Online Safety EYFS

Welcome to our EYFS Online Safety page!

This is content that Nursery and Reception children will be able to watch to keep themselves safe online!


If something makes you feel strange or uncomfortable, take a minute and talk to a grown up about it - Just like Red and Murphy below!



Have your friends ever said anything unkind to you which made you upset? Listen to what Smartie the Penguin says about being kind! 


Don't forget to sing our Pantosaurus song. He can teach us how to keep our bodies safe too. Click below to sing along! 

It is really important to keep your passwords confidential - don't let anyone else know what your password is! It's only for you. 

Check out Jessie and her friends as they teach you a new song about staying safe online :) Click the picture below to watch!

After you have watched the video, you coud do these activities too! Ask a grown up for some help :) 

Find the next resources about Jessie by clicking the picture below :) 

If you are confused, or upset about something you see online - what can you do? Click the picture below to find out. 

Remember these KEY TIPS!