Activities for Reception

Welcome to our homework page!

Thursday 10th June

Please email me photos of your work, or a quick note sto let me know how you got on with your activities at home by Wednesday 16th June

Reading: This week please read for at least 10 minutes each night.  We are reading each day in school with an adult but every little helps!  Please sign your child's diary to let us know how they have got on. 

Writing: In school this week we have been writing sentences each day (Paige said: "If we practise every day we will get quicker" and she is right!)
So for homework this week I would like you to write a sentence about you have done at home.  It could be what you had to eat, it could be about a TV program you have watched, or even that you have been in the garden.  You could even write a sentence about something you can do (like jumping, skipping) 

You could start like this: 

I can ....
Last night I had ....

I went to

Remember to try and complete these sentences yourself - I do not mind if some of the spellings are not correct - as long as you have used your phonics to help you. 


Maths: In maths activities this week we have been recapping taking away.  We know that if you take away the number gets smaller.  I have added a game so you can practise this and also added some subtractions (another word for takeaway) that you can do too.  You can choose to complete all of them, or just one set.  We use the ten frames to help us - you can do this if you need to below. 



                                               5 - 2 =                                                                          8 - 4 =                                                                                ? - 3 = 7  

                                            5 - 1 =                                                                         10 - 2 =                                                                               ? - 2 = 4  

                                 5 - 3 =                                                                          6 - 3 =                                                                                10 - ? = 9  

Remember to let me know how you have got on :-)

We do have some more games on the buttons below that you can try :-)