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Our school centres on our core values Care, Belief, Pride and Success. We use our values to ensure that our children here at Crackley Bank do their best, try hard, never give up and as a result we have a school of happy, confident and well-mannered unique individuals who will go on to do well in whatever path they choose for their future.


Care; not only for ourselves but for each other, our school grounds and premises, our local community and our place in our country and the world. Care to make things better for everyone and care to do our best.


Belief; we have a real “can do” attitude at Crackley Bank and we use this to support each other and make sure we all do our very best. We believe that we can all achieve well regardless of our starting points and we build this belief and positive growth-mind set into everything that we do.


Pride; you can see it everywhere- in the way the children present themselves both in school and when we are out in the community representing the school. They are proud of their learning, the work they produce and this is very clear when you hear them talk about their school and the things they have achieved.


Success; As a school we value success but success has many forms – academic success is key and ensures that our pupils move to high school equipped for their next step in education – but we also value our pupil’s success in every areasuch as; sports, creative arts, their ability to develop friendships, to communicate with wider audiences and to work as part of a team. 







We promote independence in children from the minute they become a part of our team.  We believe that promoting independence from the beginning of school life gives children the tools to take ownership of their learning from the start.

Parent partnership is a particularly important resource for us, parents and family members are a child’s first teachers and working together, we find out what children enjoy, what they know and how we can move their learning forward.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, making the transition into school a much easier one to take.

All nursery aged children are entitled to 15 hours of provision; we can extend this provision by giving you extra hours for a very small cost.  




Our outside



We pride ourselves on our outdoor learning spaces, where children have access to a wide range of equipment and different environments, including our community herb garden, our school gardens – which promote healthy lifestyles with the ability to grow our own food for the kitchens – and we even have a pond!

Children participate in a variety of activities outside; for all aspects of the curriculum, from Maths, to Science, Art to Physical Education.  

Children love to be outside, and we understand that some children learn better in the outdoor space.  We capitalise on this, planning for cross curricular links for outdoor learning as well as in.

We are always improving our outdoor areas, achieving awards from Britain in Bloom and have just received our green flag status! 






Our curriculum is designed to prepare our children for their futures in and outside of school. We aim to teach them the skills that they need for learning so that they can apply these to any given situation and succeed.

Alongside Maths and English, our children learn other subjects through our learning focus curriculum.  This is centred on local, national and global events that allow the children to understand the world around them so that they can grow up to be responsible citizens. To keep the curriculum interesting and current, teachers plan in time for children to use technology to extend their leaning, we also offer whole school events for example ‘Outdoor classroom’ day, ‘Feed the birds’ day and ‘Roald Dahl’ week. This ensures that children can work together between year groups to instil those really important learning and life skills.









We believe that children are entitled to an education that inspires them not only in their learning now, but gives them the skills to be a successful person later on in life. 

Providing children with opportunities to be a member of our ‘Eco and School Councils’, gives them an idea of democracy.  There are other responsibilities in school, like our prefects where children have to apply in writing!

To ensure that children don’t miss out on important teaching and learning, we expect children to be in school every day.  They love our competitive race each week to be the class to have the most children in, concluding with a termly trip for everyone who attends every day!  Children also receive 1 Crackley Pound for each week they are in school – which can pay for our educational trips and school uniform.  





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