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This term in our Art lessons we have been developing our skills in paint.  Each year group have focused on their crucial knowledge and had inspiration to form their own art from a well known artist, building in skills they have learned over the term.  We are so proud of their work and we are sure your will be impressed too!


fas fa-paint-brush

Reception have been exploring primary colours using paints. We experimented with pouring paint and powder paints, as well as using a variety of different tools.

We then looked at the artist Piet Mondrian, which inspired our own art work. 

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Year 1

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Year 1 have been fantastic at recapping the primary colours from last year and now learned about secondary colours – even how to mix them! We have learned about Wassily Kandinsky and talked about the different colours, patterns and shapes we can see in his paintings. After exploring mixing and mark making in our sketchbooks, we took inspiration from this artist and made our own pieces of art. Mrs Bellerby only gave us red, yellow and blue so we had to mix the colours we wanted ourselves!

Year 2

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Year 2 have been learning about mixing colours. We experimented with mixing colours by adding black to make a colour darker and white to make a colour lighter. 

Year 3

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Year 3 have been learning about the ‘Blue Period’ of the artist Picasso. 

We practiced mixing our colours to recreate Picasso’s ‘Roofs of Barcelona’ as our own ‘Roofs of Crackley’. We are all very proud of our work.

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Year 4

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This term, Year 4 have developed their skills when colour mixing. We really enjoyed exploring tints and shades and we can now make tints (using white) to make a colour lighter and shades (using black) to make a colour darker!

We looked at Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's artwork and recreated some in her contemporary style. We used different shades of green to help us! We then created our own paintings in Yiadom-Boakye's style using tints and shades to create our own background colour.  

Year 5

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Year 5 have had an amazing time exploring the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. They have enjoyed finding out how the primary colours link with tertiary colours and even complimentary colours.

We looked at how Van Gogh used complimentary colours in his own paintings, then tried to recreate this in ours. We studied the painting ‘Cafe Terrace at Night’ and looked ta how he used space, colour and tone to create a stunning piece. We experimented with watercolour paints to recreate his picture then used inspiration from Van Gogh to create our own paintings.  

Year 6

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Year 6 have been exploring their previous colour mixing skills and developing them further to create some lovely, unique colours. They have experimented with replicating Paul Klee’s Double Tent painting and were able to colour match well.

Year 6 researched Paul Klee and discovered some of his other creations and annotated his work. They used their knowledge to create their own take of the Double Tent painting and used their crucial knowledge to help them. They created some wonderful artwork!