Science Week 2021

Welcome to Crackley Bank's Virtual Science Week! 

Click the picture below to find out more. 

This week it is British Science Week. We will celebrate in school at a later date but for this week please find below a range of activities you can do at home- with your grown-ups help and permission of course!

Science is about having fun but also being safe!

Listen to the story below: What is Science? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich then scroll down to see what else there is in store. 

This year's theme is: “Innovating for the Future”  which means thinking about what we can do to help in the future – what can we do to help our planet? What new ideas might we think of to make a change?

Please find below a selection of activities to try at home - don't forget to send your class teacher any photos of your fabulous Science at home! We would love to see them. Have lots of fun being super scientists! 


You can stir up a storm with a Tornado in a bottle! Enjoy :)