Year 6 Homework



Thursday 17th June 2021 


Please make sure that you read for at least 10 minute every night. Remember to ask your adult to sign your reading diary smiley



This week, we are focussing on homophones and other words that are often confused. Please practise your spellings every day.

led / lead

morning / mourning

past / passed

precede / proceed

principal / principle

profit / prophet



This week, we have been recapping lots of our Grammar terms. Click on the button below to complete the quiz. Don't forget to send me your scores!  


This week, I have set you two tasks on My Maths. One is all about the area of parallelograms (A = l x w) and the other is all about the area of triangles (A = l x w then divide by 2!) Click on the link below and log in using your details.


This week, it is important that you log onto Maths Whizz. You should be getting between 3 and 4 progressions each week! Who will get the most??

Crucial Knowledge

Remeber to check our Crucial Knowledge page to remind yourself of all the things you need to know in Year 6! Click here.