VE Day

As you know, today marks the 75th anniversary of VE day, a day which marks the end of World War Two in Europe 75 years ago.

The current government guidance means that a lot of the planned celebrations due to take place over the bank holiday weekend have been cancelled. However, in order to continue the VE Day celebrations at home, we would like to invite you  to get creative and design something to pay tribute to the heroes of WWII that sacrificed so much at both home and abroad.

Sing along to some old time war songs, you can find more on our Singing Superstars page here

Click here to see how people around the country are celebrating and how you too can join in . 


Click on the image below to watch a video from the Horrible Histories team to see what it really is all about! 


Learn more in this video - click on the image below! 


There are also lots of videos and activities for you to learn more about the importance of VE day on the Espresso website! Log in and search 'VE Day' to get started. 


Here are a few ideas for you to get creative at home - don't forget to send your teacher a picture so we can share our celebration together! Scroll down to see all the things you've been up to smiley


Design a plaque or memorial to commemorate the sacrifice of those that fought/lost their lives in WWII.


Create poppies using different materials e.g. colouring pencils, collage, recyclable materials.


Design your own bunting to celebrate VE Day and to decorate your house with. There is a helpful video and template for this if you click on the button below: 

Bake some cakes to celebrate VE Day – you could serve your own afternoon tea or even have a WWII inspired picnic outside (weather dependent!)


Create a piece of art to celebrate VE Day – a painting, drawing, sculpture or 3D model. You could even design your own medal!


Check out our Singing Superstars page! You can learn some songs or maybe learn a WWII dance e.g. the Lindy Hop. Click on the image below to go to our singing page. 


There are some lovely ideas here too:


Our virtual celebration! 


                Ester - Year 6                              Mrs Kelly's cornflake cakes, complete with flags!


Aaron has been busy helping mum set this up in the garden! 


A lovely tribute from one of our families, well done girls ❤️


Some super baking going on today! 

Mrs Mee has been baking too! 


More delicious cakes!





Miss Oakes has completed her very own version of 'The Last Post'   




Why not have a listen to, or sing along with, these 'old time' songs from the war time. 



"Pack up Your Troubles"


"It's a Long Way to Tipperary"


"We'll Meet Again"