Reception Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term  

Building on what has been learned in Nursery, children will recap on what it is that makes them special, will learn about where they live and important people in the local community of Chesterton.    Later, Children will delve into a woodland setting through stories, discovering all about the creatures who live there and recognising seasonal changes. We will even take part in our own Nativity play.  In the Autumn term we will be learning about ‘The World Around Us’, and discovering more about ‘Gruffalo and his friends’ 

Communication and Language 

We will be discovering lots of new language over the term, sharing information about our families and reading many new stories.  We will practise listening to each other and will understand the importance of listening to instructions.  

Personal Social and Emotional Development 

We will be working on the school rules, setting boundaries and understand the need for safety in school.  We will build relationships between adults and children and model positive relationships daily.  

We know that taking turns and developing friendships is a really important part of our development so we will continue to develop our skills in sharing and self-regulation.  We will learn about qualities and differences and continue to think about our own feelings as well as thinking about how others feel too.   

Physical Development 

We will be gymnasts and dancers this half term in our physical education sessions.  The children will learn how to use the hall in a safe manner.   

Fine motor skills will include learning how to use our pencils, using scissors safely and we will practise by threading, and lots of other funky finger exercises.  


In our English lessons this term we will be reading stories about familiar settings.  We will be reading stories like ‘Peace at Last’,  and ‘Ruby’s Worry’. We will also look at many of Julia Donaldson’s books, including ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. 

We will also begin our Jolly Phonics.  By Christmas we will know 44 sounds to support us In our reading and writing!  We cannot wait to start the reading journey together! We will also begin to learn tricky words and you may find that some of us bring books home.  Keep practising with us please so we can continue to improve.  


Focusing on the counting principles this term we will be ensuring that children can subitise and recognise numbers to five with ease.  We will be comparing amounts, size, mass and capacity and talking about more and less.  

Understanding the World 

We know it is important to recognise who we are and how we fit into the world.  We will look at who is important to us, where we live and discuss the changing seasons.  Children will also look at religions and find out about Christians and where they go to worship.  

Expressive Arts and Design 

This term we will be beginning to introduce our creative area, seeing how we can use items independently.  We will be artists as we create portraits of ourselves with paint and pencils.  We will also look at how we can use tools such as scissors, staplers, hole punches and cello tape to support us in our creations.