Online Safety Year 3 and 4

Welcome to our Lower Key Stage Two Online Safety page

This is content that Year 3 and Year 4 children will be able to watch to keep themselves safe online.


How can you stay safe online? What does that mean? Click on the picture below to find out what this means. 


Meet Alfie, Ellie and Sam. These three friends are going to make a band! Watch the first episode to see what happens when someone they don't know talks to them online. 


Now let's do some activities based on the video you just watched. 


Here's the second episode for you to watch now. 

Let's do some more activities about this video! 

Click here to get the answers! 

Click here to get the answers! 

Now we can watch Episode 3! Click below to watch it :) 


Let's do some more activites about this new video :) 

We have some more resources about Alfie, Ellie and Sam if you click the picture below.

Click HERE to get the answers to the table above. 


If something like this has happened to you or you are worried or upset by something online, don't worry alone and tell a grown up. Click the picture below for advice on what to do. 


Did you enjoy watching the videos?If you click the picture below you can watch all of the videos about Alfie, Ellie and Sam! 


It is really important to keep your passwords confidential - don't let anyone else know what your password is! It's only for you. 

Do you like Horrible Histories? Watch what happens when George IV surfs on the internet!


The internet is great to use, and has lots of fun things to access. But keep an eye out for these key things!


We love a song here at Crackley Bank! What song is this? What did the song tell you about staying safe online?


There are lots of Online Safety Home Learning activities you can do at home. Click the picture below to access them!


Think you are an expert on Online Safety? See if you can answer all the right questions on this quiz!

How many questions did you get right? Tell a grown up about it!

Top Tips on how to keep Safe Online