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Open the documents below to see our Crucial Knowledge overviews for Reading and Writing.

The first document identifies the component overview and the second document shows each year group in turn.



Writing Overview

Collective Vision Trust Writing Curriculum is designed to work in conjunction with the Reading Curriculum to develop children’s skills in English.  Children need to learn the building blocks of language that incorporate aspects of spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and literacy devices that can be applied across a variety of genre.

It is also important that children develop a creative flair and love for writing alongside technical competence.  The writing curriculum needs to develop not only accuracy but creativity and stamina.  This is best done through the thorough understanding of the crucial knowledge that underpins writing.

Curriculum Intent

Collective Vision Trust has developed a curriculum that has a clear rationale for the sequence learning different writing skills.  The skills in writing development need to be carefully learnt, embedded and built up.  It is important that each stage is throughly learnt and embedded so that areas become second nature and automatic when writing.  For this reason we have identified the following topic areas that are covered in out curriculum: letters and spacing, word, building a sentence, sentence types, punctuation and text.  Each topic area's crucial and extended knowledge has been identified and sequences so that application is carefully built up over the years.   


Planned, quality recap is an essential feature of the curriculum.  Teachers will incorporate recap into their daily and weekly plans.  In addition, the following is worthy of note:

  • On the spot accurate assessment is the key to good recap.  
  • Teachers will quickly move to longer recap of topic areas or concepts that are not fully embedded.
  • Differentiation of learning must be applied to recap work – some pupils will need more recap than others, which needs to happen without holding back the learning of the rest of the class.
  • The first week in a half term is always a recap week.  No new concepts are taught in recap weeks.
  • Teachers will plan additional ongoing recaps as part of their weekly plans