Year 4 Homework

Welcome to Year 4's homework page...

Thursday 16th September 2021 


I would like you to focus on your reading this week. Read as much as you can so that you are confident with your book. I'm looking forward to reading with you all next week! Don't forget to ask your adult to sign your reading diary 


We will be looking at 10 spellings each week and I will quiz you on these next week . The ones I would like you to practise are these year 4 spellings which also include some of the words we have found tricky in our writing this week: 

accident,  actual,  address, answer, appear, arrive, because, beautiful, could, forest 


We have been recapping verbs this week. Please click on the button below to go to the activity  I would like you to try. 


Click on the button below to go to the My Maths page where you will find tasks to complete I have set for you. You will have a letter with your log in details on so check this please and enjoy the tasks. 

We have also started our timestables practise so I would like you to see if you can beat your score

Don't forget to get on Maths Whizz too....who will be going for gold?

Your crucial knowledge for this term can be found on your class page so pop over to the link below to remind yourself and see how much you can remember.

Don't forget to ask if you are unsure of anything