Whole School Events

During the year, there are days where we get to share our learning not just with our class friends, but with other year groups too.  Keep checking back for special days and events in school. 



The Australian Fires

We have been raising money for the animals in Australia after the terrible fires over Christmas.  The money we raised (Over £300)  has been sent to WIRES.  You can find out more about the work they do here:https://www.wires.org.au/  

On Friday 24th January 2020 we were able to come to school dressed as animals!  We had a 'wild' time.  In classes we spoke about where Australia was in the world and looked at some of the animals that came from there.  We noticed that some of them were marsupials (Animals with pouches - Koala and wombats to name a couple).  Morgan in our Reception class asked "Do all animals in Australia have pouches?" Reception found out through stories that there are a lot of animals in Australia with pouches including the wallaby and kangaroo, but not all do.  





During our day we also had our faces painted and a very kind parent donated her time and some animal tattoo stickers.  We were so grateful to receive so many donations and the pennies counted up into pounds!  Thank you all! 


Ava, in Reception, has an Auntie who lives in Australia.  Ava's Auntie Kate lives near to where the fires were and was overwhelmed by our support.  She was so grateful that she sent a very special parcel all the way from Australia! Thank you Auntie Kate!  We have already stared to look at the books you sent, put up the flags and eaten the chocolate!  You are very kind! Thank you so much for our card and gifts. 



Well doesn't time fly so quickly!! It has come around to our termly assembly again.  This year we had our very own editor when filming our Writing Stars.  This young man was also a star!  He helped to film, sourced the back grounds then, after a short demonstration, managed to put together the rest of the video that we watched in our assembly.  He even received his own award!  He made us all very proud and it was lovely to see his pride shining through too!  




Try Something Different Week WB 2.12.19

I think we can say that our first 'Try Something Different Week' has been a great success!  The children (and staff) have had such a great time, sharing things that we may not normally do in school. From afternoon tea, to tap dancing, the children have experienced many different things and it has been great to see their smiles and they have been really appreciative and open to new thoughts and ideas.  See our 'Try Something Different Page' under the curriculum heading for pictures and links for you to try at home. 


The Dog's Trust Workshop 3.12.19 

Years 1 - Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop this week.   Alison from The Dog’s Trust came to deliver workshops for the children in KS1 and KS2.

The children found out about responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs. They took part in a range of exciting activities including: being a detective, role play and quizzes.

The Dog’s Trust believe that by helping young people learn about the responsibilities and commitment involved in dog ownership, they can improve the welfare of dogs, both in the homes of the children we teach, as well as dogs they may meet when out and about in the community.

The Dog’s Trust website is below if you would like further information.



Children In Need Day 2019  

We had an amazing Staff Bake off to raise money for Children In Need.  We raised a whopping £225!  The cakes looked and tasted delicious!  

Odd Socks Day. 12.11.19

As part of anti-bullying week we have worn Odd socks today to remind us of the importance of recognising and accepting difference.  The children have been so understanding and have shared positive ways to be good friends. 

#hellowyellow     10.10.19 

Crackley Bank has been a sea of yellow today as we have supported World Mental Health Day.  Thank you for your kind donations which will be sent to Young Minds.  The key message today was to keep talking and to share out thoughts.  


Mother's Day Lunch

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who enjoyed a delicious lunch on Wednesday and Thursday with their children in school. We hope you have a very special day on Sunday!




World Book Day 

Thank you to everyone who celebrated World Book Day this year!

The children really enjoyed sharing their stories with other children from different year groups and listening to other favourite books and rhymes. 




Christmas at Crackley

We have all been working hard to get ready for our Christmas performances. Years 1-6 have thoroughly enjoyed singing some jolly, festive tunes to anybody who came to watch and all the preparation before the shows; getting props ready, practising actions and learning new lines. We hope that you enjoyed the shows just as much as we did! Pictures are on their way!

Early years are due to perform this week and they are very excited! It’s lovely to see how confident they are with their lines and the songs are extremely catchy – you’ll be singing them in your sleep!


We have also been busy making Christmas cards for our community. Check out the gallery for more pictures.