Fun with Phonics 

Would you like some ideas for phonics at home?  Nursery children take part in phonics everyday, it is important to know that phonics doesn't just mean recognising our letters!  In the lessons below you will find games and activities that encourage listening, concentration and even encourage turn taking in conversations.  All these skills are vitally important for our youngest children as this is the first part of our reading and writing journey.  Of course that bed time story is also a brilliant way to get children interested and excited about books!   

If you would like any more support, or would just like to tell us how you have got on then please email us at school, or talk to us at the door.  We are really looking forward to hearing about all of your learning at home!  Keep checking back to see new weeks as they become live!  Remember to check out our Nursery Rhyme page too. 

Stories and Rhymes