Picture Newspaper


We have our own 'Picture Newspaper' in our classrooms.  If you would like to read them at home you can find them by clicking on the following links.  What different things will you find out about this week?  You can comment on the news each week via the Picture News website.  You can access their website here.  It would be great to get your comments in print! 

Monday 17th May Read about artists, dragon fly drones and floating houses

Monday 10th May Read about black rats, skateboards and the Zambian bike scheme! 

Monday 3rd May Read about a sheep dog, travel food served at home and also find out who lives in a house like the one above! 

Monday 26th March.  Look at that - a little bit of History; Ken turns 60 (perfect timing for our History day). Also read about positivity through dancing and a Koala with a prosthetic foot. 

Monday 22nd March Read about rare yellow penguins, handmade flower embroidery of Punjab and how you also be a journalist too! 

Picture News 15th March Read about sheep getting hair cuts, Japanese robots and also a fossil find! 

Picture News Monday 8th March Read about a Volcano in Sicily, a young photographer in Suffolk and a jockey from Senegal 

Picture News 1st March Read about forests in Taiwan and a very brave young man with leukaemia 

Picture News 22nd February Read about Captain Sir Tom and wintery weather! 

Picture News 8th February Talk about strange weather, exercising dogs and staycations in New Zealand. 

Picture News 1st February Read about snow in the desert, tree of life in a lake and recycling. 

Picture News 18th January Read about light up ice sculptures, starlings and a Hong Kong fridge

Picture News 4th January Read about snow, wallaby's playing golf and resolutions


Picture News 14th December Read about owl rescues, dining in style and record breakers! 

Picture News 7th December We too are going to be taking part in 'Hearts for homes!' also read about a seven year old motor cross driver and 'Blue Energy!'

Picture News 30th November  Read about Disney roller coasters (in a back yard!), baby yoda in space and extinct birds. 

Picture News 23rd November Read about baseball fans, swans and walking buildings! 

Picture News Monday 16th November Read about seaturtles, climate change and a Harry Potter Street in somone's home!  Very lucky!! 

Picture News 9th November Read about Junior travellers, Japanese tourists and baby orangutans

Picture News 12th October Read about football, humb back whales and jet packs. 

Picture News 5th October Read about a flight to nowhere, rats and Toy story 4. 

Picture News 28th September Read about alpacas, 120,000 year old footprint and lego!

Picture News 21st September.  Read about wildlife photography, photos of broccoli and drum battles. 


Picture News for 14th September. Read about.... singing dogs, jet packs and hot air balloons

Picture News for 7th September Read about gold coins, be your own movie star and see through public toilets!!!

Picture News for 13th July Read about 'Hot Dog Eating Championships', 'Whale Sharks' and also about how you can design a toilet for space! 

Picture News 29th June Read about bubbles, the ocean and balloons in space. 


Picture News 22nd June.  Read about CT scans, a brick laying robot and water that is heated by mines. 

Picture News 15th June Read about face covers, seahorses and new discoveries. 

Picture News 8th June Read about things under the sea, in the skies and even in space. 

Picture News 1st June Read about Lego bee houses, drones and the incredible Sir Thomas Moore.

Picture News 25th May Read about skateboarders, choirs and white storks. 

Picture News 18th May Read about eels and sign language

Picture News 11th May Read about Cirque du Soleil, Gorrilas and Captain Tom tributes. 

We have recieved some information about the fabulous Captain Tom this week and thought you would like to know some interesting facts about him! 

You can find more information about the incredible Captain Tom on the following webpages.  Let us know what you think about him by sending your teachers a message on their emails. You can also find out more information here.  Click on to see how you can support this amazing cause.   

   Tom Moore receiving a Pride of Britain Award

Picture News 27th April Read about Penguins, jets and supernova's!  


Picture News 20th April Read about  Spiders, moons and Daleks! 


Picture News 6th April  Read about Polar Bears, A robot who cooks and FREE minecraft content! 


Picture News 30th March Read about The world's happisest country, A wonder chicken fossil and a new comet!



Picture News 23rd March Read about dogs, planting trees as presents and biodegradable plastic

Picture News 16th March Read about volcano's, pigs eating pedometers and Lettuce in space!


Picture News 9th March Read about under water photographs, safari parks and space science. 


Picture News 2nd March Read about surgeries, ghost ships and 17 year old bird watcher who is awarded a doctorate.

Picture News 24th February Read about mobile phones, cuttlefish and rocket ships! 


Picture News 10th February Read about panda's, space hotels and giant robots! 

Picture News 3rd February  Read about iguanas (falling from trees), sea foam in the streets and world record cakes. 

Picture News 27th January Read about dinosaurs, carrots falling from the sky and biscuit making in space!

Picture News 20th January  Read about New planet discoveries, an ice place in China and Spreaddie Flintoff - a gritter in Manchester! 

Picture News 13th January  Read about Britain's youngest summer Olympian, plus do Aliens exist? 

Picture News 6th January Read about high temperatures during the night, chimpanzees dancing. 


Picture News 16th December   Read about banana art, electic eels and North Pole Explorers. 

Picture News 9th December Read about dinosaur teeth, Harry Potter's childhood home and a dog and giraffe who are best friends. 

Picture News 2nd December  Read about a comic that sold for $1.26 million! Also a unicorn puppy.  

Picture News 25th November Read about a therapy pig, understand why we hiccup, Sir Rod Stewart unveils model railway and 9year old set to graduate!

Picture News 18th November Read about the Bayeux tapestry, mammoth and directions from the cookie monster. 

Picture News 11th November  Read about sewers, land soeed records, the loudest bird and RNLI fundraising. 

Picture News 4th November   Read about hatching alien fungus, rats driving tiny cars, archaeologists and the youngest ever golf champion. 


Picture News 30th September Read about burger king plastic toys, a flying taxi, lego braille and a person swims the channel four times. 

Picture News 23rd September  Read about growling crabs, 17th century gold and signals from outer space. 

Picture News 16th September Read about an electric sports car, storms, the Lock Ness monster and a substance on the moon. 

Picture News 9th September  Read about the Mars Rover, upcyclying paddling pools, a disney cruise ship and motorised shoes with voice control laces.