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Art and Design

The school’s intent for Art focusses on developing the children’s skills alongside their appreciation of the works of famous artists. We ensure that the children have the opportunity to be creative whilst developing their skills through a series of focused lessons. We believe that the best way of ensuring progression is to develop the three areas of Art in the National Curriculum and ensure that there is clear progression throughout each area of drawing, painting and sculpting. Skill development will begin with the opportunity to experiment with materials and tools supporting the progress of fine motor skills and creativity, we will then focus upon skills development. After this, children are introduced to an artist, it is here children will study and explore that artist by using the skills they have begun to work on. Following this, children are given the opportunity to take inspiration from the artist to develop and create their own individual piece of artwork.  

In Drawing children use skills such as hatching, scribbling, stippling, and blending to create light/ dark lines and creating texture, they then to develop their skills to show tone and texture progressing to perspective and dimension until a sustained piece of artwork is produced over a series of lessons. 

In Painting the focus begins with the understanding of primary colours and how these are mixed to produce different colours, tones and shades. Children then develop their control of the range of marks they can make to produce a more detailed painting that shows the skills they have developed.  

In Sculpture simple skills such as rolling, pinching and kneading develop into more sophisticated skills such as carving. The finish of each piece of sculpture will progress to looking at ways to glaze, paint, and polish more complex and detailed pieces of art. 

Sketch books will pay a vital role in allowing children to experiment with techniques before producing a full piece of artwork. Each child will be allocated a sketch book in Year 1 and this will travel through school with them showing their progress throughout Art whilst allowing them to refer back to techniques that have been taught and for them to build their skills set to produce more complex and sustained pieces of work toward the end of Year 5 and 6.