Online Safety Year 1 and 2

Welcome to our Key Stage 1 Online Safety page!

This is content that Year 1 and Year 2 children will be able to watch to keep themselves safe online.


Worried about something you have seen online? We can help. Click the picture below to find out more. 


Never agree to meet up with anyone online. Check out what happens to Lucy when she does. 

How did Lucy feel at the end of the story? Talk to a grown up about it. 


Don't forget to sing the Pantosaurus song. He knows how to keep us safe! Click below to sing along!


If something has happened to you or you are worried or upset by something online, don't worry alone and tell a grown up. Click the picture below for advice on what to do. 


Check out Jessie and her friends as they teach you a new song about staying safe online :) Click the picture below to watch!

After you have watched the video, you coud do these activities too! Ask a grown up for some help :) 


Have you ever taken a picture on your grown up's phone? Should we share it without talking to a grown up? Watch what happens to Jessie and her friends in the video below!

After you have watched this video, you could complete the activites below. Ask a grown up for help if you are not sure what to do :) 


Now let's watch the next episode. This one is all about Playing Games!

Can you complete these activities below all about the video you just watched? Ask a grown up for help if you are stuck. 


 Click the picture below to access the next set of resources about Jessie and friends. 

It is really important to keep your passwords confidential - don't let anyone else know what your password is! It's only for you. 


What kinds of things do you need to look out for when you are online? Click the picture below to find out. 

Remember these KEY TIPS!