We believe in rewarding good work and behaviour as well as rewarding those who are trying hard to improve a particular area of their school performance. 

Verbal praise – Used frequently, throughout the day and whenever possible.

Team points – Awarded for a variety of reasons; e.g. manners, helpfulness, good work, effort.

Behaviour award – Every child who behaves well for the whole day receives a behaviour reward. 5 Behaviour rewards earn a behaviour sticker and behaviour stickers are traded at the end of each half-term for prizes such as pencil cases, football items, torches etc.

Weekly Award Certificates – Teachers nominate 2 or 3 children to receive certificates of commendation in our Friday assembly. These are given for a variety of reasons; behaviour, extra effort, a particularly good piece of work. Children who receive a certificate also earn 5 team points.

Team point winner – Team points are added up each week and the team with the most are awarded the team point cup during our Friday assembly. The cup is displayed in the entrance hall with the winning teams colours displayed on it.

Attendance award – During Friday’s assembly, classes with over 95% attendance each week earn an extra break that week. The class with the best attendance are awarded the Attendance Trophy to display in their class for the week (and an extra treat of juice and biscuits with their class teacher)

Golden Certificates – These are not awarded every single week. These are awarded for excellent work, consistent effort or other particularly impressive achievement. When pupils are awarded a golden certificate their parents are invited to the Friday Commendation assembly and for a drink and snack with the Head after the assembly. Pupils also earn 5 team points.

Rotary Club Award - Awarded to one Year 2 and one Year 6 pupil each term for extra special achievement. A member of the Blackfriars comes to the assembly to present the awards, parents of the pupil are invited to the assembly and the pupil receives a book token.

Kings and Queens Writing Award - One child from each class is awarded a writing certificate for their improvement in writing. They read out part of their own work and their parents are invited to the writing assembly.

Maths Wizard Award - One child form each class is awarded a maths certificate for achievement in maths. Parents are invited to the assembly.

Team points - The child who has achieved the most team points from each class is awarded a prize at the end of each term.

Attendance - Pupils with full attendance for the term receive an Attendance certificate and are taken on the Attendance Trip.

Prefects -Year 6 pupils are chosen at the beginning of the school year to be Prefects for the year. They are chosen for being responsible, good behaviour and setting a good example to others. They are given duties to complete throughout the week.

School Council - Children are given the opportunity to present their ideas for why they would make a good School Councillor and they are selected upon their presentation of their ideas and ability to contribute to the school’s development.

Mansel Sedgmore Award - Awarded for extra special achievement through outthe year. Mrs Lyn Sedgmore (CBE) is an ex-pupil of our school and she presents the award in our final assembly of the year. The parents of the award winner are invited to the assembly.

Eco Warrior Award - Awarded to anyone, throughout the school who has shown a great interest in gardening and recycling  throughout the year.

Good Samaritan Award - Awarded by the church for a year 6 child who is particularly helpful.

D&T Award -The Mr. Bamford Award is awarded to a Year 6 pupil who has shown particular interest and talent in Design and Technology. Mr. Bamford used to be the caretaker of the school.

Reading Awards -The Stan Taylor Reading Award is awarded to a pupil in F2 who is showing great interest in reading. Stan Taylor was a lovely gentleman who Volunteered to help children in our school to improve their reading skills.