

If you can't complete this activity, maybe you could just practise measuring different amounts into cups. What could you measure? Pasta? Water? Peas? Use these words to describe how much is in there! 


Take a Break!

It's important to take a break! You could go for a walk, have a little dance or do one of these activities below

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we have been learning all about Geronimo! 

Can you spot him in this picture?

Now I would like you to have a go at drawing Geronimo! Remember when we practised using our pencils to make different lines like this: 

Perhaps you could use your lines to draw a picture of Geronimo using just your pencil smiley I can't wait to see your final pictures. 


Again, thank you for sending your leanring to me.  If you havent yet sent, its not too late. :-)  I wonder who will get certificates this week?


So today would be our PE session in school.  We love to move like jungle animals in class when we were on our jungle journey.  You can move like jungle animals in the next video :-) 


We are still practising how to read words ending with 's'.  You can find today's video below.  Today has longer words. 

When you read your words on your phonic sheet today, could you colour in the ones you have been able to read all by yourself. If you have needed a little help then you could underline the words.  Send me a picture of your sentences. 

Today you are practising your tricky words he, she, we, me and be on your sheet, you could also see if you can beat my score in the game below (Some words are new! Dont worry if you get them wrong!) 


Before you start your writing today - I think it would be a good idea to get your fingers ready!  Why not play 'Let's Get Ready to Rhumble' (Our FAVOURITE song for Dough Disco!) and show your grown ups what we do to get out fingers exercising!  Rember the Dough Disco moves... we 'squeeze the dough', we also 'roll the dough' then we make a 'disco' by making our dough flat.  Get all of the fingers dancing... remember that baby small is the best dancer of them all! If you can not find your dough you can just make the shapes with your hands. :-) 

I am so impressed with all of your words and sentences, remember that you can listen carefully to the sounds in each word and use the letter mats you have in your pack to remind you what the letters look like!


It has been good to see the differnt ways you have taclkled the maths activities this week.  In this weeks maths activities it is importnat to talk about what we can see and how we can see it.  The vocabulary you have practised this week can be used at any time during the day - maybe when pouring a glass of milk, or making the tea.  When have you used these words this week?  Let me know, send me a video or email me! 




Understanding the World

In our story of the week Geronimo said he could swim.  We know that penguins are flightless birds that means they can not fly.  With a grown up have a look at the file below.  You can read more about penguins and what they eat and where they live. 

Could you find out 2 facts about penguins and tell me about them?  You could send me a video, draw me a picture and you could ask a grown up to write your facts, or you could find another way of sharing your facts with me. I wonder how many things we could find out? 


You could complete one of your Science challenges today, may be make some ice and pop it in your freezer.  

What do you think will happen to the water when you put it in there?  

How long do you think it will take to change? 

If you add something to the water like a small toy or a leaf what do you think would happen?

Remember to take pictures. :-) 




Wow!  What a lot of lovely learning I had yesterday!  You can see some of it if you click the video below: 

I know it is tricky, but keep concentrating for your grown ups. If you need to ask me anything please email me and I can call you back. 


Remember that to get better at your leanring you need to practise something everyday.  So we are going to return to adding 's' to a word:

Try out the game below to practise reading words and matching them to the pictures. 

Take a break :-) 


Click on the link below and find session 3.  You can follow the ideas in your pack or the activities on the video.

Some of you have been practising your numbers at home, these rhymes might help you to remember them... :-) 

Have a Brain Break


In your pack today you have two activities to complete! Send me photographs when you have completed them. 

You could also have another look at the story... 

 Can you make your own penguin?  What happened with Geronimo in the story? How did he 'fly'? 

Remember to take a break, it is a funny time at the moment - we all need a little quiet time!  (I think I may try this one!) 

Understanding the World

Have a look at what animals you can find in the polar regions and what they are called.  


Good morning Reception.  Thank you for sending your learning yesterday and also answering the phone, I really enjoyed speaking to you all.  There are a few of you who I haven't yet spoken to, so I will give you another call today. :-) 

As yesterday you will have some three pieces of work in your pack, you will also have the links on your learning letter.  You can find some of the links here. 


This week we are learning how to read words that end with 's'. like pots and dogs

Click on the video to find out a little more.  Remember you can press pause if it is going to quickly.  You could also have a go at writing the words just like we do in class! 


Practise reading your words on this game too.  

Your activity on your sheet today includes 'ng'. You can hear and see the Alphablocks using the 'ng' sound on the video below.

Remember to have a brain break! 



Click on the picture below and head to session 2 all about capacity.  Capacity is about measuing a liquid.  There are activities in your pack for today that you can try, you could even try some of the actvities when you have a bath (it may be a bit less messy too!) 

Why not try out this quiz... your grown up will need to read the information for you. :-) Let me know how you get on!


Brain Break time! 
Pop on some music and have a dance!  (It always makes us smile in school!)


I have sent you the same Literacy activity for every day this week (I just want you to get into the swing of things). Remember you can write just one sound for the word you see, three sounds to make a word or even the whole sentence.  

Remember to include your finger spaces if writing a sentence :-) 

Look at these sentences from yesterday. 

The sentence could have said 'Pat a dog'.  Remember to write your letters on the line, and check your letters are the right way.  Thank you for sending these lovely pieces in! Who could be on the website tomorrow? 


What is the animal in? 

The _________ is in the __________


Remember to have a brain break! :-) 

Back to the story of Geronimo... did he get to fly? Talk to your grow up about what happened.  Is there something that you would really like to do but can't because you are a human? 

Click the link below to go to Oak Academy.  There is a video that explains where in the world the pengins live.  There is also a story to go along side. :-) 



I wonder... could you make a penguin... you could use paint, cardboard boxes, or even your pencils and pens.  Send me your pictures and I will add them on here for all your friends to see. 

A little extra.... 

I hope you are enjoying your learning, remember to send me your pictures. :-) 


Good morning everyone :-). Each week we are going to base some of our work around a story.  The story this week is 'Geronimo' by David Walliams.  It tells the story of a penguin. 

Where in the world do you think penguins are from?  See if you can spot where the penguins are on this map.  You could research a little more on the interent with your grown up. Let me know by email when you find out a little more :-) 



This week in phonics we are learning how to read words ending in 's'.  The video below will help you with this.  

In your pack you have the following letter sheets.  Have a look at them and tell me what sounds

Remember to check your uppercase letters too... 

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z

As a recap from sounds last week can you read these words that have the 'th' sound in them?

them, then, that, this, withthin, thick

Practise writing 'th' on your work sheet.  

"The princess in the tower is rescued by the horse.  She says thhhhhhank you"


There are some sentences on the game below.  You can find them at .  Log in with jan21. home

Look for 
If you find reading 'th' a little tricky, click on some of the other sounds too. 

Have a brain break! 



You can find your maths video for today on the picture below.  Session 1.  

In your pack you have a few activities you could try at home.  Remember to send me some pictures or let me know what you have found that is heavy/light.  The Happy Camel game shows how a balance scales work.  Can you find the toy? 



Brain Break! 



In Literacy this week I would like you to try a little writing you need to look at the picture in your pack and think of a sentence to match it.  

I will show you an example here.  
The pictures are only 3 letter words.  
We know the letter sounds now and if you listen carefully to the word I am sure you could use the letters in your pack to write one word or even the whole sentence.  Take a photo and send it to me :-) 



Your picture today is: 

Get Active (This will help with your brain break too!) 

We LOVE to complete these yoga activities in school.

Other Learning 

I have set you a couple of assignments on Busy Things.  You can find your login at the front of your reading diary. 

If you complete assignments I will be able to see them.  :-) 


Story Time